Sunday Update on The Promise 22nd July 2018

Candy TV -  Online Entertainment Tv Sunday Update on The Promise 22nd July 2018

Deb conveys Atharva to Bani. Bani is excited. Pia and Dia display her sarees at a honor capacity and gloat about its eliteness, just to understand that their creator has composed a similar piece for them two. Both inspire servers to spill drinks on the other one’s sari! In any case, at long last, Dia and Pia get to know each other. Deb telephones Jai, and Jai pledges to execute him. Deb takes Atharva from Bani and discloses to her that he is taking him to his folks. Atharva is returned home yet the cop illuminates Jai that he will be taken into custody for further judgment for purposefully hurting Deb. Deb is charmed at Jai’s destruction

Jai gets a chit from Deb’s man cautioning him that his condemnation has started. Jai’s family ponders who Aparajit Deb is and what he needs. Atharva focuses a finger at Bani’s photo when asked who took him away. Deb indicates Bani on TV how Jai was taken to imprison. Bani requests to know from Deb why he volunteered to help her when she was an aggregate outsider to him. He guarantees to answer her inquiries when the time’s privilege yet cautions her never to confide in him. Jai’s legal advisor discloses to Pia that lone if Aparajit Deb pronounces Jai guiltless, Jai can be discharged. Pia telephones Gayu and tries to address Durga. At the point when Bani hears Pia’s voice, she is stunned.

Rano is down and out at how the kids have been isolated from their folks. Pia telephones Durga saying that she adores Jai like insane and solicitations Durga to request that Deb get Jail discharged. Bani pledges that no one will come to spare Jai, not in any case God. She goes to the correctional facility to see Jai. In the mean time, Pia too goes to see him. Bani gets stunned to see Pia grasp Jai. At the point when Jai asks the cop who safeguarded him out, the cop answers that Deb reclaimed the charge against him. Bani leaves. Pia begs Jai to love her back yet Jai spurns her. Deb telephones Jai and guarantees to remind him his identity. He likewise guarantees to indicate Jai something different at the business offer meet.

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