Monday Update on Begusarai 13th August 2018

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Lakhan ask Guddi to not call again, he ends call, Lakhan ask Poonam to go and sleep, why did you make me shout? why did you force me to break this vase, will you go and sleep? or should i grab you and dump in bed? Poonam sit on bed, he ask her to lie down, she lies down being afraid, he covers her with sheet and says whatever i say, agree to it, i dont like to repeat things, Rekha says to Poonam that sleep else Lakhan will get more angry, Lakhan says you are still here? these small tiffs happen between hubby and wife, he says dont disturb her, she is tired and sleeping, Rekha and Bhushan leaves, Poonam closes her eyes, Lakhan leaves.

Priyom comes to Poonam’s room, he looks at her things, he looks at her bed and recalls how Poonam used to ask him to not mess her bedsheet, he sit on bed and says i messed it up, what will you do now? scold me? now scold me, come, he starts throwing things in her room, Guddi comes and stops him, she says why you are giving yourself pain, Poonam deserve Lakhan only who will make her cry every day, Priyom ask why will he make her cry? did you talk to Poonam? Guddi says no, i just said like that, Lakhan makes everyone cry so he will make her cry too, Priyom says i wont let her cry, Guddi says Poonam is not yours now, Priyom says so what? i promised her to fulfill our friendship till last breath, i used to keep her happy and now i will keep her happy more as i love her now, he says you go to Mandir and pray, Guddi nods, he says do you know that God is listening to your prayers? you dont but you keep praying, my love has crossed stage too, i dont care what Poonam thinks about me, i will keep loving her and keep making her happy and that is mission of my life.

Poonam is sleeping, Rekha comes to her, Poonam wakes up, Rekha ask did you get your sleep? or wanna sleep more? Poonam says no i am fine, Rekha ask what you want to eat? i will make it, Poonam says no i will make it Chachi, Rekha says i am not your chachi now, i am your mother in law(MIL), what you will call me? Poonam says as you say, Rekha says call me mummyji, its good, call me, poonam calls her mummyji, she is about to go to kitchen, REkha ask her to first take bath then come, and dont take much time, i am hungry, she leaves, Poonam says i have only these clothes, what will i wear after taking bath? whom should i say? she thinks to call Najma but finds Lakhan in lounge, she says no i will talk to Rekha.

Rekha is cutting veggies, she says i thought i will get 10% assets of Manjeeta when Lakhan marries but Manjeeta cut his ties with Poonam, Poonam comes there, Rekha says this is not bathroom, i am hungry, take bath and come fast, i get angry when i am hungry so go from here, Poonam says ok and leaves, Rekha says i know you wanted to ask clothes, lets see what you will wear after taking bath, Lakhan’s pant shirt? she laughs.

Poonam is going back to her room, Lakhan stops her and ask why you are roaming in house? Poonam says nothing, he ask her to go to room, Poonam leaves.

Poonam comes to Bhushan and covers her head, she thinks how to tell him? Bhushan ask you want something? Poonam says i want to call but my phone’s battery is dead, Bhushan gives her his phone, Poonam calls Najma, Najma ask how are you? Poonam says i am fine, i have some work from you, she goes in corner but finds Lakhan sitting there, she comes in porch, Najma ask what happened? Poonam says i came here in bridal dress, i dont have clothes, Najma says i will bring it, Najma says talk to me, i couldnt see you in marriage.

Rekha comes in lounge and says bride didnt come after taking bath, Lakhan says you DIL and MIL started drama? she will come, Rekha says dont stop me everytime, she is your wife but i have rights on her too, she finds Poonam talking on phone, she says to Lakhan that she didnt go to take bath, Lakhan turns and sees her talking, Rekha says she is calling someone but who? Poonam gets afraid seeing them, Lakhan ask her to come in lounge, Poonam comes there, Lakhan ask whom you were talking with in corner? why you get silent everytime? Bhushan comes and ask why you are shouting at her? Rekha says she is hiding something, Lakhan ask her to give phone, she shivers and drops phone on floor, Rekha says now proof is lost too, Lakhan shows knife to Poonam and ask with whom you were talking on call? Poonam says najma, i didnt have clothes after taking bath so i called Najma to bring my clothes, Bhushan ask Lakhan are you fine now? you have made issue of girl’s shyness, Rekha says whats proof that she is saying truth? Najma comes there with clothes, Bhushan ask Rekha to not look everyone with doubt, you got your proof? Najma gives clothes to Lakhan, he thanks her and ask her to leave, Najma says can i talk to her? Lakhan says there is nothing to talk, we dont have time to gossip so leave, Poonam sadly looks at Najma, Najma leaves.

