Thursday Update on The Promise 5th July 2018

Candy TV -  Online Entertainment Tv Thursday Update on The Promise 5th July 2018

Jai and Bani have been held hostage by some goons. Meanwhile, the Walia family is enjoing the pre-nuptial ceremonies. Pia is happy with the deal made with Pushkar. Pushkar sees a begger child at a signal and brings him home. He tells Pia to look after the child as though she is her mother. Jigyasa is annoyed that she did not get the opportunity to select a girl for Ranvir. Ranvir comes searching for Rashi. An unknown person makes crossmarks on Bani’s photographs.

Rashi prays to God and collapses as the condition of her health begins to worsen. Jai makes efforts to get himself and Bani released. Aditya gets a call regarding the abduction of Jai and Bani. Looking at Rashi’s condition, Aditya hesitates to inform the family about it. Abhilasha pushes Jigyasa from the stairs since she was trying to spoil her plan. Aditya reaches a spot to give the ransome money. There, he finds Abhilasha’s father, mother, and brother indulging into gambling. Abhilasha takes Rs. 50,000 from Rashi saying that she wants to perform pooja in the house. A stranger takes the money from Aditya and assures that Jai and Bani will return home in two hours. Later a police officer tells Aditya that they had got a call from Jai and that they have traced the kidnapper’s phone number.

Aditya recognises the number traced by the police. He is shocked to see that the number belongs to Pushkar. When asked, Pushkar says that his cell has gone missing. Kidnapper calls Aditya and tells that he has killed Jai and Bani. He also says that he can collect their bodies from Yari road, Bunglow no-8. On reaching the location, Aditya and Pushkar find that the bunglow is on fire. Abhilasha reaches home in an inebriated condition and is worried about being exposed before Rashi. Aditya informs his family about Jai and Bani, and everyone gets worried. Meanwhile Jai and Bani return home and say that they were not kidnapped, but had gone for finalising a deal. Aditya feels that he has been cheated. When questioned about the lie, Jai says that he was worried about Rashi’s condition so he did not tell the truth.

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