Man Kicked The Infant Baby Of His Girlfriend To Death Because He Reportedly Caught Her Texting Other Men

A young man has kicked the infant baby of his girlfriend to death because he reportedly caught her texting other men. 
The horrific death of a 5-month-old baby killed by his mother’s boyfriend in Michigan because he suspected her of cheating, has shocked everyone who’s heard of it.
Fox News reports that the 19-year-old Rico Antonio Riggs kicked and severely injured baby Jordan Algee Jr. after the child’s 23-year-old mother Temara Shaniece Reed left the baby at home with him as she went to the store to buy something.
Riggs went through Reed’s phone while she was away and he found text messages from other men and this angered him, so he took the anger out on the child. He reportedly went into the room where the baby was and kicked the baby.
“I lost control, spazzed out and kicked the baby,” Detective Brett Orvis told a judge Reed admitted to him.
When Reeds came home to find her baby crying uncontrollably and having difficulty breathing, she took him to McLaren Flint hospital. When the baby arrived at the hospital, doctors at first thought he was dead. He was then revived and was immediately transported to Hurley Medical Center, where he died of his injuries on March 25th. An autopsy showed his cause of death was blunt force trauma.
At first, Riggs denied knowledge of what happened to the child. He told police that Reed’s other child, her daughter Nyla, was responsible for the infant’s deadly injuries.
man kicked the infant baby of his girlfriend to death because he reportedly caught her texting other men
Rico Antonio Riggs
After giving several different accounts of his story, Riggs later admitted he kicked the child over text messages in Reed’s phone that showed she had been in contact with her ex-boyfriends. Riggs also admitted to police he was mad because his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriends had been over the house when he wasn’t there.
Following the death of Jordan Jr., Riggs was arrested and charged with felony murder, first-degree child abuse, first-degree child abuse committed in the presence of another child, tampering with evidence, and intimidating witnesses.
The boy’s mother, Temara Reed, was also charged after she was convinced by Riggs to lie and cover up for him. She was charged with tampering with evidence, lying to a police officer conducting a violent crime investigation, being an accessory after the fact to a felony, and third-degree child abuse.
If convicted, Reed could up to 21 years in prison. Riggs faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole if he is convicted of the most serious charges.
A Student Of Jigawa State College Reveals Why He Slashed His Girlfriends Throat
Before her arrest, Reed posted on Facebook the night of her son’s death, mourning him. She said losing him is the worst pain she’s ever had to bear.
“He gone. My baby gone what im gone do why me,” she wrote on the night of the infant’s death.
The next day, she wrote on Facebook: “I wanna thank all my family, friends & everyone that may not know me for praying for me. I can’t say I’m ok because I’m not but I can say Being a mother of 2 & losing 1 is the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life ! I just can’t wrap my finger around this one.”
She also posted a photo of her smiling son and wrote: “Not waking up to you is killing me man.”

Shocking! Mother Tries To Cut Of Her Son’s Neck, Her Reason Will Shock You!

Shocking! Mother tries to cut of her son's neck, her reason will shock you!
Mother Tries To Cut Of Her Son’s Neck.
Shocking headline isn’t it?
An American mother from Maryland is accused of attempting to cut off the head of her autistic 11-year-old son.
Kristina Petrie, 46, of Aspen Hill, Maryland, was charged with attempted first-degree murder and first- and second-degree child abuse after her son told police that she held a bow saw against his neck and cut him with it.
On March 12, 2018, after the boy arrived home from school, he told police that he entered his home and saw his brother crying on the couch. He said his mother, Kristina, was crying and laughing. He said he then went upstairs to play a game.
At this point, his mother, holding a bow saw, approached him and asked why he wasn’t doing his homework yet. The boy said that he would start his homework at 4.45pm.
But Kristina raised the bow saw and blocked him from leaving the room. He said he wound up in a kneeling position and Kristina “jammed” the bow saw against his neck, dragging it back and forth several times.


