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Vidith admitting that he’s the master planner of the something passed off in order that she’ll promote the house.he says he knew it well that indira will comply with indur to stop the deal,and because of rishi presence he’ll have time to dealwith her.indira is greatly surprised.vidith protecting rishi collar says he has no grief for something he did with him.he pushes indira and says allow him go with the cash.indira says for money even siblings can turn out like enemies.she provides she need to not spend all these money on the research of vidith.if she must used the ones cash for herself she’ll never regrets for it.she says she never doubt him and by no means is aware of that she’s feeding a snake in disguise of a brother.indira asks vidith why he did these types of in returns of all of the love for him.indira gholds vidith and he says to permit him move.rishi and sumer pushes the men who were conserving them and begin to fight.rishi beats vidith and preserving his collar says everybody think something came about is due to indur and the kutumbh non-stop name callings,but they never realize behind some of these there’s a stinker brother.vidith pushes away rishi and gets rid of a knife to stab him.indira comes in between and he stabs her.rishi holds indira who tells vidith he’s also lifeless for her.indur is taken aback.indira says sufficient to vidith he ended everything which remained between them through stabbing her.

Vidith is yelling and says he did all these onlybecause of money.he tried a masses to earn cash he gambles and attempted masses of different methods however in these types of he located himself in debt that’s why he desired her to promote the house.he says very with politeness to indira to forgive him however for his safety the opposite can not be secure and he raised the knife to stab indira once more when sumer holds him.sumer tells him this is a massive twist like an vintage movie.the son is smarter than the daddy.indira tells sumer to take vidith away and vidith says he knows properly she’ll come to release him from the prison.indira tells him don’t be fallacious if he’s release she’ll kill him.he’s lifeless for her.vidith pushes sumer away takes the suitcase plenty of cash and runs away.indur still calling for vidith to untie his hand.sumer runs after him.vidith takes his vehicle and sumer follows him in an any other one.rishi runs after them to peer them going away.within the meanwhile indur untied his palms and looks at indira who’s at the ground but thinks for his cash and goes searching for his suitcase of cash.rishi runs towards indira again and tells her he’s returned nothing will appear to her.
he lifts her and placed her on a deck chair.rishi offers her a first resource hesistantly sayinghe’s additionally fearful of her.munna maina sunaina and kutrumbh are walkingon the road beneath the solar.kutumbh is complaining why they left the taxi and munna says they have no cash while sunaina offers a flop concept.a person bumps close to maina who thinks the man turned into teasing her and she’s satisfied.munnasees sumer within the automobile and attempts to call him.sumer remains chasing vidith who leaves the car and takes his suitcase of cash and starts to runs.sumer gets holds of him after following himfor a while and that they combat,vidith runaway leaving the suitcase.sumer opens it and sees the lots of money in it.vidith is hiding at the back of a tree and rishi toucheshis shoulder.vidith says you?vidith says he knows negative indira despatched him.rishi holds his collar and says to him in a threatening tone indira did no longer ship him sufficient of what he has achieved and allof his blackmailing if once more he tried to miff with indira this time ricky diwan will not best hit him with the car but will kill him.he does no longer want some other indur sharma in indira existence.vidith is bowled over.indira is slowly coming to experience and he or she requires her mr tenant and rishi arrives and tells him he is going to shop for some snacks for her.they hug each different.indira feels her wound and asks rishi if he did allthese he says sure!! and he or she feels her dress which rishi tore and he or she slaps him numerous time constantly indira additionally implemented a few dettol at the wound of rishi.rishi tells indira he constantly notion that this may be his closing day his simplest want before his death turned into to see indira, as soon as. rishi asks indira if she’s feeling the ache and indira says sure.rishi tells indira he desires to visit sn delhi.they hug.

