Sunday Update on Begusarai 26th August 2018

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Bindya ask why you are giving him money? choti amma ask her to mind her enterprise, bindya says that is my enterprise best, badi amma says he has come with hire, a few farmers want cash to reap, phulan promised so we are giving him cash, bindya says adequate give him half of money, not full amount, its sufficient for him, deliver half quantity of rent to him and send other 1/2 to me, i will installed locker, from today onwards you may tell me and question me before giving cash to everybody, dont give a penny to all and sundry with out asking me.
priyom s ingesting wine and recollects how phulan stated that enemy is from house simplest as she knows my own family is my power, you need to realize approximately your enemy, poonam sees him drinking wine, she finds bindya coming there, poonam comes in priyom’s room, bindya and rekha is going to concentrate what she is saying, they cover at the back of wall, poonam stares priyom, he ask if a few insult is closing? you’ll say that i dont need to sit on phulan’s throne poonam says i consider phulan, if he has chosen then you definitely he must have idea some thing, you have to satisfy your responsibilities and wine isn’t solution of whatever, priyom says it is solution of my ache, bindya says to rekha that this poonam married lakhan however shows right on my husband, rekha says i can train her lesson, first let me test why she has come here? priyom pours greater wine in glass, poonam takes other glass and says makes one glass for me too, priyom looks on shocked, poonam says we’re buddies, if we can neglect our ache by means of ingesting wine then i additionally need to forget about my ache, i will drink too, priyom angrily appears at her, rekha says to bindya that this shameless ladies crossed all limits, i can not depart her, bindya says you dont must do anything, i know the way to educate her lesson, she leaves.

lakhan is bandaging his wound, bindya comes to him and says poonam goes to present you one extra wound, he ask what? she says cant you manage your wife? lakhan ask her to mention clearly, rekha says your wife is in priyom’s room, they may be making plans to drink wine, he ask what? bindya says sure, i used to be shocked too to see your wife with my husband, permit me be clear, if she attempts to snatch my husband then i can display my actual colors to her, lakhan angrily leaves from there, bindya says to rekha that i assume lakhan understood, rekha says now he’ll make poonam understand nicely.
priyom ask poonam to leave, poonam says you realize me properly, if i take step then i dont again out, she takes wine bottle from him and fills her glass, lakhan comes there and snatches bottle from her, he says now i can make you discover ways to again out, he tightly holds her hand, poonam says its hurting me, priyom says lakhan go away her, lakhan says you maybe king however this husband and wife’s be counted, dont intrude, her ache or happiness is my responsibility, she is my wife now not yours, bindya and rekha sees this from a long way, lakhan says to poonam that these days i can satisfy your wishes, rekha sys to bindya now he will take her elegance and i’m able to get peace, lakhan drags poonam from there.
lakhan brings to their room and throws her on bed, he says you wanna have wine? i can bring it, he brings wine bottle and glasses, he makes her sit on chair and says you wanna have wine proper? your wound of heart must have not stuffed? he pours wine in her glass and offers her, he says this glass for our fortunately married existence, drink it in a single, he liquids wine, he ask poonam what came about? you didnt drink glass celebrating our marriage? why do you wanna break this marriage? poonam appears on taken aback, poonam says if that changed into the case then i wouldnt have married you, i dont wanna drink wine, lakhan grabs her by hairs, it hurts her, he says what had been you doing for your lover’s room? you can drink together with your love but cant drink with your husband? poonam says not anything like that, lakhan says we are able to recognise truth, have one glass, he says i will make you drink wine, he tries to force her, she throws away glass and says i dont wanna drink, lakhan stares her angrily.

bindya comes to priyom, priyom is drinking wine, she says enough, she takes glass from him and says have some rest, you may feel better as i understand it turned into hard day for you, sleep, priyom lies on mattress, bindya lies on otherside of mattress, priyom receives and says i can.. bindya stops him and says where are you going? this isn’t movie which you will become father by simply lying beside a girl, that is real lifestyles, she places pillows between them and says fine now? priyom lies on mattress, bindya smirks.
lakhan says to poonam how dare you say no to me? poonam says even you ought to not drink as you are on medicinal drug, i’m able to now not allow you to drink, he says you’ll prevent me? he liquids extra wine, poonam takes bottle from him and says you will no longer drink greater now, lakhan says how dare you contact my bottle? poonam says i can now not allow you to drink, lakhan ask her to provide bottle lower back, she says no, you can punish me however i wont allow you to drink, lakhan says deliver bottle returned, he holds her and tries to take bottle from her, he snatches bottle from her and says now stop me.. forestall me, he liquids whole bottle, she is shocked and tensed, lakhan throws bottle away and says i listened to you, i’m not consuming now why you probably did that? he grabs her from hand and says i dont know why you did that however i wanna listen fact, i used to be subconscious in fever, you referred to as piddi but he denied to assist me, i don’t forget the entirety, you helped me, took care of me, i liked it, i in reality preferred it, poonam appears at him in marvel, hamari adhuri kahani plays, she seems at him in tears, each are near and unhappy.

