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My Golden Home

When sanskar asks abha how karan is related to her, she tells him that karan is her husband. but at the identical time, her own family comes there and they pay attention it. the physician tells jagmohan that abha has signed the consent shape as karan’s spouse. jagmohan receives disenchanted with sanskar. the health practitioner tells abha that karan’s condition is essential. jagmohan tells his mom that abha is responsible for karans condition, but she disagrees with him. later, the medical doctor tells everybody that the next 48 hours are very crucial. uday threatens abha to break all ties with her.

at the hospital chandra comes to abha, she does not say some thing and she slaps her. uday is taken aback. abha tells the whole reality referring to the whole incident and how she had were given married. she additionally tells every body that karan married her to save her from jagmohan. chandra starts offevolved crying. meanwhile, jagmohan,shelly and vimal also arrive there. jagmohan asks the health practitioner approximately karan and the medical doctor tells him that karan’s remedy commenced right away after his wife signed the papers. jagmohan is left stunned. jagmohan additionally sees karan mendacity on the mattress. he’s irritated and disenchanted whiles abha is standing there as properly.

shelly goes to abha and she rudely asks her as to why she is behaving like the daughter in regulation in their own family? abha furiously replies her back. abha tells her that her husband is between life and loss of life at present. she also tells shelly that she is in no temper to concentrate to her comments. the health practitioner comes there and asks for karan’s spouse. abha quickly rushes to him through announcing that she is karan’s spouse. the doctor tells her that karan’s situation is essential. abha requests the physician to treat karan well whiles lata consoles her.

uday is sitting at the temple and he remembers abha. shelly asks sheetal as to why she could not prevent abha from meeting karan and exceedingly raghav sees this. jagmohan receives to recognise that sanskar is responsible for the accident. he slaps him and asks the police to arrest him. sanskar is very sad and thinks why abha did this to him. he additionally recollects a few lovable second he shared with abha. grandmother and veer additionally involves the sanatorium. they may be very unhappy to peer karan. grandmother and abha hug every other and abha cries a lot. grandmother places all of the blame on jagmohan and jagmohan in turn also places all of the blame on abha.
abha sees karan from out of doors. he has gain cognizance. abha is set to go inner while uday holds her hand and tells her to selected between him and karan. abha is left stunned.

karan is asking at abha as his eyes are partly open. abha also seems at karan. uday leaves her hand. abha would not say something but all people is familiar with that she chose karan. uday tells chandra that they must go away the sanatorium straight away but chandra tells him that they ought to take abha alongside too. uday behaves in this kind of way as though he doesn’t recognise who abha is to them. all of them are stunned. uday and chandra go away whiles prakash, lata and sanskar live behind.

Abha is set to head interior to fulfill karan when jagmohan holds her hand and prevents her. he tells abha that he cannot take delivery of her as his daughter in law and grandmother hears but she does not say anything. abha requests jagmohan and pleads to him by using pronouncing that karan needs her loads. she provides that karan is injured and he or she can’t see him in the sort of condition. she begs jagmohan to let her move and meet karan. jagmohan leaves her hand and all of them are left in awe as abha is going inside.

karan sees her and abha goes and sits next to him. the quick music of ‘tum mere kaun ho” performs. abha removes his oxygen masks and karan tells her to head as nowadays is a completely important day of her life. he adds that sanskar loves her loads and could take suitable care of her. karan could be very unhappy that he couldn’t get his love. abha puts her hand over his mouth and karan maintains quiet. abha tells karan that she has come to him as she can not see her husband in a lot pain and karan smiles.

jagmohan and the police meet karan. they ask him if sanskar is accountable for the coincidence and karan says no. he tells all people that he become careless whiles crossing the street and it is not sanskar’s fault. abha is glad but jagmohan is not. karan and abha stares at each other and smiles. the others also come inside. grandmother sits subsequent to karan and tells him that his love and religion won as abha commonplace their love and marriage in front of everybody. all of the others are quiet. karan is very satisfied whiles grandmother and abha hugs each other. lata comes interior to take abha domestic however she tells lata that until karan is inside the health facility, she may be with him. lata concurs and leaves. grandmother assures abha that they’re all with her.

at raghav’s house, uday is livid. lata, prakash and sanskar return however abha does not. chandra asks lata in which abha is and lata tells her that she might be with karan. uday tells all of us that abha is lifeless to him. he is going into abha’s room and furiously gets rid of all her photos and throws away all her garments. he then goes to the temple and he is taking some water. he is ready to make a decision when sanskar stops him. uday gets back to normal. he tells all people that his daughter has left him nowhere as he can’t face the society anymore whiles sanskar consoles him.

on the health center, abha prays to ganpati for karan’s rapid healing. she then says that she is satisfied to get karan however unhappy as her dad and mom are not together with her. she asks god if he had deliberate so then why did he make her fall in love?

abha maintains to pray to ganpati by way of asking him to offer her greater strength to stand the diffciculties that she is going through. just then saniya comes and consoles her. she also tells her that she is courageous and that love conquers all. sania tells her to go to karan as he needs her. abha is going to see karan. she sits next to him and he or she is questioning how uday had instructed her that he wont have any relation along with her therefore forth. karan sees her and tells her that he cannot see her unhappy. he then asks her if she is sad as her parents aren’t along with her. abha says sure. karan tells her that they’ll persuade them as nicely and the whole lot might be satisfactory. they both stare at every other and the music”tum mere kaun ho plays”.

simply then abha tells karan that it’s time to give him his drug treatments. karan tells abha that the drugs are very bitter so he wont take them. abha insists and gives him the medication. karan starts coughing and feels sick. abha allows him and takes care of him whiles grandmother and jagmohan sees this.

grandmother talks to jagmohan and tells him that abha and karan love each different lots as they’re already married. she provides that moreover, karan’s happiness dwells in abha. jagmohan is of the same opinion to accept abha as his daugther in regulation. grandmother tells jagmohan that she herself will visit abha’s house and talk to her mother and father to bring her to swarn bhavan.

grandmother reaches raghav’s house and she tells chandra that karan and abha are already married however then they havent were given married according to the rituals and abha’s “send off” has additionally no longer been finished. uday angrily tells her that abha is lifeless to them. he adds that he’ll now not do her send off and he goes inner. chandra but tells grandmother that she is right. she provides that they have to do abha’s bridal farewell with all the rituals. chandra tries to speak to uday in other to persuade him for the ship off ceremony however he doesnt agree in any respect. chandra tells uday that each “ship off rite” is the dream and proper of all dad and mom but uday still disagrees. chandra leaves by telling uday that he has a totally tough coronary heart.

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