Monday Update On Iron Lady 3rd September 2018

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Candy TV -  Online Entertainment Tv Monday Update On Iron Lady  3rd September 2018

Sharmas doing the prayer and Indurbreaking the coconut before opening the guest house.Indira is watching all from upstairs.Dulari tells Indur to put a tikka on the board also.Dulari sees Indira and asks what is she doing overher?Rishi joins Indira and Kutumb says aama keeps indira in her house and Mandira says she thought Indira left but it does not seems that they’ll get rid of this problem.Dulari tells Mandira why is she frightened of the neighbours, they’ll stay in their house,Munna says to go inside to enjoy.Indira and Rishi enters and Rishi asks Indira if she can prevent herself from interfering in the Sharmas household?Indira says from now this is her house.She gives money as rent payment to Radhe who refuses as he can’t take money from her.Indira is adamant and tells him if he wants her to turn into Hitler then radhe takes the money and says he’ll bring some vegetables with it.Dulari is sitting at the reception of her new guest house and asks two clients for more money as they’ll be serve food also.The clients asks what are the rule and she says they are free.Mandira says to Dulari why is she taking more clients while it is already full dulari says all Sharmas will share one room as their room will be given to the clients.Mandira does not agree initially and Dulari says this is how all her needs willget complete.Sunaina is taking food for Ishan and Dulari take half of the bread and tells her not to give him so much food he’ll grow fat as her,Dulari tells Sunaina to cook some good food for the clients.

Dulari tells Munna to bring the clients upstairs and to show them them their room.Munna show them the room and tells them to go but Dulari wants him to go with the clients and to carry their luggage also.She gives Munna a rose and tells him to put it in their room.Munna though reluctant goes with them.Rishi from Amma terrace asks Munna what’s happening why there’s a reception and all Munna says it is their new business.Mandira is calling for Sunaina and tells her she’s going in a party the two clients tease her and one tells her to do the party with him.Munna gets angry and Rishi also comes downand both grab the collars of the clients.Indira tells them to stop otherwise she’ll call the police.Indira comes near them and very proudly Munna says to the clients to fight witrh Indira as she’s Hitler of CC and Mandira is her sister.Indira calls Rishi and tells him not to interfere in the Sharmas matters as they are no more their relatives.Munna tells Indira what is she saying and Indira answers him that Mandira is nomore her sister now,Mandira has her brother and more than that her Dulari aunty to take care of her.Dulari comes upstairs and asks Munna why is he fighting with the clients when clients are considered as God in any business.Munna narrates all what happened but Dulari tells him to make a deaf ear and tells him to ask for forgiveness Munna says if she wants to do so she can go ahead and leaves by dragging along with him Mandira.The clients tells Dulari to put his luggage and to show his friend their room while he’s going to do some arrangements for the evening.Dulari says ok.On the road the client is in a happy mood singing when suddenly he’s face changes as he sees Indira waiting for him with a metal rod. Indira beats him saying to him today he’ll show him who’s Hitler and not to miff with any member of her family as she’s still with them though they don’t know.Indira sees Rishi who’s in a jolly mood and he stops her and asks, she told him that’s she no more related with the Sharmas and what is she doing?She says she was teaching him a lesson.Rishi says she wants to make a cup of tea for Indira,and Indira says he should have told her that he wants to drink tea,she would have make it.Rishi says till she’s wearing the bangles he’ll not let her step into the kitchen.Indira and Rishi see Mandira taking some order and they both talk loudly letting her know how happy they are w/o the Sharmas and their everyday problems.Mandira tells Dulari she finished all her works and her nail polish also are ruined.Dulari tells her to keep on working her body will stay fit.
Sunaina is staring at the cakes box and Dulari tells her to put all the boxes and the groceries in the kitchen.sunaina takes a cake and Dulari stops her asking if her parents did not teach her some good manners?Sunaina tells her she has a weakness for cakes and the cakes was apart in the box so she took it.Dulari says this is for the clients and to keep it in the box.Dulari badmouth her saying she’s very lazy in her time everyday 10 to 12 guests everyday used to visit her place.Indira is still on the terrace hearing all what is happening.Sunaina tells her to let her eat for her baby as she needs to feed her.Dulari tells her not to teach her anything about babies.Sunaina is compel to keep it again in the box.She looks with teary eyes at Indira who looks away.Mandira tells Dulari she has finished all the works she needs money for the college fee and Dulari tells her she knows well all her history what she did in the name of studies.Dulari tells her to stay at home and to learn how to learn the household work so that she can get marry tomorrow. Mandira also looks at Indira who’s folding the new clothes and she once again look away.She tells Rishi to eat and she’s going to work she’ll meet him after while.She’s tension free today.