munna calling for sumer.munna tells kutumbh he ‘s long gone he did now not pay attention.kutumbh says let him cross and she sits with a bowl mendacity over there on a cart which begins to cross on its very own.kutumbh yells to save her.munna runs and holds her,a pedestrian sees kutumbh positioned a coin in the bowl.sunaina also whowas strolling in the back of kutumbh retaining seher lifts her hand and an some other passer thinks she’s a beggar and gives her also a coin.munna is mesmerised and thinks this is a manner of earning money.he tells kutumbh and sunaina to reduce to rubble their hair and to maintain to beg.maina also turned into ready to beg however munna stops his mother in regulation.indira and rishi is in a taxi indira decides to call sumer and rishi isn’t always happy with the concept and tells her,sumer looks like a thief to him may be he already run away to delhi.a beggar approaches them on the visitors signal.indira is in no temper to give the cash however rishi tells her to thrill cross ahead for their sake, as she handles the observe she’s shocked to see sunaina who’s scares and runs towards munna kutumbh and maina.indira runs after them observed by rishi.indira tells them off this became the best matters remains.munna tells her they don’t have any cash left.kutumbh asks the whereabouts of indur,indira tells her she does no longer realize.munna asks what does she mean?all the sharmas note rishi and kutumbh says to indira she got rishi returned that’s why she forgot about her father.rishi tells them indira never forgets him he’ll inform them what happened and all is going in flashback.kutumbh is irritated and abuses rishi again.kutumbh raises her hand to slap rishi and indira holds her hand pronouncing if she does now not need to accept as true with,this will now not exchange the reality.indira tells kutumbh how she used to love him more than her,vidith has no area in sn he’ll rotten in jail.

indira asks them in the event that they need to return returned.kutumbh says he’ll not move everywhere w/o her hubby.the beggars enterprise starts to run after them as they have taken over their enterprise and the sharmas are compel to run away.rishi tells munna it have to be his concept,munna has the same opinion as they haven’t any money left.they take the train to delhi and arriving domestic indira and rishi see a word of a builder on the wall of sn.indira eliminates it and enters in,they meet indur who tells them approximately the deal and show them the paper.rishi tests the papers and assures indira they’re real and the deal is finalised.indur receives irritated with rishi as vidith runs away with his 5 masses lots rupees.indur tells them they will stay within the residence for 15 greater days simplest.indur tells them who want to stay with him him to come to his aspect.anybody visit him and kutumbh tells indirato realize his family.who’ll miff with him will now not include him,in any other case they’re most welcome.rishi tells them indur ran away despite seeing indira bleedind and lying at the floor.kutumbh and munna say the money have been greater crucial.kutumbh thinks approximately vidith and says curses sumer,she says he have to be beating in the meantime sumer enters and says he’s aninspector,indur sees him and gets angry he tells him it is his fault vidith ran away along with his money.sumer tells them vidith is a success in going for walks away.indur asks along with his money sumer says yes!!!rishi offers a disgusting look to sumer who leaves to the barsaati.rishi follows him and that they have a touch combat as rishi is looking sumer about the money.indira stops them and sumer tells her to open the cupboard and indira sees the suitcase of money mendacity there.sumer tells indira while he were given the cash he thinks about her now that she gort back her husband they canleave sn and visit start existence afresh with rishi.while telling indira to go away with the money and to reflect onconsideration on her future sumer comes close to to indira rishi feels awful and is jealous he enters among them and tells indira sumer is right.indira decides to go back kukreja the cash and to take back her house.rishi tells indira kukreja,as soon as he offers for a property he’ll in no way permit it cross he became in enterprise with diwan builders and he is aware of him.indira as always is adamant and says can be he in no way met this kind of woman like herbefore.indur comes and rishi hides the suitcase of cash.indur tells indira that now the house is he’s so he does no longer need to look rishi and indira collectively as he does not recollect them to be married.rishi and sumer can live inside the barsaati they want to pay the lease as cash is critical.indira tells rishi and sumer to go away.indur tells sorry to indira and tells her the residence is no greater her’s .indira guarantees with the aid of hook or via crook she’ll get the residence back.indur setting his fingers in his pockets offers a hard smile to indira who suggests him her hitler avatar.indur leaves and lifting the suitcase of cash indira comes to a decision to satisfy kukreja soon whatever might also manifest.

