Tuesday Update on The Promise 3rd July 2018

Candy TV -  Online Entertainment Tv Tuesday Update on The Promise 3rd July 2018

Pushkar gives Pia a cheque of 5 crores and asks her to sign a legal paper in which she has to stay with him for a period of 1 month wherein Pushkar would be her legal guardian. Pushkar also tells Pia that she will be under his supervision for that period. Pia accepts the offer. Rashi tells Bani about her decision of getting Ranvir remarried. Aditya and other family members do not agree with Rashi’s decision. Ranvir overhears Rashi decision and refuses to remarry. Rashi tells Ranvir that she will discontinue the treatment if he does not agree to remarry. Pushkar ask Pia to cook food for the `Langar’ (community meal served at the Gurudwara). Initially Pia disagrees, but Pushkar shows her the cheque and the legal papers. Sahil ask about the Lonavala project papers, but Bani tells that the project is handled by Pushkar. Sahil gets furious as outsiders are handling the family business.

Everyone is sitting outside the house because of a power cut. Bani enters the house and sees someone stealing some important papers. Bani finds out that they were the Lonavala project papers and feels that Sahil was trying to steal the papers. Rano informs Aditya about Rashi and Nachiket going to the marriage bureau. Everyone at the Walia house is discussing about Rashi’s decision and they decide to meet Abhilasha. Rashi selects Abhilasha to be Ranvir’s bride. Jigyasa gets a call informing about Aditya’s accident, everyone rushes to the hospital. The doctor informs that Aditya is out of danger. At the same time Jigyasa receives a call from Aditya informing that he has reached Delhi safely. Jigyasa is confused. An police inspector meets Jai and discuss about Aditya’s accident and says that it was a sabotage. Abhilasha’s true nature is revealed that she is doing an act in front of the Walia family.

Rashi plans to give her jewelry to Abhilasha as a token. Bani tries to convince Rashi against Ranvir’s marriage, but she is adamant. Abhilasha discusses her plan with her brother and just then, Rashi enters Abhilasha’s house. Abhilasha is scared about getting exposed before Rashi. Later when Bani comes there, she recognizes her brother as the same person who had tried to steal the papers. Abhilasha’s brother tries to push the blame upon Sahil. Bani questions Sahil about the robbery, but Sahil gets furious and insults her. But the moment he sees Rano, he changes his tone. Ranvir decides to throw a Valentine party for Rashi and she decides to invite Abhilasha to the party. Jai receives a bouquet addressed to Bani. When Rashi asks Bani about the flowers, she says she is ignorant of the sender.

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