Saturday Update on Begusarai 11th August 2018

Candy TV -  Online Entertainment Tv Saturday Update on Begusarai 11th August 2018

Savant says we will begin custom, he request that Lakhan hold nut in his mouth, he request that Rekha eat it which implies that if any issue falls on Lakhan then she will bear it first, Rekha takes nut from him and supposes this implies if Phulan shoots then it will be hit me first? she sys so what, I can give life for my child, she takes a gander at Poonam and supposes she should confront me now, she eats nut, Pundit request that Lakhan and Poonam trade laurels, Poonam is in tears, Lakhna bows his head so she can put festoon, Rekha gets furious seeing this and says the amount he should bring down his head infront of you? advance, Poonam moves and puts wreath around his neck, Lakhan puts around her neck, imbecile praise them.

Priyom is on his bicycle heading towards Mandir. Phulan, Manjeeta and Mitlaish are additionally on their way.

Customs are going ahead in Mandir, Lakhan and Poonam sit in mandap, Pundit begins mantras, he influences them to wear sacrosanct string and says dont take it off till morning, Pundit approach lady of the hour’s folks to approach for Kanyadan, bonehead approaches and says I am her sibling, I will do it, he does it, Lakhan indignantly takes a gander at Poonam shedding tears, Pundit approach them to get up for pheras and complete this wedding.

Choti Amma and Maya are crying in house, guddi supposes imagine a scenario in which Lakhan gets hitched to Poonam. what will happen to Priyom at that point?

Lakhan and poonam gets up and begins pheras, Poonam reviews her opportunity with Priyom, pheras are done, Pundit request that Lakhan put sindoor (vermilion) in her temple now, Poonam supposes I am sad Priyom, I couldnt even satisfy our fellowship, Priyom achieves Mandir with weapon. Lakhan fills Poonam’s temple with sindoor, Rekha request to fill it five times, Priyom is getting up to speed stairs of Mandir, Lakhan fills it 5 times, Rekha is cheerful, Pundit request to place Mangalsutra in her neck, Priyom comes there and sees Lakhan putting Mangalsutra on Poonam’s neck, he is solidified, Pundit says this marriage is done, you both are a couple now (haww they got hitched, didnt expect this), Priyom remains there stunned, Lakhan and Poonam gets up, Poonam is paralyzed to see Priyom there, Phulan comes there with his men, he focuses firearm at Lakhan.

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