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Badi Amma says to Choti Amma and Vimla that you cant do a simple task, you would have not talked to Lakhan nicely, vimla says atleast i got to see my daughter, Lakhan has made her live like in jail, its better that she would die then marrying him, she cries.
Maya is running behind Soni to eat food, Soni finds Poonam and Lakhan coming in street, Maya looks and is stunned, she goes in to inform everyone.
Poonam looks at her house, Lakhan says i dont know why you are crying? in happiness or sadness but these tears are not looking good in your eyes so wipe it, she wipes it, he ask her get off from car.
Maya comes to Badi Amma and tells Lakhan has come with Poonam, Badi amma says he must have come for pag phera ritual, Mitlaish says if he has come then he wont go alive from here, how can he roam in our street like that, i will cut the love birds, he takes gun and starts to leave, Badi Amma stops him and says what is this your street? if we have our haveli here then Poonam’s house is here too, Phulan says he can come here but you dont try to make relation with him because this has already soared, Badi Amma says relations are made from heart and its on us how we handle them, Poonam is like our daughter, Mitlaish says thakurs never allow anyone to take their daughters away, he has tarnished our respect, you want us to do aarti of him? Badi amma says i am not asking you to do his aarti but for the ritual he has, there shouldnt be any problem in it, Mitlaish angrily leaves from there, Badi Amma ask Manjeeta to go and greet your daughter and her husband.

Scene 2
Lakhan and Poonam comes home, Vimla does their aarti, Poonam looks at Lakhan, Poonam touch Vimla’s feet, Lakhan also bend down and touches her feet, Poonam looks at him in surprise, Vimla bless them to be happy together, they look at each other. Lakhan and Poonam comes in home, Vimal gifts Poonam, she says to Lakhan that you married her in hurry so i couldnt buy anything for you, she offers him money as Shagun, Poonam tensely looks at him, he looks at her and accept Shagun, Poonam is surprised and stares at him, Manjeeta is coming home. Choti Amma ask Poonam to lit diya in mandir, we believe daughters as lakshmi so we ask daughters to lit diya after her marriage so that her essence remain in house and we have peace in house, she ask her to lit diya, Lakhan is getting impatient, Poonam lits diya in mandir, Vimla ask everything fine at inlaws house? are you happy? Lakhan is moody but brought you here for your happiness, Poonam says yes, Maya says whatever happened is past, you can share everything with me, Poonam says everything is fine, Manjeeta comes home, Lakhan greets him with Nameste, Manjeeta looks at Poonam, she recalls how he said that she died for him, Vimla ask Manjeeta to forget past, daughter and son in law has come, bless them, Manjeeta looks at Lakhan, Poonam and Lakhan comes to manjeeta, both try to touch his feet but he stops them, he says Badi Amma ordered me so i came home but i dont have blessings for you, my daughter has died, Poonam is hurt listening it, he is about to leave but Lakhan holds Poonam’s hand and says we have come here for blessings as your daughter was crying from yesterday saying that without your blessing this marriage will not be successful so i brought her here and you have to bless us now, Manjeeta ask how much disloyal you can be? you were raised in haveli and you took pride of that house? you had put gun at Pinto and Soni’s heads, i have not seen shameless and cheap person like you, Lakhan gets angry and grabs Poonam’s hand tightly, she feels pain, Manjeeta says i want to kill you right away and make my daughter widow and will have no regret for it, Phulan thakur has tied my hands with his order otherwise, Lakhan says even my hands are tied by someone otherwise today your daughter would have been without father, Poonam says to Lakhan that its hurting her, leave her hand, Lakhan leaves her hand, her bangles break, Lakhan kicks table there, he looks at Poonam and says you got your blessings? lets go, he drags her with him, Manjeeta ask Vimla to stop there, ritual is done, Lakhan drags Poonam to car, she sit in car and looks at her house.
Lakhan and Poonam are going back to house, she is crying, Lakhan is angry and recalls Manjeeta’s harsh words, he speeds up car, he stops car and says you took me to your house for this insult? i left my pride and took you to your house so that you can get your father’s blessing and your father insulted me only, enough of it, who is responsible for it? he shouts at her, he ask because of whom i got insulted? Poonam says i.. she shivers and says you came here for me, Lakhan says you accept that you did mistake, Poonam nods, he says so what he get after mistake? Poonam recalls how he punished her earlier, Poonam says punishment, Lakhan ask her to get down from car, he says you did mistake so you will get punishment, Poonam in disgust looks at him.

