Wednesday Update On My Golden Home 25th July 2018

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Candy TV -  Online Entertainment Tv Wednesday Update On My Golden Home 25th July 2018

Karan takes her on a tour. He shows her the corridors and walls. He then says that Swarn Bhavan is very boring. He adds that it is a very big and old mansion. Karan tells Abha that there are only tall walls. Karan also tells Abha that earlier Swarn Bhavan belonged to some Thakur Uday Pratap Singh and now it belongs to them. Abha is taken aback on hearing her father’s name. Karan goes on. He tells Abha that even Taj Mahal is a big monument but what is interesting is that it has a love story related to it. Karan then says that if she (Abha) wants a love story, it can even start in Swarn Bhavan. Abha looks angrily at him and Karan changes the topic. He then takes her to the balcony. Abha sees her own footsteps there and gets emotional. Karan then takes her to his own room which was Abha’s room earlier, but the room has been renovated. The walls were painted, the furniture’s were changed and curtains were also changed. It also has a big wallpapers of Karan. The room was totally changed. Abha stands there for sometime by looking around.

When she leaves the room, she sees that all the old furniture’s and things were thrown out. She notices a photo of her parents and gets angry. She asks Karan why the things were thrown out like this. Karan wonders as to why she is reacting like this. He tells her that the photos belonged to Swarn Bhavan’s previous owners and they have forgotten to take it with them. Meanwhile Grandma hears their conversation. Abha continues that they should have sent the photos to the Thakur. Karan agrees and also assures Abha that he will go and give the photos to the Thakur. Surprisingly, Abha says no. She tells Karan that she will rather give it to them. Grandma sees the both of them and smiles.

On the other hand, Thakur Uday is writing a story regarding Swarn Bhavan. He tells his wife that he wants to publish a book. Chandra Prabha asks him to have some rest. Brij enters the kitchen to make some tea for Thakur Uday Pratap. Sheetal sees this and gets angry. She angrily tells him that milk is so expensive and that Thakur Uday loves eating a lot. Chandra Prabha hears. She goes and tells Thakur Uday that drinking so much tea is not good for his health. Meanwhile, Abha returns home with the photo wrapped in a newspaper. However, Thakur sees the newspaper and asks her to show it to him, when he opens it he finds the photo. He then asks Abha from where she got it. Abha is shocked and speechless.

Thakur Uday Pratap asks Abha from where she got the photo. Abha replies that she had taken the photo to get its frame replaced but she couldn’t get it done. Thakur gets angry and tells her that she doesn’t have to do all this. He adds that history is history and she doesn’t have to remind him of his past.

Prakash is crying and Abha comes to talk to him. He tells Abha that he has not been able to sell even a single book and very soon he will be thrown out of the job. Sheetal brings tea for Abha and tells Prakash that a good person is one who earns a living and brings some money home like Abha. Prakash feels bad. Sheetal smirks and tells Prakash that very soon he will also see good days. She gives the tea only to Abha and not Prakash.

After Sheetal leaves, Abha teaches Prakash as to how one needs to talk to customers and also she calms him down.
At night when all are asleep, Prakash thinks about how he was treated when he went looking for a job. He starts crying, then quietly he leaves the room. Prakash writes a suicide note which says that no one has forced him to take such a step as it is his own decision. He then takes a cloth and is about to hang himself when Abha stops him.
She takes him out and scolds him for being such a coward. She asks Prakash if their parent hasn’t taught them any values?

The next morning, Karan is waiting for Abha but she has still not yet come. He goes to Veer and asks him why Tasveer has not come yet. Veer asks Karan if he is after Tasveer also? Veer tells Karan that he isn’t sure he will be able to make her his girlfriend. Karan throws a challenge with his brother, Veer. Karan tells him that within 1 month he will convince Abha to be his girlfriend. Veer tells Karan that if he (Karan) does so then his next month’s salary will be Karan’s and that if Karan fails then he will return all the money he had taken from Veer back to him. Karan agrees.

Abha and Prakash are on the road. Prakash goes to a house to sell books but the customer shuts the door on his face. Next, Abha goes to a customer. She tells the man that she has come to sell children’s books. The man holds her hand and drags her in and closes the door. Abha is left shocked and helpless as her life is in danger.

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