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Bindya is hurt listening badi amma’s phrases, rekha thinks anybody insult me right here, i can teach badi amma lesson, she ask bindya why you’re silent? you were insulted a lot, you stated you’ll forestall pooja and aarti in this residence now why you are silent? bindya says that day become also my popularity and today is likewise my recognition, rekha ask why you are accepting it? what you’re upto? bindya has anger in eyes.
guddi is available in room after taking shower, she is tying dori of her dress whilst a person comes and touches her, she turns to discover dolt there, she ask how you came in? door is closed, dolt pulls her nearer, holds her from back and says the one who live in coronary heart cant be stopped with the aid of doorways or home windows, i used to be lacking you entire night, he plays with her hairs, she is shy, he says i came here to fulfill you, i cant stay without you, he is set to kiss her, she moves away and says no, each person will come, he says no one will come, despite the fact that all and sundry comes, i am with you dont fear, he pulls her nearer and is ready to kiss her, she says mitlaish bhaiyaa, he turns to peer, she pushes him out of room and closes door, she smiles shyly, dolt says she made a laugh of my love, now i can do such element with her that she will in no way forget.
bindya gives mission to rekha and says if you do mistake this time then i will ship all rats to your room.
rekha comes to poonam’s room and says rats have destroyed whole room, she brings out all garments and ask servant to take all clothes to laundry and wash them, servant leaves with clothes, rekha places present box there and says it is proved now that i am mom in law of poonam.

all visitors starts coming in haveli, badi amma says aarti can be executed by using laxmi of this residence that is poonam.
poonam comes out of bathroom, she is towel, she opens present field to find top and jeans in it, she says perhaps badi amma have despatched it by way of mistake, i will wear something else, she opens her cupboard to discover clothes missing, she says in which are clothes? lakhan’s clothes aren’t right here too, i’m able to call someone, she opens door of room barely to find employees running there, she says how am i able to ask them, i need to call maya, she starts locating her cellular but cant see it, she says what need to i do now.
guests are awaiting pooname, badi amma thinks why poonam is taking so much time. rekha thinks wherein is bindya? she would be satisfied to look poonam listening taunts of human beings.
poonam looks at jeans and say if i put on these clothes then people will taunt me.
lakhan comes returned domestic, he unearths visitors there, servant tells him that ganesh esthapna is taking place, rekha sees him and thinks these days lakhan will scold poonam alot, she ask lakhan to live there, lakhan says i dont accept as true with in all this, rekha says prevent right here for own family, lakhan says own family? she says for people they are our family, lakhan says stop all this, rekha says its poonam’s first rite after marriage, it’ll not be proper in case you are together with her, stop here for someday, lakhan says you dont concentrate to me, he leaves, rekha says what form of human beings i have were given, my husban dis servant and my son is volcano, she says to ganpati that you could have given me threat to affect bindya.

Poonam thinks why anyone has not come till now, i should go to Maya’s room, she says how i will go there in this towel? she looks at jeans.
Poonam comes out of room in jeans and short shirt, she is going to Maya’s room when Bindya comes in her way, she is wearing saree with Pallu on head, she looks at Poonam and smirks, she says you took so much time to get ready, all are waiting for you, i thought to call you, Poonam is tensed and is about to leave, Bindya holds her hand and says lets go, she brings Poonam infront of all and says here is Poonam, all are shocked to see Poonam in that dress, she says by the way these clothes doesnt suit daughter in law of this house but Poonam likes this only, if girls of good families are like her then a dancer like me is better than her, Rekha ask Poonam what you are wearing? you shoudl have atleast thought about Lakhan, she ask Badi Amma to see her, guest says Poonam have no shame, other guest says my daughter goes to college but even she doesnt wear clothes like these, Poonam ask Bindya to leave her hand, Bindya doesnt, Poonam tries to pull her hand away, Badi Amma ask everyone has spoke? sometimes what we see is not true, i still feel what Poonam did, there must be some helpless behind it but Bindya you didnt do good by putting fire in it, Rekha says Poonam have done mistake not Bindya, Badi Amma says i am not blind that i have to see from your perspective, she says to guests that i am sorry from Poonam’s side, Pooonam is emotional, Badi amma says God is everywhere so he is with Poonam too in these clothes, where it is written that Pooja cant be done in jeans shirt? God doesnt get miffed by all this, he get miffed by people’s cheap thinking, she stares Bindya, Badi amma says if someone’s soul is pure then God accept them in every avatar, you cant taunt anyone but think if you have not done anything wrong? is there any person like this here, if someone like that is here then come out, i will ask her to do aarti instead of Poonam, Poonam proudly smiles.

