Thursday Update On The Promise 19th July 2018

Candy TV -  Online Entertainment Tv Thursday Update On The Promise 19th July 2018

At the point when a correspondent demands addressing Deb, he cautions him that he detests obstruction in his own life. Pia cautions Jai to prepare for their wedding or the DVD would achieve the cops. A medical attendant gives Bani a letter that says she should escape in the sustenance van holding up at the haven. She bounces off the van, with the cops on her trail. Bani goes to her home and sees her children however escapes when she hears the cops. Deb declares at the gathering that his life’s greatest possibility anticipates him, so he leaves halfway.

Bani is smashed seeing Pia and Jai get hitched. A legal advisor from a ladies’ association stops Pia and Jai’s wedding saying that Jai is as of now wedded, and they can wed simply in the wake of getting a court arrange. Jai thanks the ladies for protecting him however Pia demonstrates to him the infants’ reception papers antedated by her and marked by Bani. She coerces him into marking the papers. A blue Bani enters a mountain impacting zone and falls yet Deb carriers Bani. Jai feels exceptionally fretful and petitions the Goddess out of the blue to deal with Bani. The cop illuminates him simply then that Bani is no more. A distressed Jai pledges that he will live just for his kids now. In the mean time, Deb offers Bani another rent of life in the UK. Bani and Jai play out their own particular last rituals.

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DEB CHRISTENS BANI AS DURGA ‘ 5 YEAR LEAP Deb tells his men that Jai’s love will be his weapon now. He says that Bani will surely come. Bani leaves with Deb for the UK. Deb christens Bani as Durga. Bani vows to return to the city someday to question her loved ones, and to meet her children. Five years later, the Walia residence bears a deserted look. The only relationship that has flourished is that between Ranvir and Varun. Jai has become extremely insensitive and cynical. Meanwhile, Bani burns a Walia family photograph.

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