Friday Update on Begusarai 31st August 2018

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Lakhan unpin poonam’s hairs, he moves his hands in her hairs, she seems at him tensed, he ask what came about? why these tears? he wipes her tears and ask if i am scolding you? she says no, he cups her face in his fingers and says simplest my eyes can see this poonam due to the fact best i’ve right on you, you could wear what you need, purchase something you want, denims, t-blouse, skirt whatever but only on this room for me, poonam is amazed, they percentage eyelock, lakhan comes close to her, he is about to kiss her but poonam runs away, she stand in corners, eyes closed.
priyom says to bindya that i am asking some thing, bindya says i dont wanna answer whatever, in case you are concerned about damaged things of this room then i can convey money from locker and could get the whole thing repaired, priyom says i am now not worried about furniture or cash but i care for you, bindya seems at him, he gives her water and says you’ll feel higher by using consuming cold water, she takes water from him and is about to drink it, she says even then i wont let you know why i was indignant, he says i dont wanna recognize both, she liquids water, he says i can no longer ask reason to your anger but tell me wherein did you get hurt? you have got damaged so many things so allow me test where it harm you, he tests her hand, she screams, priyom says looks as if you’ve got sprain, i can do bandage, he makes her sit down and does her bandage, he says if i had requested you this in anger then you definitely wouldnt have advised me, why? bindya says because no one asked about my pain in lifestyles, she in tears looks at him, priyom seems down and says is it existence’s fault or yours fault? some thing we thinki about existence, lifestyles bring that kind of human beings infront us only,okay bindya says again lecture? i dont want any bandage, he says adequate i can now not say anything, allow me do bandage, she sits down, he starts offevolved doing bandage again, she says if i ask you when you see me, what you reflect onconsideration on me? he says i feel you’re small youngster, whose toy is being snatched, she wanted to play with it however now whilst its snatched, she is angry and want to take it lower back, he leaves, bindya cries listening all that.
poonam is covering herself with dupatta while lakhan holds it and doesnt let her put on it, he is taking it from her, she is shy and is set to run, he says prevent, lakhan places her hairs on one aspect, he is set to kiss on her neck, she movements away, lakhan holds her hand, comes toward her, holds her face and says i need to seize this second for existence, each sense each different.

