Monday Update on Iron Lady 9th July 2018

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Rishi tells Mr Chadda that Indira does not need an assistant and hence he was leaving. Keeping the urgency of the situation in mind, Mr Chadda convinces Rishi to stay back. Munna, who is resting inMontu’s garage, gets irritated when a man comes in the morning to the garage. He gets elated when he learns that a certain Chandu halwai had sent money for Montu. Munna convinces the man to hand him over the money as he was Montu’s business partner. Indira gets irritated at Rishi when he tries to teach Hindi slang to her foreign clients. Inder goes to meet Indira’s mother and tells her that her he came to meet her as he heard that she was unwell. Inder refuses to enter the house as he believes that Indira may not like it when she learns about his visit. Indira’s mother continues to force Inder to come inside the house. On hearing the commotion, Sunaina comes out. She gets surprised to see Inder standing at her door. Montu gets irritated when he learns that Munna took the money which Chandu halwai had sent for him. Just then, Ishaan comes to meet Munna at the garage. Montu smartly convinces Ishaan to wait for Munna at the garage. He believes that he could use Ishaan as bait to get his money back from Munna. Indira tells Rishi that she has arranged the money, which she had to return to him. Indira calls up Radhey and asks him to find a new tenant for her. Rishi snatches the phone from Indira and tells Radhey not to show the house to the new tenants. At the garage, Montu’s workers fail to notice Ishaan sneaking out. Montu gets angry at them. However, he fails to notice that Ishaan had dozed off in one of the cars parked in the garage. He locks the garage and leaves along with his workers.

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Indira gets furious when Manoj seeks Rishi’s help to converse with their clients from Uzbekistan. Indira gets further agitated when Rishi and Manoj compete with each other to see who can consume more Vodka shots. Indira, however, does not express her anger in front of the clients. After consuming Vodka, Manoj gets completely sloshed and addresses Indira as Hitler. He blabbers that Rishi was in love with Indira. Rishi, who is also completely sloshed, states that he does not wish to express his feelings. Indira fumes with anger and tells Rishi that they must leave as it was too late. Later, when the clients and Manoj leave, Rishi behaves normal. He asks Indira to wait for a while and orders for food. Indira is surprised to see Rishi behave normal. Indira is further surprised on learning that Rishi was pretending to be sloshed and that he had fooled Manoj by offering him Vodka while he consumed water. Meanwhile, Sunaina is anxious about Ishaan since he has not returned home from school. She calls up Indira and informs her about it. Indira too is left anxious. A panicked Indira rushes to find Ishaan. Meanwhile Rishi returns home and learns from Sunaina that Ishaan was supposed to visit Munna’s garage after the school. Rishi rushes to find Ishaan at Munna’s garage. On his way, Rishi notices Indira walking in the middle of the road with a group of guys on motorbikes heading towards her in full speed. Indira, who is lost in her thoughts, is unaware about it. Before Indira could meet with an accident, Rishi saves her. Indira is left frightened.

Rishi pacifies Indira, who is left frightened after the incident. Indira is puzzled when Rishi tells her that he is aware about Ishaan’s whereabouts. Rishi tells Indira that he believes that Ishaan was at the garage, where Munna stays since Ishaan was supposed to visit the garage after the school. Rishi also asks Indira to accompany him to the garage. Ishaan who had dozed off in the car wakes up and finds him alone in the garage. He panics and cries for help. When Indira and Rishi reach the garage, they hear Ishaan crying for help. Indira too panics and call out to Ishaan. Ishaan is relieved on hearing Indira’s voice and asks her to help him. Ishaan is relieved when Indira finally manages to break open the shutter of the garage. Meanwhile, Munna comes home and enquires about Ishaan. Munna panics when he learns that Ishaan had not returned home after school. Munna’s mother asks him to find Ishaan as soon as possible. Before, Munna could leave to find Ishaan, Indira along with Rishi and Ishaan return home. The family is relieved after seeing Ishaan. Later, Montu the owner of the garage comes to Indira’s house and questions her why she broke open the shutter of his garage. Indira is shocked on learning that Montu had deliberately kept Ishaan inside the garage so that he could use him as a bait to get his money back from Munna. Indira gets furious and slaps Montu for putting Ishaan in trouble. Rishi purchases kulfi and offers it to Indira. Indira gets furious and refuses to accept the kulfi. Indira tells Rishi that he does not trust her and so he must not try to interfere in her life. She also threatens to soon throw Rishi out of the house. Next morning, Indira is surprised on learning that Rishi was not present in his room. She believes that Rishi must have left her house since she had threatened to throw him out of the house. Indira gets worried thinking how she would converse with the Uzbeki clients without Rishi.

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