Indira bumping with a man on the road and all his belongings fall down.Indira helps her to pick it up and finds only packets of white powder.She asks him and he says he’s a representative of homeopathy medicines and his going to meet someone.Indira helps him to collect the packets and he leaves in a hurry.Indira sees his note book down but he already left when Indira turns to call him.He takes a room for two days in SN and Indur takes him to Indira room on order of Dulari.Munna is massaging a client and keeps thinking of his destiny.The man enters in Indira room and asks Indur for the key as Indur leaves he calls someone and tells him all the products are with him and the man tells him to keep it safely.The man in SN hides the packets in Indira drawer and before leaving he tells Dulari that he’ll be late as he’s going for some personal wpork.Dulari tells him not to worry just call her she’ll open the main door when he come back.Ishan is complaining about his skate shoes as its not going smoothly.Dulari gives him a piece of cloth and tells him to dust indira room.

Ishan enters and finds the room clean.Ishan applies some perfumes then he he applies the after shaves and he feels a burning sensation he begins to jump from here and there.He opens the drawer and finds the packets of drugs and thinks saying to himself why so much powder is lying in the drawer.He takes its and fills his pockets.Ishan goes downstairs and is sprinkling the drugs on the floor so that his skate shoes will go smoothly and he’s also very happy of his new discovery.Sunaina notices him and thinks he’s playing with her face powder and stops him.Ishangives her one packet and tells her this is not her face powderbut he found these packets of powders in Indira room.sunaina takes it and rushes in her room.She sees herself in the mirror and says Dulari is making her working a lot and she turns a bit dusky and she applies the white powder on her face she thinks why there’s no perfume in it and she sniffs it and her head begins to feel dizzy.Munna comes and sniffs the powder from Sunaina hand and feels the same he praises Sunaina beauty.Kutumbh gives Indur some food to eat and he finds there’s lesss salt,Kutumbh says she’s bringing some but she finds the drugs packet lying on the table and add some in Indur food.Indur eats and turns romantic and he also gives kutumbh they both begin to dance and sing.Indur and Kutumbh are singing and dancing Ishan says since Indira left they just party when they feel like,Dulari sees them and asks what is going on?

Dulari tells them to stop she’ s but indur make her dance and she slaps both Indur and Munna.She was going to slap Kutumbh also but stops and kutumbh says she’s dancing.Dulari checks what they drank and finds the packet of drug lyting on the table she taste it and feels dizzy.Indira is selling sarees to a lady at her place.She tells Indira to wait as she’s going to bring the money to pay her.Indira hears some voice.She goes to check and sees Chadda dealing with the lady hubby for some tours arrangments matter which got delayed.The man is getting angry with Chadda using harsh words.Indira comes forwards and calls a friend and settled the matter for Chadda.She tells the clients that Manalisa tours will refund a part of it by paying a 5 star hotels for themChadda tells Indira he’s going through a tough and she adds this Indira tells him that Italy counsellor tourism every year sends them a vouchers to giveit to the clients.Chadda asks Indira to return back to Monalisa tours but she refuses as he fired her when she was really in need of help.She tells him whatever she did for him today, consider itas if she owe it to him.Indira leaves and Chadda says Indira is a very good girl.The man returns back at night he’s on his phone and entering Indira room, he’s saying not to worry as no one get to know what is happening.Dulari says you are wrong and he puts on the light. Dulari shows him the drug packet and threatens himof calling the police and saying all.He asks Dulari what does she wants she says her share in his profits and the man agree,Dulari asks for some advance and then she gives the man the packet back.The man feel relief.While Dulari is leaving the room Indira sees her from the window.Dulari thinks on seeing Indira since she left everything is running as she wants she’ll change SN completely.Indira thinks why Dulari seems so happy there’s something fishy which she must find out,because her naive family ARE not capable to do so.

