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Indu asks rishi what is occurring on this house and why would police be in the back of munna. rishi says it can be coz of the bag. he tells that radhe became additionally pronouncing that db ( dulari ) become at the back of the bag too. he says some thing is fishy approximately the bag. indu recollects the bag and asks him why he hasn’t opened the lock yet. they tries to pressure open the bag in vain. indu gets annoyed and throws the bag and the contents spill. they see lot of small packets with white powder. indu recollects the individual with the bag the other day telling that he’s a sales guy, selling drugs. rishi opens a packet suspiciously and tastes a lil’. he says these are pills and spits. db enters and tells rishi that he has guessed proper. db tells indu that that is the fabric for the comfort of the drug consumers of the entire of delhi. she then says that the contents are worth rs 2 crores and consequently deal with with care. db asks indu to give her that bag. indu says she wont.

She says till now she was spoiling her family, now she is spoiling a lot of other families. Indu tells DB that now she can go to jail. Indu asks Rishi to call police. Rishi is about to call police, when Sunaina is heard shouting for Ishaan.

Sunaina is worried and calling for Ishaan. Whole family gathers in portico. Mandy and Kutumb says Ishaan will be some where in the house. Sunaina says that she has searched every where and did not find him. DB also gives a drama about being worried about Ishaan. Every one gets tensed. Munna enters in a drunken state. They all leave the house in search of Ishaan except Indu and DB. Indu gives a suspicious look to DB. She tells DB that all whom she has fooled has left the house. She is not a fool. She then tells DB that as DB can’t get the bag so easily from Indu she has kidnapped Ishaan. DB says Indu is very intelligent and that’s why she was ruling the whole house.
DB asks Indu to return the bag and take Ishaans address. Indu threatens DB that if anything happens to Ishaan she will burn her alive. DB threatens Indu to give the bag and take Ishaan. Indu asks DB she wants to talk to Ishaan. DB calls up the drug supplier whose name is Girish and asks him to put Ishaan on line as his bua want to talk to him. Ishaan cries to his bua to save him. Indu asks him not to worry as she will save him. Indu asks Ishaan where he is. Ishaan says it is a very dirty place and he can hear the sound of trains. Girish threatens Indu to not be over smart and get their hiding place out of Ishaan. He threatens that if she acts over smart he will kill Ishaan and deliver him home. He asks her to give the bag and take Ishaan. Indu says she won’t give the bag. To save Ishaan she can’t put the life of youngsters at stake. Ishaan hears this and asks her wont she save him? He requests his bua to save him. Indu consoles him that she is with him and she will save him. Girish tells DB that she assured him that he will get bag in return for Ishaan but this Indu is a social worker and is worried about the society. If he doesn’t get his bag he will get angry and will kill the child. He asks DB to make Indu see sense. DB asks Indu to not act so great and try to save Ishaan and leaves.
Indu is sitting in her bed opposite mirror. She looks at the drug packets and is thinking what to do. She is worried about Ishaan and also the youngsters of the country. At this time Indu receives a call from Rishi. She is about to attend the call when she sees DB watching her from behind through the mirror opposite her. She addresses Rishi as Girish. Rishi says its Rishi and he asks if she has any of Ishaan’s friend’s number as he could have gone to their place. Indu continues that it’s good that he (girish) called her directly. She tells him that the deal should be done between the two of them. She doesn’t believe DB and that’s why she was not willing to make a deal in front of DB when he called up earlier. She tells him that we can meet up and make the deal. She also tells him that DB should not know what is cooking in between them. Rishi gets all confused hearing this. He asks what deal are you talking about and what is cooking. He asks who is Girish, the third person in between them, and she is telling all this after marriage and gets worried. He is asking her is this a love triangle or something. Indu replies that he has got it exactly correct. They will do the deal with each other. Asks him where they can meet so that she can come. Rishi replies worriedly to not come any where. He says that he is coming home as he is worried now.

DB gets worried. She comes down, gets her purse and catches an auto and asks him to move fast. HD BG. Indu comes behind and sees that DB has gone in an auto. She says now DB will takes her to Ishaan. Indu tries to wake a sleeping auto driver and asks him to take her fast behind the DB’s auto. He says he is sleeping. She pulls the auto driver out of auto, gives him the cash for the drive and pushes him to the side road and asks him to sleep there. She takes the auto and drives away. Rishi comes seeing this and is wondering where is Indu going. He says that sreemathi ji is a lady superman. He wonders haw many other avatars he has to see of Indu, as daily he is seeing new new ones. He gets in his bike to follow Indu when Sunaina comes and tells him that she has lost her kid and hence she will also come and sits behind him. Then comes Kutumb saying that she has lost her grand son and hence she will also go and sits behind Sunaina. At this time Mandy comes and she also joins them. The foursome in bike have difficult time balancing and falls down. Rishi then lifts the bike and tries to start it, but it doesn’t start.

