Wednesday Update on Iron Lady 22nd August 2018

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Sumer accepts munna’s circumstance. the duo receives equipped for the fight. whilst indira learns about it, she attempts to persuade munna to refuse the project. indira fears that sumer may also hit munna tough. munna, however, can pay no heed to indira as she does now not earn any extra. all through the combat, sumer hits munna. sumer wins the challenge and consequently tells munna to exit and purchase some almonds and a carton of milk for him. later someone arrives with a few luggage at sharma niwas. on enquiring, the circle of relatives learns that the individual had come to drop piramal’s luggage. while going upstairs to piramal’s room, one of the luggage by accident opens. the family gets bowled over when they see a big bundle of cash in the bag. munna is left stressed how a school trainer can manipulate to have a lot cash as well as an steeply-priced wrist watch. he doubts piramal’s identification and comes to a decision to analyze about it. whilst sumer leaves sharma niwas for a few work, munna follows him to be able to study his genuine identity. sumer, however, tricks munna. inspector sumer had found a business card of a picture studio from munna’s wallet. sumer visits the studio and questions the proprietor about munna. while the owner refuses to discover munna, sumer asks him to offer all the negatives of the images, which he had evolved on can also 2, the day whilst rishi changed into abducted. after receiving the negatives, sumer believes that it might now be smooth for him to trace the kidnapper. sumer returns domestic and informs indira that he has observed some proof concerning rishi’s case.

sumer returns domestic and informs indira that he has observed a few evidence in rishi’s case. he asks indira to observe him to his room on the way to increase the images. kutumb gets happy when she sees indira and sumer collectively and needs that indira marries sumer. after sumer develops the images, he gets stunned on seeing rishi within the photograph. the picture indicates rishi being pressured to take a seat internal a automobile. indira too receives greatly surprised whilst she sees the photograph. meanwhile, sunaina reports labor pains and cries for assist. indira and sumer listen sunaina’s cry and rush to assist her. whilst indira sees sunaina’s condition, she believes that it would be too overdue, in the event that they admit her to the hospital. indira and sumer help sunaina to supply the kid. indira receives glad while sunaina offers beginning to a toddler female. even as casting off a towel from munna’s cabinet, sumer sees a blouse much like the one worn by means of the person in the picture forcing rishi to take a seat inside the vehicle. sumer doubts munna and informs indira approximately it. when the own family returns home, they are surprised to see a child in sumer’s fingers. munna satirically states that the toddler have to be sumer and indira’s infant. the own family receives glad when they study that sunaina has given birth to a toddler girl. sumer decides to arrest munna. he, therefore, calls up a constable and asks him to get an arrest warrant against munna. indira overhears the verbal exchange and snatches the cellular cellphone from sumer’s hand and stops him. she requests sumer not to take an movement towards munna as she wishes her own family to experience the happy moments with the brand new born infant. sumer accepts indira’s request but states that he might, but, arrest munna on tomorrow. he asserts that he could beat munna and compel him to reveal approximately rishi’s whereabouts.

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