Kutumb is lost in her drugged world where she is talkingwith her imaginary friend Basanti. A new tenant has been given Kutumb’s room & Dulari has packed up Kutumbs clothes. She hands kutumb her bag & sends her to another room.ishaan is taking a bottle of milk for seher. Dulari stops him, drinks half the bottle & fills up the rest with water. Ishaan says if Indu saw u doing this she wud teach u a gud lesson. Dulari tells him to go ahead n call Indu…says indu cant do anything. Ishaan calls out to indu n tells her the whole story & asks her to punish the budhiya (dulari). Dulari slaps him for calling her a budhiya. indira is standing watching all this doing nothing but feeling his pain. ishaan cries n says dulari slapped me n u r standing there doing nothing. mandira comes n consoles him saying that indu is married now n doesnt care for us any longer. indu is very upset on seeing this & goes into her room n starts crying. rishi consoles her. tries to make her understand that herfamily r a pack of vultures n staying away from them is the need of the hour.the entire SF are sleeping in a single room on the floor (except inder who has his own seperate room n bed). rishi enters the kitchen stealthily n steals some basic supplies like bread butter n other food stuff from the kitchen. later he enters inders room& applies butter nearhis mouth & leaves a half eaten bread butter & the bag with the other foodstuff which he has stolennear his bedside table. indu comes to the room where SF is sleeping to meet seher. ishaan is mumbling her namein his sleep thinkingthat she is back with them. indu leaves a chocolate for ishaan under hispillow & milk powder n a note near seher…tells seher to grow up fast n become like her so that she can deal with everyone just like indu does. indu slips while going back n lands in rishis arms…
both lie to each other…rishi says he had woken up to drink some water…indu says she had gone to thewashroom. but theirlies get caught as both of them have made up pillows to look like their dummies on their bed. indu accepts she had gone to meet ishaan n seher. rishi says he had gone to create some problems between dulari n morning dulari is angrily searching for all the stolen foodstuff.

she findsit near inders bed n also sees the butterwhich rishi had applied near inders mouth last night. she shakes inder awake n calls inder ‘ration chor’! as a punishment dulari says inder too will sleep with the rest of the SF. the new tenants are watching all dis drama. inder feels humiliated n asks dulari to lower her voice but she abuses him still further. ishaan too overhears this.there is a long line outside sharma family toilet of the many tenants…munna being the last in line. ishaan asks him to drop him AT school n says he dreamt of indu yesterday n she gave him a chocolate. dulari snatches the chocolate away. dulari abuses ishaan…munna gets angry n asks her to spare the kid at least.the tenant who is a drug dealer gets a fone call. someone tells him that the police have been tipped off n dey have got a packet of drugs. he is worried as to how will he take the drugs outside of SN. outside dulari is shouting at ishaan to bunk school so that he can serve tea to the guests at SN. in the mean time the drug dealer comes n says he needs to deliver his goods but cant go outside as the police are searching for the drugs everywhere. dulari sees this as an easy way to earnmoney n asks ishaan to deliver the bag which has the drugs in it at a particular shop while he is on his way to school. initially ishaan refuses but she bribes him with a chocolate. she locks the bag with code 19th june (prolly 1906) which is ishaans birthday n tells him to not open it at any cost.munna decides to go with ishaan to drop him off at school. munna takes the bag from ishaan after he tells him dulari has given it to him to drop off at a shop. aman is watching munna n is telling someone on the PHONE that the man hasnt come himself with the order but has sent someone else…however the bag is the same. d man on the other ends asks him to finish off the person who has come to deliver the goods…whoever it might be. he takes an aim

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