Thursday Update on Begusarai 23rd August 2018

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Candy TV -  Online Entertainment Tv Thursday Update on Begusarai 23rd August 2018

Rekha finds Lakhan going and sees lotion on his wound, she says my DIL is very clever, she finally applied lotion, Lakhan comes to her, Rekha says i told Poonam to not apply lotion to your wound, even i didnt go against you today but i should appreciate her guts, Lakhan angrily leaves from there.
Guddi is waiting for Dolt and says he promised me to announce his love infront of all then where is he? did he cheat me?
Poonam is mixing tablet in Lakhan’s tea, he comes there, she puts cup down, he comes to her and shows her anti-septic lotion on his wound, he ask what is this? i told you but you didnt listen to me, you put cream on my wound, it was your drama, you said you slipped, i dont like lie so tell me truth, Poonam says it was important, Lakhan says i told you but you dont give importance to my words, Poonam says your life is more important, Lakhan says i care more about my respect, and you didnt give respect to my words, you lied to me so you would lie to me in many cases, you must be doing things at my back and tell me that you have no one in life, Poonam says you are joining wrong ends, Lakhan says my all words are joined to you, what you said that you can do anything to prove your loyalty? he brings out anti-septic lotion and ask her to drink it, she is shocked, he says what? prove now, Poonam is in tears, takes bottle from him and says i will drink it if you say so but i will not agree to your any words which put your life in danger, Lakhan says means you are not agreeing to me? Poonam says for me your life is more important than your words and this wife’s duty, Lakhan says i have not given you any right as wife, Poonam says you can snatch rights from me but you cant stop me from fulfilling my duties as wife, Lakhan says if thats the case.. he opens bottle and gives it to her.

Dolt is available in haveli and recalls how guddi requested him to announce his love in her avenue then she will be able to consider him, he starts singing jab pyar kiya tou darna kiya(dont be afraid whilst you love a person), all comes in lounge, maya ask if he has gone mad? piddi says why he is making a song this track? guddi comes there too, dolt smiles at her, guddi smirks and thinks he is late however atleast got here, he’ll get crushed up and poonam, lakhan will cry, dolt thinks i can inform my heart’s element infront of all, he take a seat on his knees and says like horse is incomplete without grass, i’m incomplete with out you, i love you so so much that i cant stay with out you, simply placed your love stamp on my love, he get punched, all are shocked, mitlaish punches him and says we dont like to see these type of jokes, dolt says its not joke, its love and i’ve come here on guddi’s saying most effective, guddi involves him and slaps him, she says how dare you? did i inform you that i like you? dolt says no however you.. guddi ask him to close up, she sys to mitlaish that he’s in the back of me, he stalk me everywhere, i warned him but he didnt concentrate to me and these days he crossed limits, dolt is greatly surprised and says dont do that, please say reality, mitlaish brings stick and starts beating dolt.
poonam is about to drink anti-septic lotion once they pay attention dolt’s scream to save him, lakhan and poonam comes on gallery, they discover mitlaish beating dolt, mitlaish says how dare you assert these words for my sister? lakhan comes there and prevents mitlaish, mitlaish says this is my own family remember, lakhan says dolt is a part of my family, rekha thinks now i will get a few leisure, lakhan makes dolt arise and says if it became all people else then he would were on ground, mitlaish says control your tongue, first allow me take his existence then i will determine approximately you, poonam stand with dolt, lakhan says enough, you have got crushed him alot else i can now not control myself, mitlaish says nowadays i will beat you both, lakhan says first inform me what he did? dolt says i did not anything, i simply love guddi ji, i didnt follow her nor i did something incorrect with her, mitlaish says you my sister is announcing lie? i’m able to kill you, lakhan says dont you understand easy phrases? you have to no longer do anything like that, i agree with dolt, if he’s pronouncing he didnt then he might have now not completed it, that is truth, mitlaish says you each are buddies, mitlaish attempts to beat dolt however lakhan pushes him lower back and says combat with me no longer dolt, mitlaish holds him through collar, lakhan says you dont recognize respecting words, they are about to punch each other however priyom stops them and ask them to depart every other, mitlaish ask who’re you to forestall me? phulan says he’s my inheritor, begusarai’s subsequent king, all are greatly surprised.

Phulan says Priyom is my heir and Begusarai’s new king, Bindya gets happy that she will become king and me queen, Mitlaish says what he has done that you took this decision? Phulan says i have thought alot and then taken decision, it will be good if you stay with it, he leaves, Mitlaish leaves too, Poonam and Lakhan takes dolt from there, Bindya thinks from now on its my time, Phulan threw me from this Haveli and forced me to become dancer but now i will make everyone dance in this Haveli.

NEXT UPDATE: Friday Update on Begusarai 24th August 2018

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