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Ranjeet kukreja doubts munna whilst he sees him sporting a match and a kolhapuri chappal. indira, sumer and rishi get involved when kukreja confronts munna. the proprietor of jhumpa’s house returns cash to inder, which he had paid as the deposit. earlier than returning the cash, the proprietor deducts months rent, which inder became unable to pay him. munna, who is posing as rohit kapoor tells rishi to pay him rs eleven lakh in preference to rs 10 lakh as he had satisfied his entire own family to help indira to save sharma niwas. munna had agreed to assist indira on the condition that she ought to pay him rs 10 lakh. kukreja gets careworn while he overhears their verbal exchange. kukreja questions rishi about rohit’s demand. rishi handles the scenario via mentioning that he had challenged rohit that their grandmother would in no way promote the bungalow. he adds that rohit had everyday the mission at the circumstance that he should pay him rs eleven lakh, if their grandmother sells the bungalow. indira, who’s posing as mr kapoor’s grandmother, intervenes and requests kukreja to finalize the deal. before indira ought to sign the faux property files, kukreja stops her. he asks his manager to name up the pundit to investigate whether or not it changed into the proper mahurat to sign a deal. after conversing with the pundit, kukreja refuses to finalize the deal. he provides that he would signal the documents simplest after a while. he in addition provides that his pundit has told him that he ought to be alone with mr kapoor’s grandmother whilst finalizing the deal.

when inder returns home, kutumb confronts him for his decision of selling sharma niwas and sharing the quantity with jhumpa. in front of inder, kutumb by accident asserts that indira have to achieve her plan. inder receives at a loss for words and questions kutumb approximately indira’s plan. while kutumb refuses to show the truth, inder threatens to hit her. he compels kutumb to show approximately indira’s plan to shop sharma niwas. a livid inder attempts to strangle kutumb. earlier than indira may want to finalize the deal with kukreja, inder calls up kukreja however his mobile phone is on silent mode. indira notices, inder’s name and hides the telephone. when kukreja tries to flirt with indira, she reminds him approximately the deal. meanwhile, inder calls up kukreja’s supervisor. the manager receives at a loss for words whilst inder tells him now not to finalize the deal of the bungalow at gurgaon.

Inder calls up kukreja’s manager to inform him approximately indira’s plan to trick kukreja. earlier than he could reveal the plan, munna, rishi, indira, sunaina and mandira return domestic. munna stops inder from revealing the truth. indira gets livid whilst she sees kutumb wounded. indira confronts inder and insults him. inder gets amazed while he learns that kukreja had sold sharma niwas to indira whom he notion changed into mr kapoor’s grandmother. a livid inder threatens to teach indira a lesson. he asserts that he could forestall kukreja from finalizing the deal. sumer and rishi lock up inder in a room so that he does now not create troubles for indira while concluding the deal. after indira, rishi and sumer go to kukreja’s bungalow to re-purchase sharma niwas, inder feigns extreme chest pain. kutumb and munna panic on listening to inder’s cries and rush to help him. whilst the duo opens the doorways of the room, inder tricks them and escapes. he threatens to foil indira’s plan. indira visits kukreja and will pay rs 1crore on the way to re-buy sharma niwas. kukreja refuses to promote sharma niwas to indira as he had already sold the house to mr kapoor’s grandmother. in the meantime, rishi calls up kukreja’s supervisor. he advises the supervisor to verify the assets documents of mr kapoor’s bungalow. rishi, however, does not monitor his identification. after verifying the files, the manager rushes to kukreja and informs him that the bungalow at gurgaon does no longer belong to mr kapoor. he adds that the bungalow is a disputed assets. kukreja gets furious. in the meantime, inder is on his manner to kukreja’s bungalow. indira asks kukreja to return sharma niwas to her. after kukreja signs and symptoms the documents, indira pays him rs 1 crore. to indira’s marvel, inder arrives at kukreja’s bungalow.

inder asks kukreja to cancel the deal of sharma niwas with indira. kukreja gets shocked when inder reveals approximately indira’s plan to trick him. he provides that indira had posed as mr kapoor’s grandmother and sold the bungalow at gurgaon to kukreja. he further adds that the bungalow does now not belong to indira. indira does no longer get concerned as kukreja had already transferred sharma niwas on her name. kukreja threatens not only to usurp sharma niwas however also to kill indira. kukreja is about to hearth at indira, whilst munna arrives and saves her. indira tries to run away but kukreja manages to chase her. kukreja gets involved while rishi arrives and snatches the revolver from his hand. kukreja tricks rishi and manages to take the revolver from rishi’s hand. he threatens to kill rishi however at that point sumer arrives and saves him. meanwhile, indira tries to runaway with the documents of sharma niwas. inder attempts to chase her. when inder succeeds in chasing indira, he attempts to force her to handover the documents to him. whilst indira refuses to simply accept his call for, inder slaps her difficult. to inder’s dismay, sumer and rishi arrive and prevent him. sumer threatens to train inder a lesson, if he tried to damage indira in destiny. sumer tells rishi to return home along with indira, whilst he takes inder to the police station. when indira and rishi return domestic, munna asks indira to pay him rs 11 lakh. indira gets greatly surprised on learning that rishi had assured to pay rs eleven lakh to munna with the intention to are looking for his help towards inder. munna receives livid whilst indira asserts that she does no longer have money to pay him. she provides that she needed to pay rs 1 crore to kukreja to re-purchase the house. indira gets livid at rishi for giving fake warranty to munna. rishi motives out that he desired indira to re-purchase the house. he adds that he had no other option however to seek munna’s assist. rishi further adds that if he might have not sought munna’s assist, she would have in no way been capable of re-buy sharma niwas.

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