Omoyele Sowore says the Minimum wage will be N100,000 if he’s elected president

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One of the presidential candidates hoping in the upcoming election in Nigeria, Omoyele Sowore, has made in his statement in the conference at Abuja that the minimum wage will become N100,000 when he’s elected as the president of Nigeria.

While Speaking at a conference in Abuja, on Wednesday August 15, the presidential candidate made the statement while answering questions from the journalists, explaining the benefits that might come with him being elected the president.

Omoyele Sowore, a member of African Action Congress (AAC) one of the newly registered political parties with INEC in the conference said;

“The very day we have all being waiting for has come. Today is the day the revolution we have been asking for will start in Nigeria. I have been saying for a long time that the day we launch our party will become the expiration day for the APC and PDP,” he began.

“What has happened today is a culmination of serious works and mobilizations. He continued. “Everybody in Nigeria had expected I would join one of the existing political parties but we decided that our kind of agenda; our programs and gigantic plans for Nigeria, cannot be accommodated within the existing political structure and we decided to launch our own political party. Today, we have the party that is known as the African Action Congress (AAC). The reason for choosing Africa is strategic. We are looking beyond Nigeria immediately because for every ten Africans you see, five to seven of them are Nigerians”.

While he was talking, Sowore revealed  that the AAC has a vision and mission to carry out projects that would cover electricity, health sector among others, which will lead to  job opportunities with a total of  five million for Nigerians with a sizeable minimum wage.

“We have for you a fantastic minimum wage .Hundred Thousand Naira is what we plan to provide for Federal Civil Servants in the country and for Youth Corps members (NYSC), we have planned to pay the same amount. Every Youth Corps member would get the same amount as government worker.”

“A life of abundance in security, in power, in infrastructure, a life without corrupt old cargoes who have destroyed our educational system, health system and infrastructure. A life that has economy that works for all that provides jobs for young people, a life of opportunities so that the child of nobody can become somebody in Nigeria,” he concluded.

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