Badi Amma ask guests if there is someone who has not done anything wrong in life come forward, i promise i will allow to do aarti instead of Poonam, before pointing finger at someone, remember other four fingers are pointing towards, Poonam proudly looks at Bindya, guest says sorry to Poonam, Bindya leaves Poonam’s hand, Badi Amma ask Poonam why you are waiting, now there is no hurdle, start aarti, she smirks, Bindya burns with anger, Maya covers Poonam’s head with dupatta, Poonam thinks that lord has taken away all my pain the time i married Lakhan thakur, she thanks God for giving her in laws who support her, i am understanding it today, Poonam does aarti, Rekha says dont know what magic she has done on family thats why nothing happened even if she has worn these clothes, if you had done this then.. Badi Amma covered up for her, wish my son was here then he would have taught her lesson, Bindya gets idea and leaves from there.
she comes in corner, she has Poonam’s phone, Rekha ask did you steal it? Bindya says yes, i did it so that Poonam could not call anyone that there are no clothes in her room, Badi amma always save her family’s respect, now i will see how her family’s respect will remain intact. she calls Lakhan from Poonam’s cell and then cuts it, she again calls him, he is in car, he ask Poonam to speak, he is going in meeting, he doesnt have time, Bindya cuts call again, Rekha says Lakhan will get angry, Bindya says i want that only, Lakhan will comeback home in anger. Lakhan says i will teach lesson to Poonam and her cellphone today, he turns his car towards Haveli.

Poonam does aarti, Lakhan comes there, he angrily looks at Poonam, Badi Amma ask Poonam to give aarti to Lakhan, she smiles and comes to him, he stops her from coming to him, he says aarti is finished, you all can leave, everyone look on stunned, Guddi comes forward and ask Lakhan is this way to talk to guests? now you will not even let us celebrate a function in our house? its enough, if Priyom and Phulan are not in house then that doesnt mean you will order us around, no one will leave, Lakhan say i understand everything, your father and brothers have spoiled you, if someone has slapped you then you would know where to open mouth and where not, Guddi is about to answer him but Badi Amma stops her, Lakhan ask guests to leave, all leave, Bindya smirks, Lakhan angrily looks at Poonam, she is looking down, he takes aarti plate from her, puts it down and drags her from there but Choti Amma ask Lakhan to stop, Badi amma ask Choti to not stop him, Lakhan takes Poonam from there, Choti amma ask Badi Amma to stop Lakhan, you know his anger.

Lakhan brings poonam in room and pushes her in, he stares her in anger, poonam says i am sorry, al my garments had been given in laundry, i had handiest this to put on, i was seeing a person to assist me however no one turned into there, she is set to fall however lakhan hods her in amrs, he grabs her mouth, she closes her eyes, he appears at her carefully and leaves her face, each appearance in each others eyes, lakhan is lost in her, he moves away from her, she tries to mention something, he stops her and says i have seen everything with my eyes and now i am information everything, he comes out of room and closes door, badi amma, choti amma and all family individuals are there, maya says to lakhan that poonam.. lakhan doesnt listen and leaves from there, poonam comes out of room, choti amma ask poonam are you excellent? she says sure, badi amma ask did lakhan did something? poonam says he didnt say some thing to me.
lakhan is available in lounge and calls all servants, he ask servants to inform him fact who took clothes from his cabinet? all are silent, he shouts on them and feature stick in hand, bindya ask rekha what lakhan is doing with servants? rekha says he must be scolding poonam but from the time he has married poonam, he has commenced wondering lots, what if he receives to know that i did all this, bindya gets tensed.

