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Indira gets amazed when Vidit rings her and educates her that he had seen Sameer assaulting Mandira. He includes that he would affirm against Sameer in the court. Kutumb, Mandira and Rishi excessively get amazed when Indira advises them that Vidit has recaptured awareness. Rishi cheers on finding out about Vidit’s choice to encourage Mandira. In the interim, Sunaina discovers Vidit fallen on the floor and gets terrified. She calls up the specialist, suggested by Sameer, and solicitations him to hurry to Sharma Niwas promptly. Vidit endeavors to advise Sunaina not to educate the specialist. The specialist gets stunned when Sunaina advises him that Vidit could talk. Subsequent to disengaging the call, the specialist calls up Sameer and illuminates him about Vidit’s recuperation. The specialist fears Indira may discover that he had purposefully deadened Vidit at Sameer’s command. Sameer gets stressed when the specialist shares his dread. Rishi and Munna plan to deliver Mandira’s phony restorative reports with a specific end goal to demonstrate Sameer blameworthy. According to the arrangement when the twosome visits a female gynecologist, Munna plays with her. He endeavors to occupy her consideration while Rishi figures out how to create a phony report by utilizing the specialist’s PC. He gets printout of the write about the healing center’s letter-head. In the interim, Indira and Sunaina are setting out in a rescue vehicle to the court alongside Vidit. On their way the emergency vehicle stops and the ward young men haul Vidit out. Indira and Sunaina make a decent attempt to secure Vidit. Indira hits one of the ward young men, while alternate hurries to push Vidit down the bluff. Indira undermines to murder the ward kid and figures out how to spare Vidit. At the point when the procedure begins, Rani attempts to demonstrate Sameer honest and demands the judge to set him free. Around then, Rishi arrives and demonstrates the phony restorative reports to demonstrate Sameer blameworthy. Nonetheless, Rani mediates and expresses that they had just presented the therapeutic reports. Under the watchful eye of the judge could give his decision, Indira touches base alongside Vidit. Sameer and Simi are left shocked.

Rishi informs the judge that Vidit was an eye witness in the case. Advocate Rani gets worried when Rishi calls Vidit in the witness box. Rishi questions Vidit about the incident wherein Sameer had raped Mandira. Vidit testifies that he had seen Sameer leaving Mandira’s room, buttoning his shirt. After Vidit’s statement, Rishi asks Rani to cross-questions Vidit if she wants. Rani questions Vidit whether he saw Sameer raping Mandira. Vidit refuses seeing the act and says that he only saw Sameer coming out of Mandira’s room. To prove Sameer innocent, Rani requests the judge to read Mandira’s medical report, which she had submitted in the court. To Rani’s surprise the report reads that Mandira was raped by Sameer. After hearing the prosecution and the defense lawyers, the judge gives his verdict. The Sharma family breathes a sigh of relief when the judge renders justice to Mandira and punishes Sameer for his crime. The judge announces seven years imprisonment to Sameer.

The judge orders the police to arrest Sameer. Simi gets worried and requests the judge not to punish Sameer. The judge pays no heed to her instead asks the police to take Simi out of the court room. At that time Inder arrives. He reveals to the judge that Simi had abducted him due to which he could not attend the proceedings. He also accuses Simi of threatening to kill him, if he tried to testify against Sameer. After hearing Inder’s statement, the judge orders the police to arrest Simi too as she had abducted Inder in order to prevent him from testifying against Sameer. The judge also orders to file a case against Simi. The police arrest Sameer and Simi. The media broadcasts the news and praises Rishi for helping Mandira against his brother. After the proceeding when Rishi leaves along with the Sharma family, the media questions him about the case. When Indira returns home, she finds a crowd outside Sharma Niwas, praising her. When they felicitate Indira, she not only gives credit to her family but also gives credit to Inder for helping her fight against Sameer. Inder is left surprised. Indira also thanks Rishi for helping them. The crowd tries to search for Rishi but he is not around. When Indira enters her house, she tries to search for Rishi. On learning from Ishaan that Rishi was upstairs, Indira goes to meet him. When Indira questions Rishi why did he not come downstairs when she called him, Rishi gives a lame excuse

Indira forgives Rishi for hiding from her, ugly truth of Vidit’s accident. She also apologizes to Rishi for not trusting him when Sameer accused him of cheating her. Rishi requests Indira to accompany him for a movie.

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