Saturday Update on Begusarai 25th August 2018

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Poonam is tied, lakhan is unconscious, poonam thinks what to do, she prays that she may additionally die however lakhan is secure, her mouth is closed with tape too. bindya comes to rekha and says you’re operating on my own, i will assist you, she begins placing dining table and says i was questioning that badi amma must provide her obligation, like phulan retired, badi amma need to retire from cash, finance and all this, rekha says i knew you desired all this most effective, bindya says i dont want money and all, all i want is respect, until you’re alive i cant get throne of house, rekha says what you wanna say? bindya says you should now deliver rest to badi amma, take residence keys from her and sit on money’s carton now, you didnt get any happiness which become your proper, now as in line with rights you deserve all this, retire badi amma from all this, rekha starts dreaming approximately all that, bindya smirks and leaves, rekha goals of sitting between cash, she starts offevolved guffawing and says i by no means notion approximately it, bindya no younger daughter in regulation is proper, i was thinking incorrect about her and he or she is talking approximately my rights, there is bindya and otherside is poonam who by no means notion approximately me.
poonam attempts to attain lakhan, she thinks i cant see lakhan burning in fever, i ought to do some thing, she gets down from mattress, breaks glass and starts offevolved cutting rope of hands with glass, she frees herself, goes to lakhan and ask him to get up, she ask him to open eyes, she ask for help, piddi comes there, poonam says he fainted because of fever, help me to place him in mattress, piddi says what sort of women are you? he did so horrific with you and you are nevertheless doing it, why? poonam says simplest goodness can trade badness, piddi says person like lakhan can by no means exchange, poonam says the whole lot can trade in world, i will do this, i’m able to trade him, piddi says ok i can assist you, he makes lakhan relaxation on mattress and leaves, poonam calls medical doctor and ask him to come.

badi amma is speaking to choti amma and says you forget matters, bindya comes and says if she overlook matters then give duty to maya, badi amma says you want experience for all this, bindya says enjoy will come only when you supply obligations, choti amma says its difficult to address house, bindya says while obligation will come most effective then experience will come and you’ll also know if daughter in legal guidelines can manage house or now not, badi amma brings out money, bindya says not this however deliver something which will increase popularity and recognize of your daughter in regulation, badi amma ask like? bindya says like key of residence, all are greatly surprised, rekha comes there too, bindya ask did i say something incorrect? i’m asking what is proper of daughter in regulation of this house, like phulan made priyom king so that he can get experience and cope with begusarai identical way you both should supply keys to daughter in laws to be able to cope with residence, choti amma says you dont should worry, we are right here to take decision, bindya says sure take choice and supply keys of house to rekha, rekha gets satisfied, badi amma thinks that she is taking pictures in proper path however why she is the use of rekha? i should see this, she says bindya is right, bindya is shocked and thinks how this woman agreed so speedy, bindya thinks i’m antique player of this recreation, you cant change guidelines of recreation till i am right here, badi amma calls rekha and says giving keys doesnt suggest that you have strength of this residence, these keys simplest indicates which you have a few rights on this residence too, you may get control handiest while you love human beings of this residence, you need to show which you are able to this responsibility, i will preserve an eye fixed on you, she offers house keys to rekha, rekha takes her blessing and looks at bindya with gratitude, bindya smirks, badi amma stares her.

Rekha comes in locker room and finds money boxes there, she dances and says this is all mine, is this true? i must be dreaming? it will break, Bindya comes there and says see this is not dream, its truth, Rekha says you have made this dream possible, she hugs Bindya and blesses her, Bindya says i have done all this for you as i like you and Lakhan most in house, i feel you both are very good at heart and injustice happened with you like it happened with me, you didnt get what you deserved, Rekha says for first time i am feeling there is someone who understand my pain, i give you promise that i will do anything for you, bindya thanks her and thinks that i am doing all this for me, i became queen but i need soldiers who can die for me and REkha you are my army head, now it will be easy to control house.

Choti Amma tells Priyom how Bindya forced Badi Amma to give keys to Rekha, i thought she changed but she is still same, Rekha was so happy to get keys, Priyom recalls how Bindya forced him to become king and make her queen of Begusarai, Choti Amma ask Priyom will you not say anything? you are king of begusarai, will you not say anything? we have some hopes from you, i think you cant see anything infront of your love for your wife, i listened people changing in love but i am seeing it first time, Priyom leaves from there, Choti Amma says to Badi Amma that there is some reason behind Priyom’s changed behavior.

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