Wednesday Update On The Promise 18th July 2018

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Bani brings forth twins and promises to dependably keep them with her. The correctional facility superintendents come to take away her children yet Bani figures out how to escape from their grip, just to be gone up against by Jai who takes them away. Bani gets admitted to a psychological refuge. Pia visits Bani and reveals to her that Jai is madly enamored with her, and that is the reason he needed to organize this show. Jigyasa can’t quit showering acclaims on Pia on her splendid plan. On how she had the burqa clad lady go to the gathering with the goal that Bani would take after her. On how Pia easily figured out how to name Bani as a killer and a rationally sick individual.

Pia reveals to Jigyasa how she had demonstrated Jai the DVD of Sahil asserting Bani of attempting to slaughter her, and how she had coerced Jai into pronouncing Bani rationally sick. Pia says that their arrangement would have never prevailing without Karuna’s assistance! Karuna had chosen to look for vindicate from Bani for destroying Laxmi’s life. Rano catches their discussion and gets irate. Pia discloses to Rano that she knows how to grab her privilege and cautions her not to ever hurt her! Jai asks Pia not to give any mischief a chance to happen to Bani, and guarantees her to give her everything his property, riches and notoriety. Pia answers that she needs everything, and furthermore needs to be his better half. Rano visits Bani in the refuge and is vexed seeing her sob for her children. Pia cautions Rano that she can place Bani in a more terrible predicament in the event that she comes clean to Bani.

Presentation OF RONIT ROY AS APARAJIT DEB Bani telephones home, and Maasi answers. She influences Bani to hear her children’s voice. Simply at that point, Jigyasa and Pia go to the haven and caution the medical caretaker never to give Bani a chance to telephone home again. They give Pia and Jai’s wedding card to Bani. An incensed Jai focuses a firearm at Pia and requests the CDs however she cautions him that on the off chance that she bites the dust, at that point Bani and he will be condemned to life. Jai is amazingly blameworthy about what he has done to Bani. A NRI hotelier, Aparajit Deb (Ronit Roy) touches base in India.

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