Indira and radhe arriving inkukreja workplace.radhe is a piece scared.a man takes them in the workplace of kukreja directly.the latter is a devotee of sai baba and he greets them.he offers indira a dirty appearance and indira tells him to examine her face.he asks them to be seated bu indira refuses and says they’re in a hurry they’re right here in his office to go back him the improvement money he has given for a assets in cc.ranjeet explains that, this is a deal and in enterprise profitis the entirety.the market price also is to be taken into consideration as the deal is finished a week in the past.he tells indira no longer to worry and flatters himself.indira tells him to rush up to again his money and return the assets paper.ranjeet asks five% interests on the cash and radhe counts it handiest the cash they’re returning.indiratells it is excellent she’ll give him the cash in 15 days.ranjeet tells the deal completed is 10 millions rupees so the interest also ought to count at the whole sum.ranjeet asks for 1 million rupees,and indira in her hitler avatar says she’ll supply him this 1 million in 15 days.ranjeet also agrees when indira tells him hope he’ll not alternate his phrases afterwards.indur slaps ishan who become drawing on the wall and tells him to move in his room.on seeing indira he continues to yell and goes inside.ishan runs and hug indira telling her to store their house.rishi and sumer are deciding who’ll sleep at the mattress.rishi says who’s elder will take the mattress.sumer tells him how vintage is he and rishi additionally asks the equal question.they right here a few noise and notice indira throwing the belongins of vidith, she has flashback of him,as she pushes the wheelchair each hold it.rishi asks what is he doing she says there’s a few litter which want to be eliminated.sumer asks why is she doing a lot of these why she does now not leave?she tells sumer her own family wishes to go away she can’t be silly notto understand,she is aware of her family are shameless however she cannot turns like them.indur in a second will abandon them on the road but she need to reflect onconsideration on ishan and seher.she’ll stay for them on this house and could attempt her degree great to get the back the residence.rishi asks if she has any plan?indira says she’ll think about it.rishi tells her he has a plan and w/o fooling anyone they’ll get again the house.he tells collectively they’ll create the identical magic as onceupon a time.indira hugs rishi.sumer thinks of the god and turns his back.indira notices him and is going away from rishi.rishi says he is aware of kukreja,the entirety method cash for him and this how they may entice him.sumer asks him kukreja himself tells you these kind of.rishi calling sumer chowdhury ka chand and asks him if he heard about diwan developers and sumer tells him they rotter and rishi tells him he become their leader as he’s the second heir of the own family however his name is no more on their belongings paper.rishi maintains approximately his plan and indira tells if the plan is similar to final time she’ll ought to paintings her whole life to pay the mortgage.rishi says no they will ought to sell and some other plot or house to ranjeet and whilst he will pay them they’ll deliver him the identical money and take again the property paper of sn and as soon as it occur kukreja will be not able to throw them out

.indira asks in which will they find such a house or plot and rishi delhi is a massive metropolis they may find one. sumer calling rishi a fooler says his plan is strong.sumer says now not to fear he’ll discover the assets.the next morning the three go on to see a sealedproperty which belongs to a md and sumer tells most effective twice they will display the residence to kukreja and whoever could be presented because the owner will meet him two times only.each rishi and sumer agree on the plan but indira isn’t in favour of this plan.she tells it to rishi and sumer and they’re irritated.rishi says it’s far her own family who’s dishonest on her if he would had been in his place he could have left them long in the past.indira says she wanrts to live with them… she’s angry and is going out sumer tries to observe her but rishi tells him to forestall she’s his spouse he knows how to influence her.he follows her out and tells after a few kidding he explains her he can’t bear whenher family cheat her.indira asks what did hesaw in her to love he says her sincerity and indiratells him to suppose what if a sincere character does a fraud,rishi says he’ll usually love her.indur is within the marketplace and calls his jhumpa darling to come and throw out his own family.he flatters her by way of differents names of sweets and calls her bengal tigressas jhumpa reduce off ranjeet calls indur and tells him about indira visit which rendered him anxious however calming himself he tells ranjeet to forgive indira.ranjeet asks if both father and daughter aren’t plotting in opposition to him.he threatens indur and the latter says the deal is already fixed no change will arise.

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