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Bhushan request that Mitlaish and Lakhan embrace each other and say sorry, they gaze at each other, Priyom comes and influences them to embrace each other, Priyom says to Phulan that they are companion once more, pardon them, Rekha says express gratitude toward God battle is done, now choose about foundation of this battle, I mean choose about thet artist Bindya, will she remain here according to Mitlaish or should she leave the world according to Lakhan, Phulan says she got out of hand with Poonam, I would have shot her however she is visitor her and we dont murder our visitors, he solicit Mitlaish to toss her out from Begusarai, she ought not be seen in Begusarai once more, Mitlaish says Bindya won’t go from Begusarai, all are stunned, Phulan furiously gazes him, Badi Amma says how could you, Mitlaish says its not in regards to set out but rather my guarantee, as thakurs dont execute visitor same way thakurs dont reclaim their guarantees, I guaranteed her that she will go from Begusarai simply in the wake of moving in Lakhan and Poonam’s marriage, Badi Amma says there is no estimation of guarantee given to such shabby artist, Mitlaish says my guarantee has esteem, we work together on our guarantee, individuals put their lives in threat admirable motivation of our guarantee, in view of modest artist, our trust can go down in individuals, one wrong move can pulverize our picture, regardless of whether Phulan supposes I am wrong then I will toss that ***** artist out of Begusarai, Phulan doesnt answer and takes off. Piddi ask Guddi what choice was made? Guddi says when Thakurs gives guarantee at that point there isn’t choice yet just guarantee is taken after, Mitlaish comes to Lakhan and says you are more youthful sibling, remain that, on the off chance that you attempt to wind up my dad at that point.. they both leave from that point, Badi Amma is strained.

Ghungroo is putting medicine n Bindya’s wounds, he says that devil would have killed you but Mitlaish saved you, Bindya drinks wine, Ghungroo says now you should sleep when we sit in train. Priyom’s servants come there, Bindya says we are leaving only, servant says Thakur has ordered that you will live here till marriage happens, bindya is shocked, she says if i am seeing dream, she laughs and hugs Ghungroo, she says i am happy with Mitlaish, he stopped me and i am angry on that Poonam, i got beaten up because of her, i will see her now, Ghungroo says dont do anything now, because of you two brothers fought, she says now i will have to serve parsad of 11rs, to God.
Choti Amm ask Soni and Pinto(kids of Maya and Mitlaish) why you didnt sleep? they say you are lair, you said we dont fight but why Lakhan and Papa fought today, Badi amma says you both didnt like the fight, you both fight too and become friends again, Soni says we fight for toys then share it, but they dont have toys so how will they share it and become friends again, Badi Amma says we will bring toys for them, now go, they leave, Choti Amma says we can handle small kids but how to handle big kids, Badi Amma says only king of Begusarai can handle them, once a king is selected from them then this fight will end, Choti says but Phulan has not taken decision, Badi says time will not wait for him, its time to decide who should be king of begusarai, Mitlaish, Lakhan or Priyom.
Maya comes to Mitlaish, she ask are you in love with that dancer Bindya? Mitlaish says give me my belt, she say answer me, Mitlaish ask is Lakhan alive or dead? think before you ask, Mitlaish is going to be king of Begusarai, Lakhan went against me, if i love Bindya then i would have killed Lakhan and nobody would have guts to question me, he ask to bring belt, she brings it, she says if you dont have relation then why did you stop her, she danced once so she should leave now, Mitlaish says you should only know that i love you and my kids alot, i dont know why i need to even say this, i may go to other girls but i will comeback to you, only you will have my name’s Sindoor and dont force me to raise my hand, he ask her to give him a kiss, kids come come there, he says you both keep running behind mother, he ask Pinto are you miffed with me that i fought with Lakhan, he says ok i will bring ice-cream for you, Pinto tells his flavor, Mitlaish ask Soni what will you eat, she says strawberry, he says lets go, he says i love you to Maya.

Poonam says to najma that these firearms and battle on little things, I fear Lakhan’s outrage, what happened today, I have satisfaction of one thing that I became acquainted with that Lakhan nurtures me, I feel safe with him, I advised about Bindya to him, I revealed to him that she doubted my companionship with Priyom yet he confided in me, he didnt make one inquiry, maa dependably say that I am fortunate to wed Lakhan, today I feel she is correct, Najma says I dont like him, he is irate man however he progressed toward becoming saint today, I am his fan and till individuals like Lakhan are there, there is no issue for young ladies in Begusarai, Priyom comes there, Najma says yet Lakhan cannot spare young ladies from him, Poonam swings to discover Priyom in his overhang, she reviews Bindya’s words, Priyom indignantly takes a gander at her.