At this point another foursome comes in a jeep and asks for SN. Rishi cooks up an idea, and tells that that they are also going to SN and every one gets in the jeep. Munna is seen lying in front of SN in drunken state. He wakes up and sees that one sardar is helping his wife get in to a jeep and thinks that sardar is taking away his wife. He also gets up to get in jeep, but jeep goes away. At this point another person comes in a bike. He stops him and says that sardar has taken away his wife and he also lost his kid. He requests him to help him and kisses the biker’s helmet and gets behind the bike.

Dulari is being followed by the whole of SF. dulari gets down at a place n enters a deserted building. indira follows her in. after sometime rishi, sunaina & kutumb come at the place followed shortly by munna.
dulari n girish are arguing about how dare he strike a direct deal with indu. girish says he has not agreed to any deal with indu. the man has ishaan at gunpoint when indu rushes in. indu lies that dulari has brought her here n she is double crossing girish. girish threatens indu that if she acts smart he will shoot ishaan as well as her. right at that moment rishi pokes a stick in girish’s back; which girish assumes to be a gun. girish calls his goons to deal with ricky diwan. the entire of SF has reached the place (except for munna) but sunaina in her excitement on seeing ishaan lets on that the stick she is pointing at a goon is not a gun but a stick. Soon SF are held at gunpoint by the goons. dulari tells her to hand over the drugs to her or else her family will get killed. indu says that for her family she will not let thousands of youth of this country suffer. but the group which had offered a lift to rishi, kutumb & sunaina come in at that time & beat up the goons. the SF, rishi & indu help them in this. a man is about to beat indu wen munna comes n stops him. the man who had offered lift to munna (the bike rider) was a police insp…insp. chatwal. he comes in & says that the police have surrounded the whole place. he congratulates indu for helping the police nab this gang of drug dealers. indu asks him to arrest dulari as well. but dulari has fled the scene. dulari reaches ammas house, takes the bag of drugs & is running away when inder stops her. she tells him that police r behind her…she will talk with him later. dats wen the whole of SF reaches there. sunaina slaps dulari. the entire SF sides with indu & ishaan asks the insp to arrest dulari. dulari pretends of having a heart attack. inder is by her bedside crying as if she were dead. thats when dulari clutches his hand n whispers that she is pretending to be dead so that inder can take her to a cemetery for cremation & she can flee from there. if she stays here she will land in jail hence she needs to do all this. inder agrees to help her & starts crying out loud that his sister is dead.

ishaan was sitting beneath dularis bed the whole while & overhears this. he goes & informs indu, rishi, munna n the insp. of this. the insp says he will show her that its not this easy to fool the police. inder says she wants to teach dulari a lesson & asks for insp. chatwal’s approval & help. inder rushes into the room where they r n begins with his nautanki that dulari is dead. indu says now that dulari is dead they should cremate her properly. the whole of SF is sitting in CC & crying over dularis dead body. rishi n munna tie up dulari (so she doesnt slip off while they carry her on the roads which have turned slippery due to rains). rishi cunningly manipulates inder so that inder doesnt have to come to the cemetery. but inder tags along anyways.

In the cemetery indu is about to set dulari on fire when dulari wakes up with a scream & starts shouting that she isnt dead…she is very much alive. SF begin their nautanki that dulari has turned into a ghost. indu recounts all of dularis dirty past deeds in front of everyone (ishaans kidnapping, sehers pneumonia, etc). inder is watching all this silently hiding behind a tree & thinks it wud b unwise to interfere or his mad daughter might burn him alive as well. dulari says she wants to repent but indira says people like her never repent…she will punish dulari herself. indu says like she n SF have suffered dulari too must suffer. indira is about to set her on fire when rishi stops her. indu says she will set her ablaze as she has suffered a lot bcoz of dulari. rishi makes her understand that bcoz dulari is evil indu shud not turn into an evil person herself.