Lakhan gives clothes to Poonam and ask her to take bath, Poonam leaves, he says to Rekha that i have brought daughter in law for you so take care of her else i can bring a new mother in law for her too, you made fuss out of nothing, he leaves, Rekha from the time she has come my son is scolding me, dont know what she will do later.
Maya gives tea to Birla, Choti Amma ask her about Poonam, vimla says i tried to call her but Manjeeta didnt allow me, he has cut ties with her, but how can i do that? she is my daughter, we had bought sarees jewelry for her but couldnt give her anything, Badi Amma ask her to give it now, we have pag phera ritual, girl comeback to house after day of marriage, Choti Amma says Lakhan will not allow her, Badi amma says Lakhan married her with all rituals, he will follow it too, if he is not coming then you people go to him and invite him for ritual, he has married her, its about whole life, its on us now who take relations ahead, Choti Amma says but Lakhan.. Badi Amma cuts her and says take step first, if you show love then love will grow both sides, and same goes for hatred, try it once, she ask Choti Amma to go with Vimla to invite Lakhan and Poonam.
Lakhan is sitting, Dolt ask him to play cricket with them, Lakhan says i dont want to play kids game, Dolt says yes you have become big, you are married man now, you are thinking about Poonam? Lakhan says cant i think about my wife, Dolt stops gajra seller, Dolt says to him that i have listened girls like it and giving it is the best way to set their mood, Lakhan says so now you will tell me how to set my wife’s mood, Dolt says i am just telling you, he leaves, seller ask do want it? Lakhan stares him, seller leaves being afraid.

Poonam is getting ready, she looks at Mangalstura and recalls how Lakhan married her, she cries, about to put Sindoor in her forehead but Lakhan comes there, she gets up seeing he comes close to her, glances at her and says i have brought something for you, he present Gajra to her, she closes her thinking that he might have brought something dangerous, she opens her eyes and is stunned seeing Gajra, Lakhan ask her to wear it, i listened that girls like it, wear it, Poonam makes bun in her hairs and ties gajra around it but it breaks, she gets afraid, Lakhan gets angry, he says i brought it with so much liking and you broke it? he grabs her from hand and ask her to do only what i say, he drags her from room, Poonam tries to say sorry but he leaves with her, Rekha ask where are you? she says i got scolded two times because of her, now its her turn.
Lakhan brings Poonam out of house, he calls Gajra seller, seller comes and ask what i did? Lakhan says you sell bad things? i bought Gajra for her and it broke, how? Poonam says it was my mistake, Lakhan ask her to keep silent, Seller says i will give you other one, Lakhan says if it breaks this time then dolt will break your head, i have promised to not raise my hand on anyone, he takes another Gajra and comes to Poonam, he ask her to wear now, Poonam thinks that this time it should not break else one more innocent will get punished, Poonam carefully ties Gajra around her bun in hairs, it doesnt break, seller leaves, Lakhan holds Poonam from shoulder, turns her and looks at Gajra, he says its looking nice on you and you are looking nice too, stand like this, i am looking at you, Poonam finds Vimla and Choti Amma coming there, she goes to them, touches Choti Amma’s and Vimla’s feet, she hugs Vimla, Vimla ask how are you? Poonam says i am fine, why you are here? Lakhan says my wife is asking right question, answer her, why you have come to enemy’s house? Choti amma says we are not at enemy’s house but at relative’s house, let bygones be bygones, you have made relation so have to follow it, Bhushan comes and greets them, he ask them to come in, Vimla says we have ritual of pag phera, girl comes to her house after marriage so we came to invite her, Rekha thinks that atleast we will get some gifts, she ask take your daughter, she ask Poonam to get ready, you have to go, Lakhan says no my wife is not going anywhere, Bhushan says what are you saying? you have married her so have to follow rituals, Rekha says your father has said something right for first time, he mother has come to invite so she has to go, Lakhan says even if whole begusarai ask me even then i wont allow her to go, he says to Choti amma that you kept me away from my Poonam for years, isnt that enough? you came here again to separate us, i have waited 10 years 7months 28days to make her my wife, i have not seen her fully and you want to take her? Choti Amma says its about one night only, come tomorrow and take her, Lakhan says i wont let her go away from me for a second now, Poonam looks on tensed.

