Tuesday Update on Begusarai 24th July 2018

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Candy TV -  Online Entertainment Tv Tuesday Update on Begusarai 24th July 2018

Poonam is miserable, marriage band comes in road, all are stunned that baraat has arrived, Rekha says prepare is coming and what sort of sibling is Mitlaish that is prepared to slaughter him on marriage, why all are quiet. Mitlaish takes a gander at baraat, Chuna yadav says that I figured I would need to accomplish a comment thakurs however they are themselves prepared to execute each other. Phulan and Badi Amma takes a gander at barrat. Mitlaish takes a gander at his shooters, shooters take their positions, band quits playing, one man says that we should leave, the band begins leaving when Lakhan’s goons comes there with weapons as well, band is stressed, the two sides are pointing firearms at them, band begins playing music once more, Poonam begins strolling down, Lakhan comes there in his jeep dressed as prepare, Birla puts cover on Poonam’s and brings her down, Lakhan furiously takes a gander at Mitlaish, Poonam is acquired mandap. Bhushan and Rekha leaves Haveli and stands next to Lakhan giving him bolster, Bhushan gazes Mitlaish, they begin strolling towards Mandap, all shooters of Mitlaish are pointing at Lakhan, Manjeet turns out so all shooter put down their weapons, yadav says no one can shoot Manjeeta as he is correct hand of Phulan, now need to perceive what Mitlaish can do, Mitlaish says to shooters that all of you are jackals, canines are more faithful then you individuals, yet lion like me doesnt require jackals like you, I am separated from everyone else enough for entire group of Lakhan, he takes firearm in his grasp is descending, Yadav says this was normal from Mitlaish, now it will be enjoyable to see who shoots to begin with, Phulan is stunned and says I cannot sit now, I need to stop them, Mitlaish comes in road, he yells Lakhan and focuses weapon at him, Rekha is dazed, all individuals flee, Lakhan turns and focuses firearm at him as well, Phulan turns out to stop them yet Priyom comes and yells stop it, he declare that Bindya fled, all are stunned, Priyom says that artist left Begusarai, all takes a gander at him, Priyom says that artist took away cash, he request that shooters run and catch her, she did theft in thakurs house and fled, how might we abandon her, Mitlaish and Lakhan puts down weapon, Badi Amma says to Phulan that he is abnormal person, he expelled the reason of battle, now Lakhan and Mitlaish have projectiles however have no motivation to discharge it, meet the new lord of Begusarai, Priyom Thakur, Phulan takes a gander at him.

Priyom brings Mitlaish and Lakhan to Bindya’s house, they see she is gone and wondow broken, Mitlaish ask Priyom how you got to know that Bindya ran away? Priyom says i was dating a girl by lake side when i saw Bindya and Ghungroo running away with money in boat, Mitlaish says jerk she was taking away our money and you didnt stop her, Priyom says how could i stop her, she was in boat, Mitlaish says if you have time other than girls then you would leanr how to swim, even Phulan can swim faster than you, Priyom says if we were like father then we would have not seen this day, now what will you do, you were about to shoot your brother for that dancer but she ran away, now will you shoot Lakhan? oh i am sorry, the answer is that when reason of fight is gone then how can you shoot him, Mitlaish ask his goons to find Bindya alive or dead, he leaves, Priyom says to Lakhan that you created this marriage to make that Bindya leave begusari, now what will you say to people to cancel the marriage? you are a fool so should i give you some idea? so listen, tell everyone that you made your would be wife stand under cold water for 6 hours and she got high fever because of that so i cancel my marriage, Lakhan thinks.

