Monday Update on The Promise 3rd September 2018

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Kala chachi says that this year like every year Dussera will be celebrated with lot of aplomb. They will have the whole story portrayed and also the burning of Ravan. However this year they don’t know where to celebrate it. A grounds name is taken but Mohan says they will not get any ground since all are booked a month prior itself. Bani enters and say that it will be celebrated and she has made the required arrangements. When asked where she says that the Suryavanshi haveli and she has sent out the invites as well. Shashi kaka is all excited and everyone is looking at him with different looks. Dhanraj says that the celebrations can’t be held there as it isn’t clean and such things cannot be done so fast. Bani says that they will hold it on the grounds and thus no work is needed. She says she has taken care of everything and if they cancel it now it will look bad. Dhanraj says that if the invites have already been sent, what can they do now and leaves.

The celebration start and the haveli is decorated and there are guards all around it. Dhanraj has tightened the security. The Walia’s come and praise the way it has all been organised when someone says that it was Bani who has done it. Jai is surprised and Jigyasa taking the opportunity talks about how Bani has entered their family and won everyone’s hearts even there. They all enter in for the aarti.

Dhanraj and his wife have a chat and are worried about what would happen if Bani enters in. Dhanraj dismisses this possibility since the security is very tight. He says he couldn’t cancel it since the guests had already been invited and if they cancelled people would have spoken ill about him.

The aarti starts and the mantra ‘Ram Ram Sia Jai Jai Ram’ is playing. All of them do the aarti and then Kala goes up and announces a performance. A guy comes to sing some religious hymns and everyone is watching him.

Bani is thinking hard as to how she will enter this place since the security is so tight and that this is her only chance to do so. Just then a servant drops a plate of ladoo’s on the steps of the haveli. The guard comes and shouts at him and apologizing the servant requests for help. The guard bends down to help him while Bani quickly runs in, escaping the guard.

Arushi comes to Jigyasa and compliments her on her looks and asks about Jai, her old brother. Jigyasa gets mad at this and shouts at her telling her that she will not stand and here ill about her brother. She says Arushi is using her brother for her benefit, she would never do so with Jai. She tells Arushi to mind her tongue because the next time Jigyasa won’t leave her. Arushi tells her to chill as they both want Bani destroyed. Jigyasa is yet mad at Arushi.

Daksh is looking for Bani and when she is no where to be found, his mother tells him she will find her and send her to him. Dhanraj goes to find her and even asks the guard who says that no one has entered the haveli. Dhanraj is confused as to where Bani could be.

Jai asks Jigyasa where Bani is, since she is no where to be seen. When he asks Jigyasa she tells him that since Daksh is also not there they are probably together. Jai gets mad and tells her that if she doesn’t know, she should just say no not twist things around. Jigyasa says that everyone knows what Bani and he are up to; Jai is the only one not ready to believe it. Jai gives her a bad look and leaves.

Bani entering the haveli and reaching the door. It is however covered with a sheet of white and she pulls it down to discover the door. Outside the guy who sang yesterday has taken a bow and arrow and is aiming at Ravan. Bani on the other hand is trying to break the lock by hitting it with a rod. The minute the Ravan is burnt, the lock breaks. She enters in the room and is surprised to see some paintings. Dhanraj realizes that Bani has gotten inside and screaming at the guards that they couldn’t do one little work properly runs inside.

Bani is wondering what this entire thing means when Dhanraj comes. She questions him about the past and what Ayah Ma wanted to tell her but he just denies everything and says it must be a figment of her imagination. She says she saw the photos herself and takes him inside where there are no pictures now. He tells her that how could she see anything if there was nothing to see in the first place. Telling her they should go out since the function is outside he leaves. Bani is in a dilemma and wonders how her family and her are related and associated with all of this. Outside Jai is wondering where Bani has disappeared.

Bani goes outside and is searching frantically for Daksh since according to her he is the only person who can help her with this raaz and tell her the truth. She is unable to find him. Daksh is sitting in the car and the song ‘Apni zulfon mein’ is playing and he is touching the pages of a diary and picks up a dry rose and is a bit teary eyed.

Dhanraj and Shalini are talking and he is looking worried. He tells her that Bani has seen the pictures and somehow managed to break into the room. Shalini gets worried but Dhanraj tells her he managed to remove the pictures from there hence she has no proof of the pictures and hence is nothing but confused. Ayah Ma has been vanished from the city while Daksh is in no shape to tell her anything.

Daksh leaves the car and moves towards the jungle and no one is able to stop him. Bani reaches there and asks where has he gone. The kaka tells her and she starts going there. Jai stops her in the middle and asks her where did she go and now where is she going to which she replies that she is going to meet and friend and when he asks if he can come along she makes an excuse. She tells him she will be back in 30 mins.

Arushi tells herself that it is a good thing that Bani told the lies she did today because this will go against her now. She asks Jai where Bani is and when he tells her that she is in the hospital Arushi tells him that she has gone with Daksh to the jungle and when Jai says Bani will never lie to her, Arushi tells him he trusts her a lot. She tells him to along and she will prove him wrong. He agrees.

Bani searching her way and calling out Daksh’s name finds him. She then sees him looking at some pictures. Bani asks who that is and who is the girl in this picture and the one’s she saw inside the haveli because she knows it is not her. Because of the wind the pictures fly away, and helping him gather the things she falls into the water. He jumps in after her to save her since she was drowning.