The police take dulari away. this was chatwals first case & he says w/o indus help he would not have cracked it. he wud ensure that she is rewarded handsomely by the govt for this. even while being dragged away dulari is cursing SF that indu will destroy them one day.
Indira Walking in the chandini chalk alone…she stops listening her name called and the whole sharma family is shown running towards indira . Kutumb stop her …and try to convince her to forgive them…she join her hands in request …she asks her to give a look to her family members heads which are down because of the shame of showing distrust towards her . She tells the whole family through hand action to keep there heads down and the family just follow her words . ( yeh sharma family kabhi nahi sudhregi …).She then touches her chin with love …and tells her …that she is her sweet little doll…her princess…in short ” Gudiya Rani “…She should now forgive them and she should leave for her house… ( Sharma Niwas ) with them . Indira well knowing why are they doing all this…just don’t speak a word and move forwards . Realizing that indira is leaving … sunaina bhabhi runs to her …and comments that may be she wasn’t able to hear what her mother told as there is a lot of noise around . She once again ask her to come to house and holds her hand . Indira removes sunaina’s hand and says that she listened everything told by her mother clearly . She again starts walking without saying any further and this time she was interrupted by her brother . He stretch his hand in front of her in order to stop her . And then without speaking anything he just hold his one ear with one hand and the other one with another hand and start the push ups in front of her . Indira wasn’t expecting this . Sunaina is really happy with what munna did…kutumb too felt that this was quiet a good way to convince indira . So the whole family joined munna in his pushups . ( Push ups weren’t the usual push ups…sharma family add their effect to them . They danced between every push up ) Rishi is laughing standing behind indira looking at the sharma’s unique push ups . His smile there just not reflects the happiness but cuteness at the same time . He was Awww by sharma’s act . Indira is watching her family standing there .
The whole family including radhe were dancing around her with their unique push ups . And at last she smile which munna noticed . And the whole family comes running towards her with happiness . Ishaan hugs her bua and the whole family surrounds her with happiness saying that let’s go home now . Kutumb instructs Munna to bring the bags of indira from amma’s place . She also includes to bring the bags of her blue eyed son in low from there . Rishi is happy listening this . Every family member is too happy . Munna is all ready to go when indira stops him . She tells him that there is no need to bring their bags . Kutumb felt bad and asks indira that hasn’t she forgiven them till now ??? (She is worried regarding why she asked not to bring bags . )Every family member shows a sad face to indira . Indaira tells that there is nothing to forgive …and i am not at all angry with the family . And with that a broad smile on sharma’s face . Indira continues explaining her reason . She says she don’t want to go to Sharma Niwas because during the time she was away from there …and was living with her husband in Amma’s house …she realized she has more responsibilities in her life.

The responsibilities of a wife . She tells that she has now decided that she will live with her husband only like every normal girl . Sharma’s faces are down listening to her words . Rishi is happy listening her words . Indira notice their faces and points to rishi that there faces are clearly telling that they are worried about how will the family manage their meals/in and out’s without money . Every family members tells a yes to her with their necks . Indira comments that she know each and every bit of her family members really well . And she assures them that they don’t have to worry about their meals/in and outs …because till the time she is here . She will manage that all but not from Sharma Niwas …from her new house . The family faces glowed . Indira continues that she is saying the right thing because whenever she is at home …her family disturbs her ( she meant they make her life hell ). .So might when she will not be at home…their relation sweetens . Her mother stares indira with amazement and immense love in her eyes . …
She looks back and ask rishi that if she taking the right decision or not ?…rishi assures her that whatever she is doing is completely right but at this time her family needs her . She reassure him that she is not leaving her family…she can take care of her family from her new house . She tells the whole family that now she has taken the decision and she don’t want any debates on it . She tells mandira to take care because she will be watching her every moment from amma’s house and then asks the whole family to leave . For her the design was taken but kutumb stops her and ask she will allow this but on a condition . Indira says that even you will set condition now and ask her to come up with it . Kutumb continues with immense love in her eyes that when a daughter goes to her new house than she comes to her house with her husband for having lunch with the family . She states that she is inviting indira and rishi for lunch at their house as a mother in law to rishi and as a mother to indira . Munna agrees with her and mentions to rishi that they will eat chole .Munna through action tells rishi about drink after food . …Rishi says no through actions . Sunaina with happiness tells indira that they will eat awesome food, and will have fun . . Rishi smiles and tells sharma family that as a husband he allows indira for this lunch with her family . The whole family dances with happiness .

The next scene starts with a party background . Indira comes down from stairs with Kutumb and Rishi . She thanks the sardar ji for saving their kid . And for the decoration he did for the party . Sardar tells her that she is embarrassing him saying this and then the decoration is his need for survival as he is a wedding planner . He blesses the whole family and asks everyone to sit . Indira rishi sit on bride and groom chairs . Indira is in saree and rishi is in suit . The party continues. Kutumb takes rishi with her while sunaina tries to take indira but fails in her attempt. They all dance . Rishi comes to take indira . He makes her get up but she doesnt move to dancing area with him . She is just happy seeing everyone’s happiness . And is clapping at the position she is standing with immense love in eyes . She suddenly feels low…headache …feels like falling , vomiting .She leaves from there.

Someone is a client of the sardar . Sardar has to plan three weddings for him . He tells that he don’t want any problemes and sardar reassures that every thing will be perfect . Meanwhile munna brought drinks(desi drinks ) for all…and he made everyone in the sardar group drink . He pour drinks in their mouth from his hands even. They drink too much

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