Friday Update On Begusarai 20th July 2018

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Poonam is pondering Bindya’s words that she has illicit relationship with Priyom and wedding Lakhan, Priyom comes and thumps her entryway, she doesnt open, he says Ms. contender, I know you are inside, open entryway, its late, you can’t come to me to state sorry so I have come to state grieved, open window, I will excuse you, he says alright I pardon you without you asking it, he says I need to talk something critical, open entryway else I will get miffed and if this time I get miffed then I won’t talk entire life, he says alright I acknowledge my error, simply open entryway, I am holding my ears, would it be a good idea for me to begin beating myself? Poonam listens this and grins, Priyom yells that he got injured my nail, he says blood is turning out, Poonam come and spare me, Poonam gets strained and is going to open entryway when she reviews Bindya’s words and stops, Priyom says will you not encourage me? is this your companionship? Poonam comes to window and puts hand on it, Priyom puts hand on otherside of window, he says I know you are remaining on otherside, whats the issue that you are not notwithstanding conversing with me, there is just multi month in your marriage then you will go to Lakhan’s home everlastingly, I dont need to squander this time in battling, he gets furious that she isn’t reacting back, he says you are stiff-necked, odd, reptile, what you imagine that you will influence me to lose by shutting this window, I can break it as well however I dont jump at the chance to constrain, disturb me the much you need, demonstrate your outrage, I will demonstrate my boldness to hold up under it, Poonam gets in tears, Priyom indignantly leaves from that point, Poonam opens window and discovers him leaving, she is sad.

Mitlaish folds his hands infront of Rekha, Rekha says i didnt listen, Mitlaish says i am sorry, my tongue slipped, Rekha says yu are not saying from heart, just doing formality, she shows her feet to touch and say sorry, Mitlaish s angry but controls his anger, he touches her feet, Rekha smirks to Bhushan, Rekha starts acting ang hugs Mitlaish.
Priyom comes to home, he is tensed, Piddi and Guddi teases him that is Poonam angry with you, Badi Amma comes there and ask Priyom did any girl said no to your proposal?Guddi tells her that Poonam didnt talk to him, Guddi and Piddi leaves, Badi Amma ask Priyom to sit beside him, he sits.
Phulan is cleaning his gun, Mitlaish comes back home, Phulan calls him, he ask are you angry on me? Mitlaish says dont say like that, it was my fault i guess, Phulan ask him to sit, Mitlaish says i am fine here, Phulan says what you think that i dont know Rekha is hurrying for this marriage only for money, Mitlaish is stunned listening this.
Badi Amma says to Priyom that Poonam is your friend from childhood, she doesnt have any friend other than you, Poonam bear all your tantrums, Priyom says i bear her tantrums too, she says thats why you both are habituated to each other, first get angry and pacify it, but you have to change this habit, maybe thats why she didnt talk to you today, Priyom says is this habit of some tabocco that she can leave it like that, this is friendship and will remain like this, Badi Amma says it will not remain like that, meeting everyday, fighting, pacifying and going to each other’s terrace, this will not happen after marriage, Priyom says yes she will go away but Lakhan’s home is not away much, i will go to her, Badi amm a says how she will come to you? she has understood this, its your time to understand, after marriage, life changes for girl, she has to be in limits, see your Maya bhabhi, how many times she meet to her friends? Priyom says so friendship will end? Badi Amma says no but you both will get away from each other, Priyom says you are not modern at all, its Priyom’s friendship and will remain like thsi forever. otehrside Poonam is tensed thinking about Bindya’s words.

