Wednesday Update on The Promise 4th July 2018

Candy TV -  Online Entertainment Tv Wednesday Update on The Promise 4th July 2018

The family doctor of the Walias comes over and does a health checkup of everyone. He advices Jai to take care of his health. Rashi is very happy to see Ranvir and Abhilasha together. The Valentine party begins and Ranvir speaks publically about Rashi’s importance in his life. An unknown person walks into the party. Ranvir tells Abhilasha that he loves only Rashi and cannot fulfill her needs. Pia feels uneasy and wishes to visit the doctor. Pushkar initially refuses but on seeing that her condition is worsening, he takes her to the hospital. Meanwhile at the party, a chandelier is about to fall on Sahil, but Rano comes to save him. Jai sees the unknown person leaving the party.

Rano is taken to the hospital and Bani is confused about Sahil’s attitude. The doctor tells the Walia family, that Rano has to undergo a premature delivery in order to save Rano and the child. Pushkar too brings Pia to the same hospital. The doctor informs that Rano is safe, but the baby was born dead. Sahil and the rest of the family console Rano. Pushkar meets Bani at the hospital and tells her about Pia’s condition and ask for help. But Bani refuses to help Pia. Bani wants to inquire about Pia from the doctor, hence she enters his cabin. But she is shocked to find Sahil there, making a deal with the doctor about hiding the fact that the abnormal baby is still alive. Bani is furious at Sahil for taking such a decision and tells Sahil to take the baby to Rano and reveal the truth. Sahil does accordingly. The doctor shows Pia’s baby’s sonographic image to Pushkar.

Rashi decorates the house for Ranvir’s engagement. The engagement ceremony begins and everyone waits for Ranvir. Abhilasha tells Rashi that this marriage was possible only if she (Rashi) gives divorce to Ranvir. Rashi agrees, but Ranvir gets angry at Abhilasha. Bani finds Abhilasha’s father suspicious and guesses that he is the same person who had tried to steal Rano’s baby. She asks him to reveal the truth in front of all the family members. Abhilasha’s father says that the marriage was to be held the very next day. Bani intervenes and tells that the man and his family are fraudulent. Abhilasha’s father plays a act in front of everyone and Rashi feels that Bani wants to stop Ranvir’s marriage. Rashi is hurt and is about to leave, but Ranvir stops her and agrees to continue the engagement. Bani confronts Abhilasha’s father who tells that he cannot betray his boss. Bani feels something is wrong and decides to follow Abilasha’s father. Jai sees Bani and decides to follow her.

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