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He told police that Kristina tried to kill him and that he screamed. He said that Kristina was screaming and crying as well. He was able to get the saw away from his mother, then he escaped from the room.
His mother didn’t get to attack him again as his neighbour came over to the house after which his father, Andrew Petrie, returned home. Andrew then took Kristina to the hospital.
Shocking! Mother tries to cut of her son's neck, her reason will shock you!
Where the incident happened
Andrew told police on March 15 that Kristina had called him and confessed that she had “attacked” their son with a saw. That same day, a medical exam and photographs of the 11-year-old revealed that the boy’s injuries were still clearly evident, even though three days had passed since the alleged attempted beheading. Police said that there were “several thin lines with the skin broken and scabbing” on his neck. The boy also had cuts on his shoulder and hand, as well as red marks on his back.
Staff at the hospital where Andrew took Kristina after the incident said that she told them that she felt “overwhelmed and that she was not doing enough to help her children with their autism.”
A hospital staff member said that Kristina also told them that she worried that her sons would “grow up to be a burden to society” and that they “needed to die.” The staff member claimed that Kristina admitted she wanted to cut off her son’s head with the bow saw.
When the staff member asked why Kristina had been brought to the hospital, she said that she had “tried to kill her kids again,” according to the court document.
A judge decided that Kristina should be held without bond on Tuesday. Kristina’s next court date is set for April 20. If found guilty, she could be sentenced to up to life in prison for the first-degree attempted murder charge, plus a combined 40 years maximum for the two child abuse charges.

Kanu Nwankwo To Run As President In 2019

Kanu Nwankwo To Run As President In 2019

Two-time African Player of the Year, Kanu Nwankwo will contest as president come 2019 election. Former Nigeria international, vows to unseat President Muammadu Buhari.

Probably inspired by George Weah’s feat, Kanu who once played for Ajax, Inter Milan, and Arsenal during his active days, said he had the dream to transform Nigeria.
According to Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie the awakening has begun.

Is Kanu Nwakwo who we need to move this country forward?

Nigeria To Export 1,540MW Of Electricity To Two Neighbouring Countries In 2025

Nigeria is expected to increase the export of electricity to two neighbouring countries, Niger and Benin Republics to 1,540 megawatts by 2025 from 387MW in 2020, a document sighted by newsmen said.

According to The Punch, the document, entitled: ‘Transmission Expansion Plan’, which was obtained from the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, revealed that 780MW and 760MW would be exported to Niger and Benin, respectively by 2025.

In the document, it is understood that between 1973 and 2015, peak electricity generation in Nigeria was increased from 385MW to 4,884MW, reflecting an average growth rate of about 6.3 per cent.

It noted that peak generation reached 4,883.9MW in 2015 and peak output reached 5074.7MW on February 2, 2016.

The document read in part, “Presently, the produced energy cannot cover the demand. Main reasons for shortage of generation are outages of generation units and the unavailability of gas for power generation.

“The gas supply is very often interrupted because of sabotage of pipeline network. The main concern for the future expansion of generation, however, is the availability of gas for additional generation capacity and the expansion of the gas pipeline network. Currently, most of the power plants are installed in the southern part of Nigeria close to the oil and gas fields.”

It said based on provided information, the already installed gross power generation capacity stood at about 13,300MW, of which some 11,800MW were noted as net available capacity.

According to the document, considering the latest information by the generation companies, about 9,500MW (80 per cent) of this capacity should have been available at the end of the year 2015, but only 5,900MW net capacity has been available as statistics of the National Control Centre show.

It added, “Reasons for unavailability are: planned outages for maintenance or forced outages due to technical deficiencies of assets, as well as unplanned unavailability due to shortage of fuel supply or sabotage of gas pipelines.

“A further analysis of provided information shows that about 20 per cent of installed generation capacity is based on plants, which are 25 years old or even older. Some of these plants have an efficiency of less than 30 per cent. It is obvious that most of the old thermal power plants are, or will be causing more frequent forced outages or long term planned maintenance outages in the near future.”