Phulan says to Mitlaish that I know Rekha is rushing for marriage of Lakhan and Poonam for covetousness just, Mitlaish sys you knew everything and still, at the end of the day you sent me to state sorry on the grounds that I said truth? I can contact her feeet day by day on the off chance that you ask me however this isn’t right, Phulan says there is contrast amongst governmental issues and family, we ought not stay quiet in legislative issues and we ought to at some point stay quiet to run family, on the off chance that one relative is harmed then entire family endure, Mitlaish says you wanna say that I ought to quietly observe terrible happening? Phulan ask do you think Lakhan and Bhshan are ravenous as well? Mitlaish says I am not saying it, Phulan sys so expect that you did this for your uncle Bhushan, trust Lakhan and Bhushan, they wont give anything terrible a chance to happen to Poonam, else we are there for her, have confidence, Mitlaish isn’t persuaded much.

Ghungroo is eating sustenance, he request that bindya eat as well as this is last supper in Begusarai, Bindya is taking a gander at Mitlaish, Maya playing with her children. Maya sees her, Bindya closes entryway of her room, she comes to have supper, water falls in er plate, she eats that sustenance just and says this nourishment will influence me to recall that I move around individuals for 5000rs and doesnt spend it as well as I need to organize cash for my maturity, I live by eating this messy sustenance, I have no expectation throughout everyday life, my destiny is to listen misuse of alcoholic men, when I entered Begusarai I wanted to live great life as well, I can leave filthy life as well, Ghungroo says I saw one dream in Begusarai too that all thakurs are running behind us with weapons, Bindya says you generally talk junk, diversion isn’t over till we dont sit in prepare, possibly something happens, she appeals to Maa.

Poonam leaves space to attend a university, she discovers Priyom there on his bicycle, he says see you discover me once more, Poonam grins a bit, Lakhan comes there in jeep as well, Priyom says to Lakhan that you go ahead time ordinary, Lakhan says to Poonam why are you tuning in to Priyom, come, I will drop you to school, Priyom demonstrates to him a few coats, Lakhan says you more likely than not got it in deal, Priyom says they are foreign, simply envision how great you will look in them, Lakhan says you will take my life consequently of these coats, Priyom comes to Lakhan and says I have one demand, given me a chance to drop Poonam to school today, Lakhan says did you battle with her? Priyom sys yes, Lakhan says why you bother her, Priyom says I didnt do anything, she is furious on me with no reason, Lakhan says dont do show, Priyom ask you need coats or not? Lakhan says not for coats, for kinship, I am permitting you, he says to Poonam that Priyom will drop you today, Priyom says I adore you Lakhan, Poonam descends, Lakhan is in his jeep, Priyom is sitting tight for her on his bicycle, Poonam doesnt sit on his bicycle, rather sit in Lakhan’s jeep, Priyom is paralyzed, Lakhan is astounded as well, Poonam takes a gander at Priyom, Priyom says you were not listening yesterday and not seeing me today, Poonam says I won’t run with any other individual, Priyom is stunned, Priyom says are you distraught, you are conflicting with Lakhan, Lakhan says she isn’t conflicting with me yet running with me, illuminate your battle later, Poonam looks at Priyom, Lakhan takes Poonam with him, Priyom still cannot trust it.

Lakhan and Poonam are on way, Poonam recalls ill words of Bindya, that she flirts with 2 boys, Lakhan says to her that i dont know how to talk about love and all and i am not interested in it but i liked it when you said that you will not go to college with anyone else, some biker comes infront of his jeep, Lakhan uses slangs against him, Poonam is disgusted, Lakhan says we have to say these kind of words, Lakhan says i liked it what you said, he says i never came in your and Priyom’s friendship and will never come, if he is my life then you are too my.. she looks at him, he says i dont like it when you both keep fighting, you both dont talk, i will talk to him, if he doesnt agree then i will slap him but i dont understand what happened? what he did? Poonam says he didnt do anything, Lakhan stops car, he looks at her.
Bindya comes in Haveli, she prays to God that let her live her at any cost and she will give parsad of 11rs, i will stay hungry, but do something that i stay here. Poonam starts crying, Lakhan ask did anyone said anything to you? Poonam is crying, Lakhan shouts to tell, Poonam says that Binday doubted my and Priyom’s friendship, she tells him about bindya’s cheap remarks, Lakhan gets angry.

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