Friday Update on Begusarai 27th July 2018

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Lakhan comes to Phulan, Phulan doesnt allow him to touch his feet, Phulan says i know you are not happy with my decision but i have no regrets, i have always assumed that i have four sons, and its difficult for fathers to punish sons, you wanted to say something that day, Lakhan recalls how he was drenched in water that day, Phulan says you can speak what you want, Lakhan says you called me to say something, i am here to listen your order only, say, Phulan says so listen it, you will understand in future why said all these things, 10 years ago i arranged your relation with Poonam but i didnt arrange maid for you, i forgot that in today’s world, girl and boy’s acceptance is necessary for marriage, my decision was wrong so i changed it, i know you wanna marry Poonam, you can get second chance but for that you have to win her heart like a man, you have to respect her, you have to prove that you are changed man, the time Poonam realize this, she will herself come to you, i will marry her with her consent only, if she accept you as her groom then you can marry her, you can get this chance not by using power but by love and respect, Lakhan says yes and starts leaving, he thinks you snatched Poonam from me due to your power, i will snatch her back with my power only, he leaves, Badi amma looks at him.
Maya says to Poonam that wear these jewelry with your yellow dress, Priyom says she is going to Bugharo, Maya says no she is going to.. Guddi says dont tell him, Maya says so it was his plan to know where she is going, Choti Amma brings Laddo for Poonam, Priyom says Ranchi city have good laddos, Choti amma says but she is going to.. Guddi says dont tell him, Choti Amma says oh, she leaves, Maya leaves too, Poonam starts her packing, Priyom says i will see you, Poonam says i will not be here, Priyom says i will come to bus stand to know where you are going, she says we are going from different bus stop, he says from where all buses go to Patna, she says yes, he laughs that she indirectly told him where she is going, Poonam beats him, she says outsiders cant come h-in fest, Priyom says i can come at anywhere.
Badi Amma says to Phulan that you have assumed Priyom as next king but have you thought how will you do his tilak, Phulan says when people of Begusarai will accept Priyom as theri king then Lakhan and Mitlaish will have to accept him as king too, they wont be able to do anything and for that Priyom will have to work alot too, they find Priyom drinking wine, he is fully drunk, Phulan and Badi Amma looks at each other, Phulan says to Badi Amma that he has capability to become king but he unfinished diamond, Badi Amma says you will have to polish his skills like i did for you, Phulan smiles, Priyom finds them and is shocked.

Priyom is shocked seeing Phulan as he was drinking wine, he gets up, hides wine bottle and says why did you come, you can call me, Phulan says i wanted to see how you live in your portion, from tomorrow you will go on work with me, Priyom says what? Phulan ask him to be ready at 8:30, Priyom’s servants thinks where will Priyom go, will go to Patna behind his gf Priya or on work.
Bindya buys a snake, she says to seller that dont tell anyone that i bought snake from you, he says ok and leaves, Ghungroo ask why did you buy snake, she says this is not snake but gift for Thakur family that they will get tomorrow morning, she smirks.
In morning, Badi Amma throws water on Priyom, he wakes up and ask what happened? she says dont you remember you have to go on work with Phulan, Mitlaish who is passing by is shocked to listen that, she ask him to get ready, Priyom says you are Hitler, she leaves.
Poonam comes to Manjeeta, touches his feet, he blesses her and says for security, i am sending guard with you, Poonam smiles, Birla says to Poonam that you are going for first time, i am afraid, keep calling me, she hugs her.
Phulan is waiting for Priyom, Badi Amma says he is taking bath, Maya comes there and gives then Parsad, Badi Amma says give Parsad to Priyom too, see if he took bath, Phulan cant wait more and says i am going to factory, send him there, he leaves. Maya comes to Priyom and doesnt find him in washroom, Priyom is hiding, he takes his bag and runs away. Bindya watches him go, Ghungroo says he is going behind Poonam and you are seeing their love story, do something, Bindya says here if you try to dose off fire, you hand gets burned only, dont you remember how Lakhan beat me, i cant forget that, first i have to win over these thakurs then we will see, she ask to bring out snake.

Poonam and Najma reaches bus stand, Priya says i thought you will not come, Poonam is all smiling and excited, Ma’am comes and ask all girls to sit in bus, Poonam says to Najma that this is new life for me, i feel like i am going to touch sky, the guard of Poonam comes, ma’am as who are you? he says i am with Poonam, Poonam ask ma’am to allow him, she ask him sit with driver. the bus starts, Poonam and all ladies are enjoying, sudddenly bus stops as Priyom is standing infront of bus, he smirks.
Bindya comes in Haveli, she says now i will leave snake here, Ghungroo says what if this snake bite us only, she says nothing will happen, she is about to leave snake but her phone rings, its Mitlaish who is calling, Bindya finds Mitlaish standing infront of her, she hides snake, he says to her that meet me tonight else i will force you and it will be problem for you, he leaves, she says everyone just order here, she is about to bring out snake but Phulan’s man comes and ask what happened, she says my earring is lost, he leaves.
Priyom comes in bus, he says hi to Ma’am, she ask why did you stop our bus, Poonam glances at him, Priyom ask Sir you remember me? sir recalls how he once blackened his face, he says how can i forget you, Ma’am ask why did you come here? Priyom says you are still beautiful, Ma’am says if you did flirt then leave, no outsider or boy is allowed, Priyom says now i am man not boy and i am student of college, i have come here for security, beautiful girls are going alone to Patna so there should be man with them, Ma’am says and who will save them from you? all laughs, she ask him to leave, Priyom says girls themselves want me to go, Poonam and Najma sys no we dont want, Priyom’s gf Priya is blushing, Priyom calls bus owner, he says i am Priyom Thakur talking, he says i am buying your bus right now, all are shocked, he says now bus is mine, Sir says now he can come, Ma’am says ok then we leave from this bus, we will go from public bus, she says i am your teacher, she ask all girls to come out of bus. “Cc Precious”
Bindya opens snake box, snake comes out and goes in Haveli, Ghungroo says how can snake help you to win their trust, Bindya says just wait and watch, see how easily the snake entered the Haveli same way Bindya will enter hearts of these thakurs and will rule.

All girls leave the bus, Priyom runs behind them, he comes to nanda ma’am and says i cant see girls walking in hot weather like this, he says my servants will drive bus, i will leave fro home, Nanda says good boy, all girls sit in bus and leaves, Priyom looks at bus going. Priya says Nanda could have allowed him to come, he was looking sad, Poonam says he is a drama queen, i know him well, he must be having some plan. Priyom runs behind bus and climbs, he sit on roof of bus, Priya and Poonam sees him, Priya ask Poonam to not tell nanda Ma’am, Poonam says you know end of of your love story? Priya says i know he cant be of one girl, i dont want him but i love to be with him, i just enjoy with him, i want to live life before i get married to some fat guy, i want to live freely before starting work in kitchen, Poonam says i dont understand your love logic but i agree on free life.
Choti Amma finds bindya and Ghungroo in haveli, she ask what are you doing here? Bindya says gas is gone in our house, i am not able to fix cylinder, send someone, Choti Amma says keep standing here, i will send someone, she is leaving from there, snake is near here, Bindya waits that snake bite her, suddenly Badi Amma calls her and she leaves, Bindya is sad.

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