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At that time, Indira recollects the incident wherein Rishi bailed Munna after he was arrested for forging Inder’s signature on a document. Indira, however, does not agree and tells Radhey to find a new tenant by next morning. Munna offers help to Radhey when he notices Radhey distributing pamphlets of durgapuja, which is organized in their colony. Indira receives Rishi’s letter which states that he had left early morning as the Uzbeki clients had to leave for a meeting. When Inder learns that Ishaan was suffering from fever, he comes to Indira’s house along with the doctor. Indira’s mother, Kutumb is surprised to see Inder helping them. Ishaan is surprised when he notices Inder. Meanwhile, Munna forces a dentist to accompany him to his house to examine Ishaan. The doctor tries to explain to Munna that he would not be able to examine Ishaan since he was a dentist. When Munna comes home along with the dentist, he is surprised on learning that Inder had already called a child specialist to examine Ishaan.

Munna gets furious when he learns that Inder had called a renowned child specialist to examine Ishaan. Munna not only tells Inder to leave the house but also tells him not to worry about Ishaan. Inder and the doctor are about to leave the house, when Munna stops them and asks the doctor to examine Ishaan. Mr. Chadda calls up Indira and enquires about their Uzbeki clients. Indira lies to Mr. Chadda that the clients were busy in some meeting. Impressed with Rishi, Mr. Chadda decides to appoint him in his office. Indira fears that Rishi may take over her job and plans to throw Rishi out of her house and office. Radhey is surprised when he notices Rishi along with the foreigners and enquires. Sunaina gets scared when she notices Indira returning home. Sunaina fears that Indira may get furious if she learns that Inder had called the doctor to examine Ishaan. Inder too fears that Indira may not tolerate his presence in the house and therefore hides in Kutumb’s room.

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After examining Ishaan, the doctor asks Munna to pay his fees of Rs 1,000. Munna refuses to pay the fees to the doctor. Munna is about to throw a bucket full of water on the doctor when Indira stops him. Meanwhile, Rishi returns home along with the Uzbeki clients. Indira accidentally splashes water on the Uzbeki clients. The two women get livid and ask if Indira splashed gutter water on them. Manoj, who follows the Uzbeki clients too reaches Indira’s house and threatens that Mr. Chadda may terminate her from the job if the clients complaint about her. Indira apologizes to the clients. Indira asks Kutumb to give her salwar suits to the clients so that they can change their wet clothes. Indira directs the clients to Kutumb’s room. Fearing that Indira may find out about Inder who is hiding in her room, Kutumb tries her best to stop the clients and Indira from entering. However, she fails. Sunaina brings two of her suits for the clients. Indira is about to leave the room when Inder’s cell phone rings. Indira hears the ring and stops.

Indira hears a ring tone before leaving Kutumb’s room. Indira is unaware that Inder was hiding in the cupboard in Kutumb’s room and that the ring tone was of his cell phone. Sunaina fears that Indira may not tolerate Inder’s presence in the house and manages to hurry Indira out of the room. Jhumpa gets furious at Inder as she believes that he was betraying her. She decides to teach him a lesson. Indira confronts Rishi for not receiving her calls the entire day. Indira tells Rishi that she had to lie to Mr. Chadda who kept enquiring about their clients. Manoj interrupts and tells Indira that he had complained about her to the boss. Meanwhile, Indira receives Mr. Chadda’s call who fires her for being irresponsible. Jhumpa arrives at Indira’s house and accuses the family of hiding Inder in the house. Indira is puzzled and refutes the accusation. Meanwhile, Kutumb asks Inder to come out of the cupboard. Before Inder could ask Kutumb to sign on a document, she leaves to get a glass of juice for him. Inder follows Kutumb out of the room only to see Jhumpa and Indira in the courtyard. Indira is shocked to see Inder in the house.

Inder tries to explain to Indira that he was concerned about Ishaan and had got a child specialist for him. Kutumb intervenes and insults Indira. She tells Indira that she had no rights to throw Inder out of the house since she did not own the house. Kutumb adds that Indira was egotistical about the fact that she was the sole earning member of the family and must not dictate terms to them. Indira feels insulted and hurt and decides to leave the house. Before leaving, Indira hands over some documents to Kutumb and informs her about her decision. Indira adds that she always tried to take care of her family after Inder abandoned them and that she had no intentions to takeover the house. Kutumb feels guilty for her harsh words and tries to stops Indira from leaving but fails. Jhumpa and Inder panic when Kutumb suffers from chest pain and collapses.

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