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Priyom goes to Poonam’s however doesnt discover her there, he sees her photoframe there, he reviews their chats, how they used to battle like companions, he simply continue taking a gander at her photo, music plays, he reviews their wedding services, how they have developed nearer, he supposes you have tricked in kinship, you had such a great amount in your heart yet didnt let me know, it was my slip-up as well as I was so lost in myself that I couldnt see this yet today I need to state something, Birla comes and ask you here? he sys I came to restore her journal, where is she? Birla illuminates that she has gone to parlor, Priyom says alright give her journal and reveal to her that.. he says nothing and takes off.

Drugha gets message from hair stylist, he comes to Priyom and says we have discovered where Lakhan is concealing, Priyom sees address and says its misfortune for Lakhan.

Poonam prepares as lady of the hour in parlor, Najma says it appears as though moon has come here, Guddi says this moon is coming in our home, Priyom is fortunate, Poonam reviews how Lakhan said that he will kill Priyom in the event that she doesnt come this time, Badi Amma comes there Poonam grins at her with tears in her eyes.Priyom takes his weapon and leaves Haveli, Mitlaish ask where did he clear out? its his marriage after at some point, Drugha says he became acquainted with in regards to Lakhan so left, Mitlaish says for what reason did he go alone? he sit in jeep and leaves as well.

Lakhan is still at hairstyling salon’s. Priyom is en route, he reviews how Lakhan said severe words, how he assaulted him and Phulan, he is furious.

Lakhan is completing is facial hair at hairstyling parlor’s, Lakhan says to stylist that you are taking alot of time, hairdresser says you are prepare so giving you extraordinary consideration, he trims Lakhan’s skin while making whiskers, he says sorry, it was botch, Lakhan says dont stop, I have guaranteed somebody that I won’t do slaughter without reason so you are sheltered, hair stylist begins making facial hair once more, Lakhan gets call from obscure number, he listens it, doesnt say anything and finishes call.

Priyom comes hairstyling salon and focuses weapon however discovers stylist alone, he ask where is Lakhan? hairdresser says he cleared out 5 minutes prior, Mitlaish comes and says he should close, he leaves to discover him, Priyom says to himself that all are looking him and he is occupied in getting new hair style, he has gone absolutely distraught, Mitlaish is additionally behind him now and Poonam? he says she is in parlor, implies he played diversion with us.

Lakhan is close parlor, he covers up and calls Poonam. Najma prods Poonam, Poonam accepts call, Lakhan says the manner in which you look, I like it, we dont have time, be prepared, Poonam says I am prepared, Lakhan says dont do any error this time, Poonam says yes, he says there is store room behind parlor, go there, Poonam says I will come, Guddi says no, talk infront of us, guddi sys alright I allow you 2 minutes, go, Poonam is leaving, she unfortunately takes a gander at Badi Amma and goes in store room, she discloses to Lakhan that she has come, he says there is lamp oil there with lighter, you need to make smoke in parlor so everybody will go out, Poonam gestures, she closes call, lits the fabric with oil, smoke spread in entire parlor, all leave parlor, Priyom is additionally coming there. Lakhan comes in store room, its all smoke there, Poonam is shaken to see him, she reviews his frantically conduct, she reviews how he slapped her previously.

Lakhan approaches Poonam, she falters seeing him and moves back, he sticks her to divider, she is in tears, Lakhan raise his hand to contact her face, she shuts her eyes, Lakhan doesnt contact her face however redresses her tikka and moves it to focal point of head, he moves back, she says outside.. Lakhan says I have come, I wont let anything transpire, I wont give you a chance to live amazing, setting is sitting tight for us, come, Priyom achieves parlor, all are outside, he inquire as to why you are out? Guddi says parlor is loaded up with smoke, he ask where is Poonam? Guddi says she was conversing with you on telephone, she is inside, Priyom says for what reason did you allow her to sit unbothered, he goes in, he calls Poonam yet doesnt discover her, he turns out and says there is nobody inside, where did she go? there is no other method to turn out, Priyom again goes in parlor, he discovers gap in the divider and says Lakhan more likely than not keep running from here, he goes out and discovers Lakhan running with Poonam in jeep, Poonam sees him unfortunately, Priyom keeps running behind jeep, Poonam sees him in reflect, he gets out her name, she swings to see him, Lakhan sees her, he says on the off chance that I dont kill him today then he will continue running behind us entire, today I will end his story, he focuses weapon at Priyom, Poonam says you guaranteed me that if wed you then you won’t do anything with thakur family, I am with you now, Lakhan returns firearm, Priyom gets drained and falls on street, he yells Poonam and cries.