Jai has reached there with Arushi and they ask two men if they saw a couple pass by. They say that this is why couples come here because it doesn’t have any disturbance. They say that the couple seemed to have a fight since the boy went first and then the girl followed but all must be good now. Arushi asks them if they are headed the right way and the men tell her yes. She tells Jai that they should head there and he should see for himself Daksh jumping in to save Bani. He carries her out and Bani regains consciousness to begin bombarding him with questions. She keeps asking him who the girl is in the photograph he has which is a replica of the haveli portrait. A flashback of the portrait is shown and Bani’s lookalike is in the portrait standing next to Daksh dressed traditionally with a turban. She asks Daksh why the girl looks like her and keeps questioning him about her identity. He finally says her name and its Anamika. He keeps repeating it as Bani looks shocked. In the meantime Jai and Arushi reach the dam and Jai looks thunderstruck and terribly hurt to see Bani and Daksh there, as Arushi looks on gloatingly. He backs away and walks off remembering Daksh arranging a sleeping Bani’s hair, putting out the flames engulfing Bani’s sari pallu, pushing him aside to reach Bani. The Dor song plays again as Jai walks away.

Jigyasa comes to the spot and asks Arushi what she had told Jai. Arushi tells her to calm down and gleefully tells her the good news. Jigyasa looks thrilled.

A Ramleela procession is taking place and Jai is watching the enactment of the Ram Sita agnipariksha scene and the line where Ram refuses to accept a tainted Sita keeps ringing in his ears. Jigyasa arrives ready to add fuel to the fire. She asks him what he was thinking about.

At the dam Bani is still badgering Daksh with questions and Daksh is holding his head in agony. Dhanraj comes and tells Bani to stop it and says that Daksh is having a fit. He carries Daksh away but Bani is still asking for answers to her questions. Dhanraj is angry with her that at a time like this she’s still looking for answers. But Bani tells him that she knows the girl’s name and will get to the root of the matter. Dhanraj

leaves with Daksh and Bani thinks that once more her questions have been adroitly avoided.

At Walia Mansion, Jai is drinking thinking of all the references to his age and Bani’s youth. Atharv acomes and wants a bedtime story, Jai snaps at him but is immediately apologetic. Atharva asks for his mother and Jai says she will be home shortly. Jigyasa witnesses all this and plonks herself next to Jai. And starts.

She tells him not to make the kids an outlet for his anger agaist Bani. It is Bani who has broken his trust and in fact their entire relationship has a shaky foundation.As his sister she is concerned for him though he has always misunderstood her concern as hatred for Bani. Now at last he will realize that there is some truth to her words. Even Lord Ram took agnipariksha of his wife, being a god. Jai is just a normal man, he has every right to doubt and question his wife. He needs to know whether he matters to her at all. She tells him that the next day is the kids school function and Jai should make some excuse and stay away sending Bani alone. At least that way he’ll be able to find out if he and his children matter to her at all, whether the woman he loves beyond reason loves him at all.

Dhanraj is looking at a restlessly sleeping Daksh and telling Shalini that Bani’s questions have really upset Daksh. Shalini is worried that once Bani gets to know the full truth she will not think well of them, she should be told everything. But Dhanraj says that Bani will only get to know the truth when he deems the time to be right.

Bani enters her room at Walia mansion thinking about what she’ll tell Jai. She has no answers, only questions about her lookalike. Though she has a loving husband, kids, her home, yet she needs to know the full truth, before telling Jai anything. Jai enters and asks Bani what took her so long. Bani again fibs telling him about the fictitious friend in hospital. Jai thinks of Bani and Daksh at the dam and tells Bani that he’s tired and wants to sleep. Bani is wrecked with guilt at having to lie to him and Jai cannot sleep thinking that Bani has lied to him.

The next day Jai is getting ready for work and Bani absentmindedly hands him a tie. Jai tells her that he doesn’t wear ties. Bani apologises and Jai says that sometimes he wonders where her mind is and whether or not he’s truly old for her. As Bani looks upset, he tells her that he’s unable to attend the kids Annual Day function as he has to go outstation for work, and tells her to fill in. Bani says that she will but wishes they could’ve gone together. As he leaves the room Jigyasa thanks him for having enough faith on her to try out her idea. Jai snaps at her for trying to poison his mind. But Jigyasa promises him that Bani’s truth will be revealed by the evening and tells him to wait till then.

Nachiket and Purva are training the kids for their function while Masi and Rano look on fondly. Bani is looking preoccupied, wondering how to get the truth out of Daksh. Maasi asks her the matter and Nachiket says that she’s wondering whether her kids will win. Masi reassures her that with Purva’s choreography there’s no chance of them losing. Purva says that they have till 8:30 to rehearse. Bani tells Maasi to take the kids to the hall and she’ll reach there directly. Jigyasa sees her and thinks to herself that Bani needn’t hurry back. Bani goes to her room and taking out the picture od Daksh and Anamika decides on a course of action and puts the picture in a drawer.

Outside the Randherias house Bani is sitting with covered head in the car, She tells a servant to call Daksh as it is Dhanraj’s instructions. Daksh comes and Bani leaves with him. Inside the house, Dhanraj gets to know of Bani’s subterfuge and is furious with the servant. At Walia Mansion Jigyasa snoops through Bani’s drawer and comes upon the Daksh/Anamika photo and thinks it to be Bani. She is excited as she feels she has hit the jackpot.

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