Poonam gets down from car, Lakhan says as much as your father did my insult, i will insult him zillion times more, he ask Poonam to walk till home, he drives car side by her and ask her to run else he will go to her house, he ask her to pick ups speed, Poonam cries and starts running, he ask why you want me to insult your father, pick up speed, Poonam is running on road, she gets tired, Lakhan ask her to keep running, he is in jeep, she recalls how she told Priyom that our lives are different now and let her live, she is running, looks at Lakhan and runs more.
Rekha is wearing jewelry se, Bhushan ask her to not have greed, this is your daughter in law’s jewelry, you have alot of gold, Rekha says for women gold is never never much, you dont understand it, she ask where Lakhan has gone with Poonam? Bhushan says i got to know that lakhan went to Poonam’s house with her, Rekha says really? she thinks now my son did good work, he must be coming with big gifts.
Lakhan and Poonam reach home, Lakhan on car and Poonam by running on road, she is tired and taking deep breaths, Lakhan looks at her, he comes down to her, she closes her eyes, Lakhan says this anger was not on you but on your family, thanks for bearing my anger with smile else your father would have bear it, home has come, lets go inside, Poonam walks, dis balances, about to fall, Lakhan holds her and ask what happened? she says my feet.. nothing, he ask her to walk, her feet are paining she walk in pain, Lakhan stops her, comes closer to her, both share eyelock, Lakhan lifts her in arms, she is afraid, Lakhan ask why are you frightened? you are in husband’s arms, have faith, i wont let you fall, she looks at him, Lakhan brings Poonam in home, she finds Bhushan and Rekha and tries to get down from Lakhan’s arms, he ask what happened? did i ask you to get down? Bhushan ask what happened to her? Lakhan takes her in room, Rekha says i thought he will bring big gifts but he has his wife in hands, drama must have happened there, this marriage has destroyed my every hope, God didnt do good.

Scene 2
Lakhan makes Poonam sit on bed, Bhushan ask what happened to her? why you were holding her in arms? Lakhan says she is my wife, should i ask you before lifting her in my arms? i am married now, dont question me more, he has got sprain in her feet, Rekha ask what happened at Poonam’s home? Lakhan says i dont wanna discuss it, dont interfere in every matter, he ask her to warm oil as Poonam need massage in her feet, Rekha says i thought i will make my daughter in law to massage my feet and here opposite is happening, Lakhan ask her to warm more oil as your ears need oil too so that you listen my words carefully, Rekha says you have started to joke alot after marriage, i will bring oil, Poonam’s feet are paining, Lakhan ask is it paining alot? Poonam says no, she gets sad.
Priyom is at his den, he recalls how Poonam asked him to leave her house, how she asked him to leave her alone, Priyom’s ex gf Priya comes there and says i know you are sad, Poonam did bad with you, she is weird girl and she doesnt deserve you, Priyom says i dont deserve her, Priya ask her to forget her, everything happens for good, maybe life wants us to be back together, Priyom looks at her, he ask Drugha to send Priya to home, he is about to leave, Priya holds his hand, Priyom says you always used to say that i dont love anyone, your prayers worked, i am in love, Poonam lives in my heart, you wont understand it, this is different kind of love, Priya says i understand what you are going through, i can share your pain, Priyom says i cant share this pain, this pain is my reason to live now, he comes to Drugha-Sipahi and says i know you cant see me like this but get habituated to it and dont bring Priya here again.
Poonam recalls Manjeeta’s harsh words, she finds window open, gets up from bed and goes to window side, he sees her hand and recalls how Lakhan held it tightly, how he made her run, Lakhan comes there with hot oil and finds her standing near window, he says you wanna give me pain? why did you get up from bed? he comes to her, she looks down, he says you have pain in feet then why did you take pain to get up? do you need anything? she says nothing, he ask why you are near window then? she says just standing, he drags her to bed, makes her sit, sit beside her and ask her to put feet on bed, she does it, Lakhan tries to apply oil on her feet but she moves feet back, Lakhan says i am not breaking your feet but messaging it, Poonam says i will do it, he says why? do i have any illness that you will die if i touch you, move your feet forward, she does it, he applies oil on her feet, Rekha sees it angrily.

Rekha thinks i thought my son will make me queen of Begusarai but he has become wife’s servant, Lakhan calls her in and ask her to set dinner, i am hungry and keep shagun ready, you daughter in law has made it first time, Lakhan is messaging her feet, Rekha says it would be good is she had set dinner table and served food to us, Poonam says i am fine, i will set dinner table, Lakhan ask dont you listen in one time? he ask Rekha to go, Rekha says ok i will set dinner, come.

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