manjeeta comes to Phulan and says I have brought sehra for Priyom, Phulan says its extremely pleasant, Priyom will look decent in it, Guddi comes there and says Poonam has been taken by Lakhan from parlor, all are staggered, Mitliash comes and ask where is Poonam? Guddi illuminates him as well, Phulan gets furious and what you individuals were doing, he request that his men discover her, I need Poonam at marriage mandap at any cost, Manjeeta leaves with men, Phulan ask where is Priyom? Mitlaish looks on.

Priyom is strolling on street and reviews how Lakhan took Poonam away infront of his eyes, he reviews their youth days, he reviews how Poonam used to get his work done in adolescence, how he used to joke that in the event that she was not Lakhan’s eventual spouse then he would have made her his better half, Priyom says Poonam did her franticness, he reviews how Poonam would get miffed with him when he used to play with different young ladies, how he would offer thoughtfulness regarding her even in nearness of his sweetheart, he says I would see Poonam even in swarm, I used to battle with you and furthermore love.. there was something between us yet now when I understood it, you are not with me, he discovers 2 kids battling like companions, he says where did you go Poonam.

he used to prod Poonam, how she would influence him to have sustenance, he cries and shouts to her, he discovers her journal there, he says you were correct Poonam, we have left agony, I dont feel torment however my life has ceased, I cannot comprehend existence without you, my each word begins with you and end on you just, today destiny has deceived me, he sobs, Guddi comes there and is in tears as well, Priyom says to Guddi I have no privilege on Poonam, she was my companion every one of these years, I didnt consider her and now when she is far from me, I dont have a craving for living any longer, he says I understood I adore her alot and I have constantly cherished her yet didnt acknowledge it previously and now when acknowledgment unfolded upen me so she.. he reviews how he said to her she will remain his companion after marriage and he cannot love her back, he says what Poonam felt that I will abandon her like this? in the event that her life stops without me then my life stops too without her, I need to bring her back at any cost from Lakhan, he leaves, Guddi considers.

Lakhan is running with Poonam, Poonam is crying, Lakhan get some information about Priyom, I am your future, consider me, he conveys her to Mandir, Rekha is there, Lakhan says to Poonam that I know we are wedding in rush yet won’t let you down, see Rekha has beautified entire mandir, Poonam looks on, he request that her get down, Poonam gazes Rekha, she shuts her eyes, Lakhan gazes her and request that her get down or you need marriage to occur in jeep? why you are taking a gander at me? get down, Poonam gets down from jeep, Lakhan says to Rekha that I have gotten your girl law, Rekha comes to Poonam and inquire as to for what reason would you say you are crying? my child has won you so your ought to commend his triumph, grin as now your life and demise will be connected to us so begin living this way, it will be better for you.

Mitlaish from home is requesting his men to discover Lakhan.

Lakha prepares as prep wearing purple Sherwani.

Bhushan goes to his home and discovers it bolted, he listens some commotion from inside, he opens it to discover Phulan’s men bolted inside, they reveal to him that Lakhan came here and took Rekha with him, he was discussing marriage in some mandir, Bhushan says we need to discover that mandir.

Virla is weeping for poonam, Maya request that her quiet down, Badi Amma thinks its better to shed tears at that point shedding blood, Poonam’s destiny is with Lakhan as it were.

Bhushan is asking about Lakhan and Poonam from intellectuals.

In Mandir, Rekha does Tilak and Aarti of Lakhan, Lakhan says to Rekha that Poonam have just you now, Rekha says yes, I have advised Pundit to present mantras quick as Phulan can come, Lakhan says nothing will be surged, everything will occur with full ceremonies and about Phulan, on the off chance that he comes here then he will give favoring as it were.

Bhushan arrives at Priyom, Priyom says dont stop me, I won’t extra Lakhan today, Bhushan says I have not reach stop you but rather to encourage you, I have connection to Lakhan, Rekha requested for blossoms and bloom seller revealed to me that he conveyed it to vikrampur Mandir, its 20km far from here, Priyom sit on his bicycle and clears out. Bhushan comes to Phulan and educates that I became more acquainted with regarding Lakhan however Priyom have gone alone to get him, Priyom is demonstrated heading towards mandir.

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