Saturday Update On The Promise 25th August 2018

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Candy TV -  Online Entertainment Tv Saturday Update On The Promise 25th August 2018

Pia screaming out for rano. everybody loks up from their praying and are bowled over to listen pia’s voice. just then the protect walks in and says that the outhouse is on fire. every body rushes out on hearing that rano and pia are trapped. ranveer remains in the back of looking shattered and walks to the jhoola and falls to his knees.
jai and nachiket say that rano needs to be saved and rush into the burning residence. bani too yells out for rano and although raashi attempts to stop her she goes in behind jai. jigyasa is pleased to see this and prays to god that that is the satisfactory opportunity to cast off the 3 sisters once and for all and hopes god listens to her prayers. inside jai sees rano surrounded by using fire but rano is involved about pia who is unable to move. jai is shocked to peer bani behind him and tells her to go out, he holds rano and takes her out. bani appears at the trapped pia and a flashback is proven of the three sisters once they’re young. pia falls and calls out to banidi to save her. bani and pia take a look at each other after which pia faints. bani then in some way manages to get to pia and pushes her out. as jai comes outside with rano all of us is relieved to peer her however jigyasa not able to hide a smile that bani is nowhere to be visible. as all of us looks at her she modifications her expression and says that bani hasn’t pop out. bani then comes out pushing pia’s wheelchair to vedic chants. jai asks her if shes very well and rano says that pia’s harm and faints. she’s helped out by using raashi.
the physician is treating pia and says that the good news is that because of surprise a number of her nerves might also have revived. he says with suitable care she’ll recover. jigyasa says that the 3 sistera usually take care of each other and proportion a completely unique relationship. all and sundry looks disgusted at her. rano thinks to herself that so long as pia and rano are alive bani will usually be there for them
bani is sitting and questioning in her room, a flashback of the mt abu scenes are observed with the aid of a flashback of the ma scenes. she seems at her father’s % and is going to peer pia. she reaches out to her however holds returned. rano sees this and eventually bani tucks pia in and after a long examine rano leaves. in the room bani is stll pensive, and jai tells her that by some means he’s the purpose of all her pain. he can’t undo the beyond but henceforth noone will hurt her, he guarantees that pia will in no way again come between them. he holds her hand and bani squeaks in pain. jai is shocked to look her hand is burnt. he goes to place ointment and bani like a childt ries to drag her hand away fearing the ache. jai tells her to shut her eyes and gently places ointment for her. a flashback of the weding scenes follows, and bani opens her eyes to see ointment placed and jai smiling lovingly at her.
all are ingesting breakfast whilst maasi comes and says that the police are combing the outhouse. jigyasa says that shes known as the police and they ought to recognize the causeof the fire. jai is very indignant but jigyasa says their belongings has been destroyed and that they want to realize the motives. ranveer seems concerned. jigyasa then asks bani why she’d long gone to the outhouse and recommendations that maybe someone is trying to kill pia. jai yells and asks why all and sundry would need to kill pia and jigyasa guidelines that bani changed into there at the time. she asks bani her whereabouts however jai stops bani and says she does no longer have to answer all and sundry. he then warns jigyasa to preserve her mouth shut in the front of the police.
police are going through the wreckage of the outhouse while a havaldar comes upon some thing. they come to walia mansion and are met via jai and bani and tell them that it become a gas explosion. they’ve discovered a few evidence. jigyasa is hopping with pride and asks whether or not it is rings/bangles/ a chunk of a sari. the policeman holds up a series and ranveer seems horrorstruck.

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