Dolt brings guddi to some remoted region, he says when you are with me then regular is diwali and each moment is holi for me, he has organized snacks for her, she lights fireplace, she ask from which movie did you get those traces? he says its my authentic, he comes closer to her.
lakhan brings his telephone and is taking poonam’s photo in skirt, she is shy and says no, she says no longer in those garments, he ask if you dont agree with me? she smiles and let him take her image, lakhan brings dupatta and places it on poonam’s head, lal ishq plays, poonam lovingly have a look at him, lakhan kisses her brow, he kisses her on lips (shown as shadow), tears rolls down poonam’s cheeks, lakhan says you’re cry infant, he wipes her tears, poonam wipes lakhan’s tears, she caresses his face and hugs him tightly, each are in peace hugging every different.
dolt opens guddi’s get dressed’s dori, he tries to return toward her, she says leave me, he doesnt pay attention, she slaps him, he’s bowled over, she says i am sorry, dolt ask whats wrong in it? do you like me or once more faking it? guddi says not anything like that, dolt says i love you like crazy but you believe you studied i will take benefit of you? you dont believe me, i like you but i cant act like your canine, he leaves, guddi is tensed.
rekha says badi amma destroyed her plan and else become compensated via my son with the aid of insulting bindya, what if bindya gets irritated, bindya comes there, rekha ask why this bandage for your hand? bindya says go away it, tell me if lakha punished poonam or not? rekha says i will carry haldi milk for you, bindya ask lakhan punished poonam or now not? rekha says he have to have punished her, didnt you spot lakhan dragged poonam from ounge. poonam comes out of here carrying saree, maya comes to her and ask did lakhan scold you? poonam smiles and says he didnt say anything to me, bindya and rekha are seeing them from a long way, maya says to poonam that i assume bindya has carried out that denims conspiracy against you, poonam says perhaps you’re right but i felt horrific that rekha is taking her aspect, maya says due to the fact bhushan doesnt say some thing to her and.. poonam says if other guys of this residence receives to recognise about it then trouble will become extreme, maya says yes guys of this house fires bullet first then ask query and most irritated guy is your lakhan, badi amma comes there and this anger will work in favor of this residence one day, we must stop bindya and rekha to doing terrible to this house, they’re miffed with poonam so they will hold seeking to prevent poonam, choti amma says i am tensed, poonam says dont be tensed, if women can smash residence then handiest ladies can be a part of it, i’m able to display right manner to bindya’s every incorrect deed, its my promise.
poonam and maya leaves from there, choti amma says to badi amma that our each daughter in legal guidelines are gold, badi amma says but our different daughter in legal guidelines(rekha and bindya) are bronze, poonam and maya should discover ways to address them.
a person is available in room and takes drugs from there. bindya is shouting on servants to convey meals, rekha comes to her with water and ask her to clam down, bindya ask her to ask poonam to serve meals, i ought to move someplace, rekha leaves, bindya calls her mother and says sure i am coming.
maya brings capsules bottle in kitchen, she ask poonam if we are doing right? poonam says no longer stoping evil is also evil, we’re proper, rekha comes there and ask what’s taking place here? bindya is hungry, make food for her, poonam says you’re right, we must no longer anger bindya else she will shout, these days i have to make proper food, she leaves with maya, rekha is confused with her conduct.
poonam and maya are making food, maya ask her to combine medication in food. bindya is expecting food, she says to rekha that you have manage over poonam, you requested her to carry meals however she didnt, rekha says i will cross and check. poonam is crushing medicines, rekha comes there and ask what’s going on right here? you take so much time in bringing meals, poonam hides medicine powder and offers to maya, maya mixes medication in pulse, rekha says food is ready then why you didnt carry it? i can take it, poonam says no i can deliver it, rekha says let me take it, maya points poonam that she has blended medication, rekha brings pulse for bindya, bindya says i should cross someplace, i dont sense like eating now, poonam comes and says sorry i will no longer be late once more, rekha says to bindya that i have scolded her thats why she is pronouncing sorry to you, rekha ask bindya to sit down and feature meals, rekha offers pulse to bindya, she serves herself too, poonam says no you cant consume it, rekha ask why? maya says you eat after bhushan eats, rekha says dont educate me what i need to do, go away from here, poonam and maya tensely leaves, bindya and rekha eats pulse which has medication in it.
Says we’ve got nothing to talk approximately, depart my hand, in case your guards see us then they will allege me again, guddi says i should be miffed you, you left me in that isolated place but i am pacifying you instead, i dont like while you communicate angrily with me, i am sorry for that mistake, dolt says in case you are without a doubt sorry then show it, guddi says inform me what i must do, dolt says kiss me proper here infront of all people, guddi suppose, she is set to kiss dolt while she unearths manjeeta coming there, she leaves from there, dolt is stressed, manjeeta comes to him and ask what’s occurring here? dolt says not anything, manjeeta says its top if there’s not anything, if you attempt to eye guddi then i can take off your eyes.

poonam involves rekha and offers her water, she says i’m sorry, i was past due to bring food and also you had to listen to bindya, are you indignant with me? rekha says no, poonam says you go in room, i will convey oil to rubdown your feet, rekha thinks if she is my daughter in law or someone else? she comes in room and sit down on bed, she ask poonam why you’re moving round me? did you perform a little mistake and need me to take your facet infront of lakhan? poonam says you are questioning incorrect, i’m your daughter in law, its my duty to serve you, rekhe says i sense dizzy, why my head is spinning? did you blend something in meals? did you mix poison in meals? she says when you have tried to kill me then i forgive you, you forgive me too earlier than i die, poonam ask why you are asking forgiveness? rekha says i’ve tortured you alot, god is taking revenge for that, forgive me earlier than yamraj takes me from world, what is happening with me, my head is spinning, i dont wanna die, do something, my clothes, jewelry the whole thing will continue to be here, she faints, maya comes there too, poonam says i am sorry, that food become for bindya only, now not for you, maya says dont fear, she may be pleasant, we should check on bindya.
bindya wakes up and finds herself on a few deserted location, she find goats there, she says how i came right here? she receives irritated on poonam.
rekha turns into consious, she says i am sure poonam and maya played some sport, she is available in lounge, badi amma ask her to return to her, rekha comes, badi amma says dont put strain to your mind, just pay attention whats occurring. bindya comes there and ask who did this with me? who attempted to debris with me? she is genuinely indignant and has broom in her fingers, rekha says i didnt do it, bindya says take delivery of your mistake or if i am getting to realize who has done this then i may be worst for that man or woman, poonam comes there and says you’re proper, no one is greater worst than you on this house, one extra thing, if you misbehave with all and sundry on this residence then you’ll responded again in sameway, bindya says you may solution me again? it looks as if you had performed all this, i can educate you lesson now that you may think earlier than doing whatever in opposition to me, she is ready to hit poonam with broom but poonam holds it, both stare each different.