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Thursday Update on Begusarai August 30


Guddi comes in her room and says what Lakhan thinks about himself? all are afraid of him, Dolt comes in from window and ask what happened? Guddi says i feel like going away from this house, Dolt says then runaway, who can stop you, Guddi says i am serious, i feel like going from house and breath in fresh air, will you come with me? Dolt says why not, i will buy ice-cream for you too, she smiles, he thinks i will get successful in my mission.
Lakhan says to servants that everyone knows in Begusarai that if Lakhan is angry then what happens, he is about to beat them with stick, one servant comes forward and says i took clothes from your room but it was not my fault, i was asked to do all this, Lakhan ask who said you to do all this? Rekha is tensed.

Lakhan says who asked you? Bindya says who would? No one is your enemy. These are servants, Poonam must have asked her to watch all the clothes. Rekha says I guess Poonam gave her clothes for laundry and forgot. Bindya says I am uneducated but Poonam is educated. She should know that its unhealthy when the rat walks over the clothes. She must have forgotten. You are being at these servants instead of asking her. She says go you all. Bindya says I dont want to discuss home affairs in front of servants. Poonam could have asked me for clothes or maya if she didn’t have any. she could ask her mother in law.

Bindya says badi amma dealt with human beings otherwise human beings might have visible poonam is denims blouse. the human beings who have visible this would speak approximately our circle of relatives and destroy thakur family’s call. lakhan says wow you’re speaking about dignity and honor. carrying mask of dignity doesn’t make you dignified. within the equal manner gold soaking wet in dust doesn’t loses its really worth. poonam is the gold, even if she slips in mud she might be more dignified then you definately. he leaves, bindya is mad and i tears.

priyom is waiting with his men at the manner. he says in which are they? whey have they not come up to now. unexpectedly the jeep comes. priyom stops them, police points gun at them and they point returned. roshni’s mom says sandeep name avinash. sandeep calls avinash. he says priyom and his men have forestall us and asks to inform ssp. priyom asks his men to put the weapons down. he says i dont need bloodshed. i just need to talk for a moment. he is taking out her bangle and says this is yours right? you left it at our vicinity. she takes it back. she says what is going to you do if something occurs on your mom? like she slips from stairs in temple. she says i’m able to take her returned home and try to heal her. priyom says you love your mom proper? inside the identical manner i like my dad. my dad has no longer accomplished anything. you already know the fact. did you spot my dad kidnapping you? she says i used to be attacked from again and then i used to be captivated in a bag. he says do you bear in mind some thing? some thing that your kidnapper stated. she says i heard bangles. priyom says something else. a jeep comes avinash comes out of it and says whats happening here? who dared to prevent my mother and sister. take them again domestic. the law enforcement officials take them and go away.priyom says i was simply asking.. avi says i wont hear a word. display your power to humans of begusarai. no longer to police officers. stay away from my own family from now. in any other case you’ll go through the same your dad is struggling in prison.
priyom says she heard some bangles. that means its some woman. we must figure out who could that be.

bindya is in tears and he or she recollects how lakhan insulted her. she throws away the stuff. she says how dare he say that to me. he stated who gave me this existence? they. maa says you aren’t reputable right here. lakhan insulted you in a moment. she says he known as poonam gold. i want to throttle that poonam. maa says might you need to visit prison by using killing her. don’t lose senses in anger make it your electricity. after which deliver it your direction. priyom is available in. amma covers her face. she leaves. priyom says what’s all this bindya?

Dadi says in heart poonam took me out of alcove. Bindya wants to seek revenge. Maya gives her tea. Badi amma says make something that lakhan likes. I am so happy that he took Poonam’s side. Poonam says in heart why didn’t he say anything to me? He always punishes me. Lakhan says poonam come here. Poonam comes out of kitchen. He says come with me. She says why you called me here? He gives her a bag and says take it. He closes the door. He says you ask a lot of questions. She takes the bag. She takes out its a skirt and blouse. He says go wear it. She says wonders why is he asking me to wear it. Poonam says does he want to test me. I dont know if he will be mad or happy if i wear them. What does he want. Poonam comes out in those clothes. He says why are you worried? Would i eat you up? He says you look good. He says you look good and they suit you.

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