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Indira is surprised when she sees Sameer in the hospital, where Inder has been hospitalized. Indira mockingly questions him how did he manage to visit the hospital. When Sameer tries to flirt with Indira, she gets furious and threatens to slap him. Sameer tells Indira that he had not come to meet her instead he had come to meet his brother’s friend. When Indira returns home, Amma enquires with her about Inder’s health. Indira informs Amma that Inder’s operation was successful and that he would soon return home. Indira calls up Rishi and hesitantly asks him to return home soon as she has some important work. After disconnecting the call, Indira dresses up and also applies bright red lipstick. When Rishi returns home, he is surprised to see Indira. Rishi wipes off the lipstick from Indira’s lips and states that she was beautiful and did not require any make-up. Rishi is shocked when Indira insists on meeting his parents. Rishi gives an excuse that his parents had gone on a pilgrimage to Nepal. He adds that after their visit to Nepal, they would head to Australia and New Zealand. Indira understands Rishi’s excuses and threatens to teach him a lesson, if he tried to betray her.
Indira is upset as Rishi has refused to take her to meet his parents. Later, Indira gets furious when Rishi comes to her room and tries to flirt with her. She warns him not to enter her room until he introduces her to meet his parents. Rishi removes his shirt and vows to stay outside the house in the cold weather, until Indira comes out and convinces him. Indira does not pay heed to Rishi instead takes his shirt and goes inside her room. Sameer gets furious when he recollects the incident wherein Indira had slapped him and threw him out of her house. Sameer thinks that the more Indira rejects his proposal, the more he gets attracted towards her. He therefore decides to defeat Rishi in order to win Indira’s heart. Next morning, Rishi calls up Indira and assures to take her to meet his parents. Indira gets surprised and asks Rishi to instead call his parents to Sharma Niwas so that their families can meet each other. Outside the hospital, where Inder has been hospitalized, a car knocks down pedestrians one of which is Indira. A lady driver gets scared and requests her driver to take the responsibility. After she sneaks out of the car, the public hits the driver black and blue. Indira notices the woman and understands that she was the culprit. When the woman tries to run away, Indira catches her.

Indira notices the woman and realizes that she was the real culprit. When the woman tries to run away, Indira catches her. The woman gets furious and asks Indira to let her go. Indira refuses to set her free instead drags her to her car. Indira stops the mob and reveals to them that the woman was the culprit and not her driver. Indira also forces the her to pay compensation to a vendor whose cart she had banged against. Rishi goes to a drama troupe and seeks help of two artistes to pose as his parents in front of Indira and her family. He guides them to behave very stern with him in front of Indira so that she does not insist on meeting them again. On the other hand, Sameer meets the same woman whom Indira had taught a lesson and informs her that Rishi was in Delhi. The woman is Mrs Diwan, Sameer and Rishi’s mother. She is surprised to learn that Rishi was in Chandni Chowk and expresses desire to meet him. Indira returns home and announces to the family that she had decided to marry Rishi. The family is left shocked. She also informs them that Rishi’s parents were to visit their house in the evening. Indira is worried as she does not have good clothes to wear in the evening. She asks Kutumb to lend her a sari but she refuses. Indira gets furious and realizes that her family was very selfish. Amma hears Indira cursing her fate and calls out to her. Kutumb and Sunaina are worried about Indira’s decision. They curse Indira for rejecting Sameer’s proposal and losing the chance of earning a huge amount of money. Indira gets emotional when Amma gifts her gold bangles.
Rishi and the drama artistes come to Sharma Niwas. Rishi introduces them as his parents to the family. The artistes start acting as suggested by Rishi. They oppose Indira and Rishi’s marriage and state that they want their son to marry a rich girl, who would agree to give them a huge sum as dowry. Indira gets furious and asks Rishi’s parents to leave. Incidentally, the duo is about to leave when Munna returns home and dashes against them. He recognizes the artistes and enquires as he is left surprised to see them. Sunaina intervenes and tells Munna that they were not drama artistes but Rishi’s parents. Indira is puzzled while Rishi is left worried. Upset, disappointed and angry, Indira questions Rishi why he was not willing to introduce her to his parents. The episode takes an interesting turn when Rishi’s mother walks in to Sharma Niwas.

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