Lakhan ask Choti amma and Vimla to leave, he says next time first call me, take my permission then come here, he ask Poonam to go inside, Poonam in tears goes in home, Choti Amma and Vimla leaves, Bhushan says to Lakhan why are you doing this? you said no to Choti Amma, you have married her so have to follow rituals, Lakhan says have i ever interfered in your marriage? its my marriage, there are different ways to handle things, leave, Bhushan leaves. Poonam comes in room and thinks i dont understand Lakhan’s behavior, in one minute he is human and in second minute he is animal, Bhushan comes there, he says Lakhan.. Lakhan cares for you, he killed so many people for you but dont know what happens to him, i am ashamed of his behavior, i know you wanted to meet your parents, Poonam says i really want to meet them, my father was not present in bidaai and i didnt get his blessings, Lakhan listens her standing at door, she says Manjeeta is miffed with me, if i go home so maybe he forgives me, Bhushan says you are right, Rekha comes and says to Bhushan that we have to go to relatives, she ask Poonam to take care of house, i am giving you responsibility first time, Lakhan comes in, Bhushan ask her to take care, he leaves, Rekha says he is not your chacha but father in law, keep veil on face when he is around, parents didnt tell about shame, she leaves, Poonam shed tears, Lakhan notices it.
Priyom thinks to call Poonam but is confused, Drugha comes there and says you are in home since morning, lets go, Priyom leaves from there.
Najma tells Guddi that when i went to give clothes to Poonam, i felt Lakhan was scolding her, she tried to hide her tears but couldnt, Guddi says why you are telling me all this? she married with her consent, she broke Priyom’s heart, i called her in morning, i listened Lakhan threw something at her but its good, she deserve it, Priyom listens all this and is stunned.

Poonam is cooking in kitchen, Lakhan comes there and gazes at her, she gets strained seeing him, he draws close to her, she is perplexed, Lakhan taste beat she is cooking, he says its decent, you will free my mom from cooking, its exceptionally hot today, I will wash up then we will eat, its extremely delectable, he leaves, Poonam have moan of help, she begins cooking again however is shuddering, she reviews how Lakhan broke vase, how he was making her apprehensive with cut, she says what is transpiring, she listens some bicycle commotion and says its Priyom’s bicycle sound, Priyom achieves Lakhan’s home, he rings chime, Poonam is strained, she says if Lakhan sees Priyom at that point.. Priyom is ringing ringer. Poonam listens Lakhan cleaning up, she opens entryway and discovers Priyom there, both take a gander at each other, she inquire as to for what reason did you come here? Priyom says I came to check whether you are fine or not, Poonam says I am fine, Lakhan is in house, in the event that he sees you at that point.. Priyom says I have come to meet him just, did he beat you? Poonam says no, Priyom says dont conceal it from me, I comprehend what you are experiencing here, where is he, call him, Poonam leaves house and closes entryway, she says nothing transpired, I am fine, Lakhan didnt do anything and regardless of whether he did how it makes a difference to you, Priyom says it makes a difference to me, they share eyelock, he says you overlooked I guaranteed you to keep you upbeat all life, these eyes dependably tell truth, they dont have words that is the reason everything is found in it, I have acknowledged your marriage and I am not requesting that you adore me but rather I.. I will continue cherishing all of you my life and you wont have the capacity to stop me, one thing more, Lakhan have hitched you yet he doesnt have appropriate to hurt my companion, call him, Poonam request that he go, he says you are worried about the possibility that that Lakhan will shoot me, Poonam candidly takes a gander at him, Lakhan leaves washroom, he goes in room and changes garments. Priyom says even Badi Amma knew in regards to your forfeit however you didnt let me know, what a companion you will be, you didnt trust me? Poonam supposes I had assume that on the off chance that I reveal to you then you wont let come to Lakhan at any cost. Lakhan wear light dark colored shading kurta, he looks in mirror and says will I go to eat with my better half in this Kurta? he discovers Poonam remaining close entryway, he torn his kurta.

Poonam says to Priyom that I have let you know, I wedded Lakhan with my assent, you leave from here, Priyom says I know our ways are changed yet I have come here to meet that lunatic, how could he influenced you to cry.. he endeavors to go in yet Poonam stops him and says on the off chance that you need my bliss at that point leave, on the off chance that you go inside then you will see my dead face, I swear on my mom, leave from here, she creases her hands and says you have helped me alot yet now our lives are unique and let me live it my way it would be ideal if you Priyom says that is the issue you are not carrying on with your life as you need, he leaves, Poonam in tears sees him going, she goes in home and closes entryway, she wipes her tears, she says the person who used to influence me to grin dependably, I have filled his existence with tears, God give him quality to overlook me, she discovers Lakhan remaining there, she gets perplexed and looks down, she is going to leave however Lakhan stops her, she rigidly takes a gander at him.

Lakhan comes to Poonam, she takes a gander at him strained, he says do you have shoes? shoes which we destroy while going do you have it? Poonam gestures in yes.

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