Friday Update on Begusarai 24th August 2018

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Candy TV -  Online Entertainment Tv Friday Update on Begusarai 24th August 2018

Lakhan and Poonam brings Dolt in Manjeeta’s house, Vimla ask Dolt what was the need to go there, if Lakhan had not saved you then Mitlaish would have killed you, it was good that Priyom stopped Lakhan and Mitlaish’s fight, Lakhan looks on.
Phulan ask Badi Amma why you are tensed? you also wanted Priyom to become my heir, Badi amma says but situation is tensed, Phulan says we cant tell about depth without going in water, lets welcome our new king.
Servant ask Priyom to come down for Tilak, he nods. Priyom comes to Phulan, Phulan says you are going to sit on this throne from now on, this is not just a seat but responsibility and respect, the respect which is given by my family and my people, destroy yourself but dont let this respect get destroyed, come and sit, Priyom touches his feet and sit on throne, celebrations start in city, Bindya smriks seeing Priyom on throne.
Mitlaish is in room, Maya says all are celebrating for Priyom and asking about you and you are sitting here, Mitlaish ask whose right and whose seat it was? you are inviting me in celebration of throne which is snatched from me, why Priyom is chosen? i did all the work and if i was not capable then how Priyom was given training, Phulan could have trained me, he ask her to leave, i dont need you, she leaves, he drinks wine.

Phulan blesses Priyom, Maya comes there too, Phulan does Priyom’s aarti and orders to announce in Begusarai that Priyom is my heir, all should respect him, from now on all orders of Priyom will be followed, Bindya thinks not only Priyom, i will be respected too, i am queen now, i will rule everyone, i should check it first, she says to Phulan that in happiness of new king, i want to give lunch to all begusarai, Phulan agrees, Bindya thinks that my rule is working, now i need locker’s keys but i know this old Badi Amma will not give it easily, i have to do something.
Lakhan comes in room and has pain in hand, Poonam brings medicines and ask him to take it, Lakhan says all are celebrating down, what you are doing here? she says i am where i should be, Lakhan ask how you felt when Phulan announced Priyom as new king? Poonam says i didnt fell anything, take these tablets, Lakhan snatches tablets from her, throws it and says you tell lie and i dont want to eat anything from a liar, Poonam again brings tablets and says you can throw them as much as you want but i will make you eat in end, Lakhan says i will make you say your heart thing in end, you must be enjoying seeing your lover becoming king, Poonam says i was sad as my brother was injured at that time, Lakhan says he is fine now, so tell me how you are feeling? Poonam says take medicines first, Lakhan says first answer me, Poonam says this Phulan’s decision, what should i say, Lakhan again throws medicines and says you are hiding your happiness, Poonam again brings tablets and says i am not happy nor sad but i know Priyom will capable king, Lakhan angrily stares her and says you mean to say that i am not capable to become king, Poonam says i didnt mean that, Lakhan says any loyal wife would be happy to see her husband becoming king but you chose your lover even today, Poonam says you can understand anything but take these medicines, Lakhan again throws medicines and goes to bring something.

Rekha is working in kitchen, Badi Amma comes to her and ask her to not work in anger but with love, this house has many angry people so atleast make food with love, she ask Choti Amma how is Dolt? she says he is fine, Rekha says a dancer is being made queen of Begusarai and you are thinking about kitchen, Badi Amma ask her to not think that much that your brain get fused, Rekha says you still have time, make him understand, Badi Amma says i cant question him, Rekha says you never listen to me, i will see how you order that Bindya, she starts to leave but Bindya comes there, all looks at her, Bindya smiles and touches Badi Amma’s feet, Badi Amma doesnt put hand on her head and says be married always, Bindya says i know i am two days old in this house and you all must be thinking how to give all responsibilities to me but dont worry i will keep this Haveli the way it used to be, she thinks that i will make this Haveli like my father made it for me 20 years back, this is my promise.
Lakhan brings rope and starts tying Poonam’s hands, he sys you need to realize your mistake, he makes her sit on bed and ties her feet too, he says you have doubt on my capability, you think your lover is more capable, Poonam says please eat medicines then give me punishment, Lakhan puts tape on her mouth and says i dont want to listen your words, i will be free from your drama for sometime, keep sitting here then you will realize your mistake, he is about to leave but feels dizzy, he head spins and faints, Poonam is shocked, she tries to reach him but cant as her hands and feet are tied.


NEXT UPDATE: Saturday Update on Begusarai 25th August 2018

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