Najma says to Poonam that Lakhan confided in you and was with you today, I preferred that, Priyom comes there, Najma inquire as to why he is taking a gander at you like this, Poonam says dont know, Priyom goes ahead their porch, he says to Poonam that you say that you comprehend me and cant get what I am endeavoring to state, Najma says you both talk, I will leave, Priyom says I dont wanna converse with her, yet Najma I need to converse with you, stop here, he says today I will disclose to you story, listen precisely, I will make inquiry as well, he says story is in regards to a straightforward young lady and Casanova kid yet he generally helped young lady, dependably come in her penniless time, used to take care of her concern, used to spare her from educator, influence her significant other to comprehend to release her to school, used to set her inclination yet that young lady constantly used to chasten him and that kid used to listen her quietly however multi day, that young lady hided her heart thing and instructed it to another person, let me know is this correct? presently disclose to me what that person ought to do, Poonam endeavors to reply, Priyom says I am not conversing with you, Poonam says believe that Najma is revealing to you reply, she says I told Lakhan as he was asking me, Priyom says I wasking you as well, Poonam says you are my closest companion however he is my future spouse, there is distinction in both, I know I should advise everything to my companion yet I ought not conceal anything from husband and what that Bindya said.. the much I was harmed, you would have harmed too so I didnt let you know, Priyom says I am harmed that you didnt let me know, Poonam says Lakhan is my significant other, Priyom says he possibly however I am your companion when your connection with him was not chosen, my fellowship ought not be influenced, Poonam says somebody is envious, Priyom says I didnt like it and I am miffed with you, you young ladies changes hues abruptly, before marriage you offer significance to companion then after marriage you simply continue spinning around spouse, Poonam sys young ladies need to change after marriage, Priyom says I cannot come to meet you after marriage, our kinship will change? I cannot live this way, my kinship will stay same yet in the event that you change then I will be awful with you, I will break our fellowship, he is going to leave, Lakhan comes there, Priyom says to Lakhan that I am especially content with your marriage with Poonam however this marriage ought not impact yours and mine kinship or Poonam-mine companionship, Priyom says whatever happened, my companion is pitiful as a result of it, you cannot make her grin, yet today demonstrate love and roll out her grin for an improvement, this is my demand, he leaves, Najma leaves as well, Lakhan comes to Poonam,, he request that her come.

Bindya is doing make-up, Ghungroo request to do great make up and conceal wounds, she says I have left wounds so thakurs can show benevolence toward me seeing this, Ghungroo says you are a bitch, individuals used to give case of charitable love of Thakurs and you influenced them to battle, Bindya gets irate on him and says in the event that anyone listens this then they will beat me more, I didnt consider it, one cannot love his better half and other cannot see anybody infront of his significant other, for what reason would I influence them to battle, I dont need to enter in this, I simply need to win cash and flee, and cant you see that Poonam influenced them to battle, for what reason did she advise our discussion to young men, I was furious and said things to Bindya yet why she said this to Lakhan, I got thrashed, Ghungroo says its great you got thumped, she says what? he says on the off chance that you didnt get pummeled then we would have left Begusarai, Bindya says extraordinary, in the event that you surmise that I influenced siblings to battle then all must think same, I need to establish my great connection, she brings out cash which she earned in begusarai, she leaves with cash.

Lakhan brings Poonam to detached place, he request that her remain submerged pump(shower), at that point request that her open shower, she opens it and moves away, he request that her remain under it, she is paralyzed however remains under it, gets doused and is crying, Lakhan says what you think why I am doing this? you dont know, whether you had put much enthusiasm for conduct the much you put in considers then we would not have seen this day, I would have not offended this much, he reviews how Mitlaish slapped him, he says Mitlaish offended me infront of everybody, this is discipline for that, Priyom doesnt know how to carry on, he simply continue grinning and chuckling, he is fellow however you are a young lady, you ought to comprehend, I am not questioning your companionship with him, he is my sibling, he can contemplate you, I know you cannot offer place to anybody in your heart, he says I never scrutinized your and Priyom’s connection yet I will never bear that somebody question my affection., he reviews how Mitlaish offended him different time, he sys to Poonam that on the off chance that anybody say that I cannot deal with my better half at that point in what manner will I feel, that shoddy artist set out to state messy words and I couldnt do anything, she is living in our home and she will move in our marriage, whats my value is at that point, the general population who used to fear me yesterday, will now stroll alongside me, entire Begusarai will discuss me, whose mix-up is this? its yours, Poonam’s folks come there, Lakhan says continue remaining submerged till silly layer is washed off from your psyche.

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