Lakhan says to Poonam that you didnt do good with me by loving Priyom and i cant forget this, i try, i try alot but i cant help it, Poonam says how many time do i have to say that Priyom is my past, i am yours now, Lakhan says you are mine but i became yours when our mariage got fixed in childhood, i used to think about you all the time, flashback shows Lakhan admiring Poonam in school, fb ends, Lakhan says to Poonam that i have loved you alot, i have proofs too, let me show you, he brings things from cupboard, he shows hair ribbon, Lakhan says you remember this? no? i remember it, flashback shows Poonam going back from school and Lakhan following her, her hair ribbon drops, Lakhan runs behind it and takes it, he says now Poonam’s thing will remain with me, fb ends, Lakhan says from that my favorite color was red as this ribbon is red, you cant understand depth of my love, from 10 years, you are in my heart, everyday i used to stand under sun, near your school or near your house, i used to miss my class to reach your school and see you going from there, then i used to get scolded by Rekha for coming late, you used to come on terrace to dry your wet hairs, i used to see you, i have collected many memories in these 10 years, its all in my heart, Poonam looks on in tears, Lakhan says i used to remember these memories and spent sleepless nights, you wont understand, for me it was only you in my life, i wanted to become respectful person like Phulan as you respect him so i started respecting him to, i started admiring him as my idol but for you only.. hamari Adhuri kahani plays, Poonam and Lakhan look each other sadly.

Priyom is conscious, bindya ask what are you questioning? communicate please, she says ok shall we play a recreation, i can say a word and you need to tell phrase in return which comes on your thoughts first, will you play? priyom ask will you blackmail me for this too? bindya receives silent, he says begin, she ask haveli, he says own family, she ask cash, he says want, she ask king, he says phulan, my father, she ask poonam, he says love, she stares him and says did you are saying love? you still love her? she cheated you and ran to lakhan, for her happiness, you permit me to do something, why you like her a lot? whats in her? poonam is fortunate that a person loves her so much however she didnt fee this love, if someone has cherished me that lots then i might have sacrificed my the whole lot for him, priyom says to get love you first need to become deserving of it, in love you dont feel like soliciting for some thing, you simply need to provide your the entirety, you wont apprehend, for you cash and strength is everything however this money and energy cant give you happiness if you dont have a person to like, a person with whom you can speak, with whom you have got connection, why poonam got love? because she could be very quality, in case you ever end up like her then you’ll also get someone who will love you, he sleeps, bindya appears on unfortunately, she lies down and thinks that you are i’m not desirable as poonam, i’d have desirable women too if phulan had no longer killed my father, i’d have been properly if this haveli wasnt snatched from me and made me dancer, i’d had been exact if my lifestyles turned into now not destroyed however now.. now i dont need to be suitable because i dont want goodness however revenge from phulan and this circle of relatives, she wipes her tears and receives up and says to priyom that you wont sleep with me, she wakes him up and ask him to arise from bed, she ask him to leave room and sleep out of doors, he says however you said i will sleep here, she says now i dont want you here, move from here, he is taking pillow, wine bottle and leaves from there, bindya looks on unluckily.

lakhan says to poonam that i’ve greater gifts for you, he opens cupboard and brings out a pink saree, he says i desired to give you present so i went to patna, i searched many stores to get present for you but i didnt like whatever then at one save i got this saree, i felt if you have been carrying it, i concept that you may come as bride in my home wearing this saree, he comes to her, opens saree, poonam in tears maintain looking at him, lakhan puts saree on her head, she smiles at him, lakhan admires her, poonam says lakhan thakur.. he says shh.. i want to peer my poonam in saree from the time i’ve offered this saree, he takes off her saree and makes her wear his red saree, poonam closes her eyes as he comes close to her, he covers her with saree, lakhan holds her hand and brings her to dressing desk, aa humnava mjhe apna banale.. plays, lakhan touches poonam’s face, set her hairs, fills her forehead with sindoor, pooname glances at him and thinks that till now i used to be so wrong approximately lakhan thakur that he just desired to get me however these days i take into account that it changed into his love for me.