Poonam ask bindya why you have become so agitated? nobody didnt grab your position, its nature’s rule, as you sow shall you acquire, bindya says in a single night time goat become lioness, you may punish me for my deeds? as a good deal i realize, i’m able to estimate that you are speaking however words are of someone else, she stares badi amma and says paintings is performed by way of you however idea is of someone else, on whose lower back you are displaying a whole lot braveness? lakhan gave you this confidence or your old lover priyom? poonam says i am not such as you to fireplace by using setting gun on a person else shoulder, my courage is due to my mangalsutra, i’m daughter in law of thos residence and i am thakurian, men of this residence dont understand anything neither they may realize it, bindya says if that is case then i should admire your braveness, you wanna combat with me? like this you may fight with me? you probably did childish act via sending me to some remoted region, now i can train you and your family lesson, poonam says lets see however recall this a whole lot ego isn’t always correct, history has witnessed that reality usually defeat lie.
poonam comes out after taking bathe, she unearths lakhan drowsing in mattress, she smiles at him, she take a seat beside him and attempts to place his on pillow, she cups his face, comes closer and places his head on pillow, she gets up and begins wiping her moist hairs, water falls on lakhan, he wakes up and eyes her, she turns to peer if he is awake, he closes his eyes, she turns and begins wiping again, he preserve searching at her, she smiles and turns to discover him dozing, she is familiar with that he’s acting, she leaves from there, lakhan opens his eyes and doesnt find her, he begins finding her, sees her standing on otherside, he receives awkward and says i’m able to go to take bathtub, she says pay attention..
manohar dadda’s access is shown.
priyom is available in his room and isn’t carrying shirt, he opens cupboard to take shirt, bindya offers it to him, he thank you her and wears it, priyom receives a person’s call, he is bowled over, looks at bindya and is going to otherside, he takes call and greets tauji, manohar says i’m coming, you got married, phulan is in prison, i’m coming for all of you, he ends call, bindya ask whose call was it? priyom says i will tell badi amma that dadda(tauji) is coming, he leaves, bindya says who’s this dadda now?
lakhan comes to poonam, she actions her hairs to 1 facet and turns to lakhan, he sees her naked lower back and is shy, he ties dori of her blouse, both at every other thru reflect, she says thanks, he says why? inform me complete issue, thank you lakhan thakur, she smiles and looks at him, lakhan caresses her hairs and says i feel appropriate to pay attention my name out of your mouth, i am habituated to it, dont go away it, she nods, he says i will come after taking shower, he starts offevolved going outdoor, comes returned and says i realize rest room is otherside, he is going in toilet, poonam laughs.
priyom comes to badi amma and says daddaji is coming, he leaves, poonam ask who’s he? choti amma says badi amma is fearful of him too, badi amma says i am not afraid however i admire him, she is tensed and says to her servants that smooth whole house, no person should convey slippers in house, she ask guddi to no longer snort infront of him, he doesnt love it, she says to poonam and maya that dont upload onion in his food and send milk in his room when he comes, choti amma ask why you are getting afraid? why he’s coming right here? badi amma says he’s coming, ask him simplest, she says he does pooja early morning so ensure the whole thing is prepared for pooja, bindya is seeing all this, and ask who is he? rekha says he’s bhushan’s tau’s son, he’s better in cash and position than phulan thakur, phulan obeys him too, bindya thinks how i didnt realize about him, now this dadda will help me to acquire my dreams, rekha ask what are you wondering? bindya says what if this dadda involves our aspect, rekha says why will he come to our aspect? its impossible, bindya says nothing is impossible for me, if i show to dadda that all are blind right here then he will come to our facet, she leaves, rekha says bindya doesnt recognize what kind of hearth is he.
poonam comes to maya who’s cleaning mandir, she says i’ve already wiped clean them, maya says dadda could be very unique approximately matters so notion to easy again.
lakhan and priyom are with some managers, lakhan says add my spouse’s call in list too, i will bring her photo and certificate till you positioned priyom’s spouse’s call in listing, priyom is tensed.
badi amma ask to smooth house, rekha says i’ve back ache, she ask bindya to rubdown her back, bindya stares badi amma, she says to rekha you just see how i prove them blind in the front of manohar.

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