The report noted that the old plants should be replaced by new facilities with higher efficiency, adding that some of the generation companies had already started the modernisation process during the past 15 years.

It stated, “The availability of gas is the most uncertain factor in the generation development. A large quantity of the present gas production is exported. To make more gas available for electricity generation huge investments in gas exploration, gas treatment facilities and gas supply systems (pipelines, etc.) will be required.

“Also, the planned measure for rehabilitation and replacement of existing generation capacity at the end of the economic lifecycle will require huge investments. In 2020, the total generation required to meet the load in Nigeria is 10,700MW and since the generation from new power plants that are envisaged to be in operation by 2020 is limited, the existing generating units, which are currently out of service for various reasons, must be made available if 10,000MW of load is to be served.”

Horrifying! Mother And Newborn Child Swept To Death Inside River While Returning From The Hospital



A video has shown the really horrifying moment eight people including a mother and her newborn baby were killed after a minibus was swept away by a flooded river in Lesotho.

The bus, which was carrying 15 people at the time, was trying to cross a flooded bridge in central Thaba Tseka district when it was pushed into the river.

Video shot by another driver captures the moment t

he bus is swept away, and the desperate struggle of passengers as they try to make it to the shore.

Seven people, including the driver, managed to escape the vehicle and survived, but the other eight were killed.

Police spokesman Mpiti Mopeli told IOL News that rescuers began searching for survivors immediately, but heavy rains hampered their efforts.

Most of the bodies were discovered scattered downstream on Saturday, once the rains had eased.

Heavy rain and hail storms have brought chaos and dozens of


deaths to Lesotho and parts of surrounding South Africa over the past week.

Another four workers were swept to their deaths in Lesotho after their lorry was caught in a flash flood amid a heavy rainstorm.

The South African capital Pretoria was left without power for a time last week after heavy rains damaged the electricity network.


A Student Of Jigawa State College Reveals Why He Slashed His Girlfriends Throat

 A student of Jigawa State College of Legal Studies has allegedly made a shocking revelation on why slashed the throat of his pregnant girlfriend. 

Ringim Ismail
While speaking to journalists on Tuesday from his police cell, a 22-year-old 300-level student of Jigawa State College of Legal Studies, Ringim Ismail, confessed to slitting the throat of a woman for refusing to terminate a pregnancy she had for him out of wedlock.
According to PREMIUM Times, the Police had accused Ismail of the murder of 22-year-old Salamatu Garba, of Kofar Gabas quarters in Jahun LGA of Jigawa State on Saturday.
The suspect who reportedly made the confession, said he was in a relationship with the 22-year-old for over 8-years with a view to consummating the relationship into marriage.
According to him, they made an unsuccessful attempt to abort the pregnancy when it was 3-month-old, adding that the deceased however refused his pressure to attempt the abortion again two months later.
Ismael revealed further that he decided to eliminate his girlfriend and anything that had to do with her and the pregnancy.
He said on the fateful day of the murder, he took the woman on a motorcycle to the outskirts of the town, used a jack knife to slit her throat and left her in a pool of her blood after she had collapsed.
“I took her to the outskirt of the town at around 9 p.m. on a motorcycle that I borrowed from a friend. I snuffed life out her after I slit her throat with a jack knife. She was four months pregnant for me and I decided to kill her for refusing to agree to an abortion.”
The suspect exonerated his friends whom he earlier mentioned as colluding in the killing. He said, “I killed her alone, none of my friends followed me.”
Police spokesperson in Jigawa State, Abdu Jinjiri, said the suspect will be charged to court to face the wrath of the law.

Videos – Violent Riot At Abuja Gosa Market

Gosa Market Riot

Gosa Market Riot

There  has been a serious riot at the Gosa Market Abuja, following government asking the traders to vacate the market without providing for them, a new site.

“Here are some exclusive videos of the scenes as reported by a Candy Person live at the scene @ Joseph  Precious


There has been reports of security officials shooting and releasing tear gas to drive away reluctant marketers