Lakhan applies Sindoor in Poonam’s forehead, he glances at her, he makes her wear bangles while she admires him, he listens the sound of bangles and smiles, he ask her to close eyes, she does, he wipes her tears, takes her in arms and brings her in terrace, he ask her to open eyes, Yeh moh moh ke dhage plays.. he shows her moon, she keeps looking at sky while he keeps looking at her, she is surprised to see Lakhan’s soft side, he ask what are you thinking? she says nothing, he holds her hand and puts on his heart, he ask speak now what you were thinking? Poonam says you have given me world’s happiness in one moment today, i wish this moment stays forever but i dont know, i feel this will fade away, you will be miffed with me again, you will get angry on me again, Priyom comes in terrace and falls as being drunk, Poonam is shocked to see this, she takes away her hand from Lakhan’s hand and runs to Priyom, she supports him and makes him lie on sofa, Priyom says she asked me to go from room, Poonam covers him with blanket, Priyom says you are very nice Poonam, Lakhan is heart broken seeing all this, Poonam looks at him and goes to him, she says Lakhan thakur.. he says your love came inbetween us, Poonam says you are thinking wrong, i would have helped anyone else in his place for humanity, Lakhan says you are lying again, you couldnt see him falling down? dont show love as humanity, you are fooling me, he took your name before sleeping, now you go to him, he closes door of room on her face, Poonam ask Lakhan to open door, give me chance to explain, she cries, Lakhan is hurt too, pass aye dooiyan phir bh kam na hui.. hamari Adhuri Kahani plays.. both are heart broken and in pain, Lakhan sit beside door, Poonam also sit down beside door and cries, Poonam thinks that i did drama of drinking wine in Priyom’s room so that i can understand Lakhan’s changed behavior so that i can return son back to this family, today i have understood intensity of Lakhan’s love, i understood that when you are angry, you lose control over yourself but the day your anger is lessen, everything will become fine, and i will work for that day now.

Its morning, Poonam is sleeping on terrace, Rekha sees her and says i like to see her in pain, how can i leave this golden chance, she comes to Poonam and wakes her up by hitting her with foot, she ask her to get up, Poonam wakes up and touches her feet, Rekha ask her to not drama, what you did that Lakhan threw you out of room, Poonam says nothing, Rekha twists her hand and ask then why you are sleeping outside? if anyone else had seen you sleeping outside then they would have blamed my son, Poonam ask her to leave her as its hurting her, Lakhan opens door and sees Rekha twisting Poonam’s hand, he gets angry and ask Rekha what is happening? Rekha says i was making her understand, Lakhan takes Poonam’s hand from her and says i need to make you understand, listen i dont like to listen lie, Rekha says i didnt lie, ask Poonam, Lakhan says i told you before too that dont come near her, dont irritate her, i think you dont understand my talks, from now on be careful, from today my eyes will be on you, dont try to create problems for her, Poonam looks at him, he says to Poonam that what you are doing here, go inside, Poonam looks at his hand, he is still holding her hand, he leaves it and is embarrassed, he ask her to go inside, she goes in, Lakhan ask Rekha to leave too, Rekha says i thought to ask you what you will have in breakfast but i know what you like, she starts leaving and says its easy to get keys of Haveli but getting keys of Lakhan’s mind is impossible.
Poonam comes in room and sees ribbon in cupboard which Lakhan had kept carefully, she recalls how Lakhan said that his favorite color became red due to her red ribbon, i have given place to you in my heart, i used to stand under sun just to see your glimpse, for me it was only you in my life, she smiles and turns to find Lakhan standing there, both share eyelock, she sees ribbon in her hand and takes it from her, he says what you think after yesterday’s night, my heart melted for you, i have forgiven you? no and i have said earlier too that i will do my work myself else Rekha will do it, Poonam says if this is the case then why you stopped Rekha from beating me? Lakhan says because only i have right on you, your happiness, your sadness, your pain everything is mine and no one has any right on it, he pulls her close, she is tensed and ask why you are always in anger? you are always miffed with me or with family, Lakhan holds her face and looks at her.

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