Tuesday Update on The Promise 24th July 2018

Candy TV -  Online Entertainment Tv Tuesday Update on The Promise 24th July 2018

Jai wins the land offer. When Ranvir goes to the gathering, it’s past the point of no return. Ranvir advises Jai that the master is a fake. Rano describes what had happened the earlier night and says that the master was Aparajit Deb. Durga tells the goddess that the land won’t have a place with Jai. Jai is educated that the numerous ghetto tenants dwell on that land, so Jai says that he can’t clear them. Pia requests that Dia ask for Deb not to encourage animosity with Jai. Deb requests that his man crush the ghettos yet such that Jai gets faulted. Ranvir advises Jai that the ghetto occupants are heading towards their home with a couple of government officials. Deb is satisfied that Jai’s ruin has started.

Deb advises Durga that Jai has annihilated the ghettos. Seeing the showings on TV, Bani gets stressed over her kids. Durga goes inside Jai’s home in spite of Deb asking her not to. She ventures on broken glass yet is enchanted to see Atharva and Krishna. She escapes just before Rano arrives. Rano sees the bloodied impressions, and Krishna and Atharva point to Bani’s photo. Rano reproves Pia for being narrow minded and solicits her to take mind from her kid. Rano and Pia have a wild contention. At the point when Bani asks Deb for what valid reason he didn’t reveal to her that Atharva is her child, he answers that she would have dismissed her rationale at that point. Be that as it may, Bani blames him for not understanding connections. Jai advises Ranvir to assemble all subtle elements of Deb. Pia says that Deb’s three sisters are his shortcoming and his quality is a woman named Durga Dasgupta.

Maa scold Durga for blaming Deb for being coldblooded. She reveals to Durga that Deb isn’t her own child yet she imparts an obligation of agony to him. At the point when Maa starts to portray Deb’s past, he stops her. Durga apologizes to Deb for harming her however he insults her. At the point when Rano educates everybody concerning what the youngsters stated, Jai says that Bani is definitely among them. They choose to send the blood test for testing. The tests affirm that the blood assemble matches with that of Bani. Jai says that Bani will unquestionably return sometime in the future. Ranvir solaces Rano, and simply at that point Rashi’s photograph outline breaks. In the interim, Dia gets some information about all ill wills with Jai on the grounds that Pia cherishes Jai a great deal. Dia asks for Durga to drop her child, Krishna, to the playschool, while Jai likewise goes to achieve his kids in the meantime. Bani is pleased to see Atharva in school.

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