Poonam is sitting in Mandap with Birla, Priyom comes there and says to Pundit that you go, marriage will not happen today, Pundit leaves, Birla goes behind Pundit to give him his bag, Priyom looks at Poonam dressed as bride, he ask her why you are sitting her, get up, he takes off her Ghunghat and looks at him, he says i didnt do anything, Poonam says did i say anything? Priyom says but your eyes are saying this only, he comes to her and says i didnt do anything, that Bindya must have run away being Afraid of Lakhan, Poonam says the one who didn leave when Badi Amma asked her, who didnt run away after getting beaten up by Lakhan, how would she run now when Mitlaish is with her, how do you manage to do all this? here everyone do bad openly and you do good work secretly, Priyom says to Poonam that i dont know what is right or wrong, because of that Bindya, brothers were pointing gun at each other, because of her you are in this condition, i couldnt see all this so i hided that problem(bindya) which was whole issue, flashback shows how Priyom points gun at Bindya, they are stunned, he makes them smell chloroform, the become unconscious, he puts them in bags and hides them, fb ends. Poonam says to resolve our issue you went against Mitlaish? if he gets to know that you have hidden Bindya then he will.. Priyom says why you girls keep taking tension, Poonam says i am thinking right, Priyom says its good you are roaring now, Poonam says dont change the topic, he ask why? are you worried for me? she smiles and says when you will get beaten up then i will have to bring haldi milk for you, Priyom says that situation will not come, i will send Bindya out of Begusarai, he ask her to go and take rest, you have fever, she smiles and goes, Rekha who is hiding, listens their conversation, she says Priyom is a jerk, if he had not hidden Bindya then Lakhan would have married Poonam till now and i would have got 10% of assets, i will not leave him, she is about to leave but strikes with show pieces, Priyom sees her and ask did you listen something? she says what? he says means you got to know everything, she says i am not able to listen anything, he ask her to go and take rest, you must be tired, she says yes i should leave, he stops her and says dont you like that i love you? she says why are you saying this? he says then why did you give this rubbish idea of marrying Poonam in hurry to Lakhan? Rekha says what are you saying? Priyom says do you have any idea that your son could have died today, Rekha says Manjeeta was protecting him, he would not have let him die, Priyom says you think greatly but i am saying you to not give any idea like this to Lakhan again else i will tell everything to Bhushan and you know what will happen then, you will be running and Bhushan will be running behind you, Rekha imagines Bhushan beating her with hunter, she is stunned, Rekha says please dont tell this idea thing to anyone, i promise i will not give idea to anyone, Priyom says i will not tell anyone but i take things in return, i like your gold necklace, she gives it to him reluctantly, he then looks at her gold earrings, she says what will i do with them with necklace, she gives her earrings, bangles to her, he says i must leave now, he says i dont know if you listened my and Poonam’s talk but if you have listened then dont try to tell it to anyone else i will tell your secret to everyone too, he leaves, Rekha is shocked. (love the way this guy handles everything).

Bindya and Ghungroo are in huge packs, Ghungroo leaves sack, he brings out Bindya, they are on some street, Ghungroo says we are alive, Priyom says the thing which you have done, I needed to murder you, Bindya is stunned to see him, Priyom says I could have slaughtered you both yet I am abandoning you both with a notice that dont enter Begusarai again, Bindya says you are thinking incorrectly, I will enlighten you everything concerning what I said to Poonam and what she thought, Priyom says everybody needs to gain cash and you likewise need the, I have no issues with that yet you charged Poonam’s character, as a result of you my siblings are battling, I loathe weapon however that doesnt mean I dont know how to utilize it, with regards to my family, I can bite the dust and I can execute anybody, I have taken choice, Priyom’s hireling brings sack there, Priyom says this street is fringe of Begusarai, this pack is brimming with cash, take it and leave Begusarai, never come here again, Ghungrro says to Bindya that take cash and lets leave, Priyom says on the off chance that I see you in Begusarai again then I won’t abandon you, he leaves from that point. Bindya is furious, Ghungroo says lets take off.

Poonam is preparing to set off for college, her companion najma says so much happened today and you are attending a university, Poonam grins and says my life is loaded with dramatization so I have felt that after show, I will carry on with my life in my way, she says gives up, they take off.

Badi Amma says to Phulan that Begusarai got new ruler, Phulan Thakur’s child Priyom thakur, I comprehend that its extremely hard to actualize this choice, its like strolling on sword, Lakhan and Mitlaish won’t acknowledge that the person who used to joke will progress toward becoming lord over them, possibly they will end up being his adversary, Phulan says you are correct, it will be hard to declare it however I have constantly done equity, its fro my kin of Begusarai, they take me as ruler and for them, on the off chance that I need to break inner self of my relative then I will do it, I guarantee you that Priyom will be next lord of Begusarai and all relative ledge need to acknowledge him with a grin.

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