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Dev reach home sadly. Jogeshwar asks if he got insulted well? He says in his times, a bit of dowry was not a problem, but now ladies want to rule and trouble her in-law if she brings dowry. Ayodhya wanted dowry and not him, and says he will not accept dowry in Dev’s marriage. Dev looks at Payal’s picture on his mobile and smiles. His friend comes there and says he is busy in his love life, but his family is thinking of an alliance with another girl. Dev says he will not marry anyone except Payal. His friend says if his love is strong, he will get only Payal. Payal’s uncle, Guddan brings Jogeshwar to Payal’s house. Bhuvaneshwar introduces him to all his family members. Guddu and Jaiswal praise Jogeshwar that he opposes dowry and wants to remove it’s culture from society. Jogeshwar says Jaiswal is praising him as a friend, but he wants them to come to his house first, research about him and his son and then decide about alliance.

Gulkand tells her brother that her father-in-law Jogeshwar bought house and car, etc., from her dowry money and she herself is out now. Her brother says it is her family and she should think calmly. Gulkand yells at Ayodhya that her family is much better than his family. Ayodhya gets embarrassed and leaves to get the children from school and his brother-in-law accompanies him. Gulkand yells that she will not spare her father-in-law. Her sister-in-law asks her to calm down. She calls home. The servant picks the call. She yells at him first, then asks about her parents-in-law Santoshi and Jogeshwar with their nicknames. The servant informs her that her mother-in-law is busy in pooja and her father-in-law has gone to Chaibasa. She yells when he does not like moving out of bed, and think there must be something cooking, and she decides find it out.

Jogeshwar enjoys snacks, praises Bhunaneshwar’s family’s sanskars and gets busy talking. Dev reaches Payal’s house with his friend to propose her and gets into the house, but Jogeshwar had already left by that time. Neelu asks who is he and why did he come in. Payal recognizes him and asks if he is the one whom she mistook as the car salesman and apologizes him. Dev says since he has seen her, he is thinking only about her, and stands in front of her office to see her. She asks why. He says because he loves her and also says I love you. Rajat gets irked hearing that and holds his collar. Dev says he is from a good family and he just expressed his family feelings. Rajat who happened to be Payal’s brother drags him out and is about to hit him when his friend sees this and comes to his rescue. Indu asks Rajat to leave Dev as Payal’s alliance will breakup. Dev is shock to hear that and sadly walks towards his bike. Jogeshwar who is determined to get Dev married off to Payal comes out form Guddan’s house and tells him that he felt really good meeting them all and invites them to his house. He sees Indu tensed and asks about it. She says she is worried about Payal. He says even he has a daughter and will think Payal as her daughter. Guddan calls the driver near the gate and Jogeshwar leaves in his car. Dev also leaves sadly in his bike.

Indu insisting Bhuvaneswhar to hurry up and fix Payal alliance with Jogeshwar’s son as she felt Jogeshwar is a very nice man. Bhuvaneshwar asks Payal’s opinion. She says she has to see the groom first. He says they will check the groom, house, etc, and enquire about the family, only then he will decide as only good means something is wrong. Jogeshwar and Jaiswal come back home and discuss how they fooled educated people as they have only theoritical knowledge and not practical. Dev comes home reminiscing Rajat insulting him and tell about Payal’s alliance being fixed and walks into his room without speaking to his father Jogeshwar while he continues shouting at him. He tells Jaiswal that he is tensed about Dev than Payal’s family as he wants to become a teacher and would not get much dowry. Dev calls Ayodhya at night. He picks the call but cuts it seeing his wife, Gulkand. He then meets him the next morning and asks what is the issue. Dev who is says he is in love with a girl, but the girl’s marriage has been fixed. Ayodhya suggests him to forget the girl then. Payal calls Neelu form office and asks if Jogeshwar and her mother left home. Neelu says yes and asks if something happened. Payal says she is nervous as everything is happening so fast and is thinking why girls have to leave home always. Neelu asks her to relax and says their mom and dad have just gone to meet the people and asks her to think if the family is so good, the groom will also be very good.

Bhuvaneshwar with his family and Guddan reaches Jogeshwar’s house. Jogeshwar greets them in. They enter and are surprised to see such a big palace like house. Guddan compliment that it is palace. Jogeshwar says he has everything in his house and needs a simple and good daughter-in-law. He introduces his wife Santoshi and daughter Guddi to them. Guddu serves them a variety of snacks. Rajat asks him to call Dev. Santoshi says he has gone to meet his elder brother Ayodhya. Gulkand reaches there thinking to teach her father-in-law a lesson and is about to enter the house when Ayodhya stops her and says he will not let her enter the house from which they were insulted and kicked out. Rajat asks Jogeshwar to call Dev. Guddi calls him and informs them that his phone is not reachable. Jogeshwar says they can meet Dev later and leaves. Ayodhya takes Gulkand home and says he cannnot see her being insulted again. She says she is happy that he is thinking of her now. Just then, he gets his father Jogeshwar’s call, and lie to his wife Gulkan that he has to meet a client to get contracting temple. She says she will accompany him and takes his phone. He thinks his secret will be out for sure. They both reach the temple and enter in for pooja. Jogeshwar comes there wearing shwal and signals Ayodhya to come out while Gulkand is busy in pooja. Ayodhya comes out and touches his father feet for blessings.

Jogeshwar praises him that he is his real son who has his qualities. Ayodhya hugs him and says he is his son. Jogeshwar asks why did he bring Gulkand. Ayodhya says he know Gulkand is very arrogant and adamant lady, and she insisted to accompany him and he could not deny. Jogeshwar tells their plan on how they kicked out Gulkand out of the house without her knowing it. Gulkand finished pooja and does not see Ayodya next to her, so she comes out of the temple searching for him. Ayodhya tells his father that Gulkand had reached home, but he stopped her on time and took her back and they have to do something now. Jogeshwar says Gulkand may ruin their plan of getting bride with benefits daughter-in-law, so they should keep her out for some time. He tells his father that he will not feel good celebrating holi without him. As their conersation continues. Gulkan comes near the bench after searching Ayodhya everywhere, but does not find him. Ayodhya comes from behind and says he met with his client and takes her with him. Jogeshwar thinks Gulkand is a witch for trying to know everything.

Santoshi tells Guddi that Payal’s people may come here anytime, but Dev is missing. Guddi tells her mother that she heard Dev speaking to a girl and may be in love with her. Santoshi gets tensed. Dev comes home and she asks where was he as the bride’s family had come. But Dev on the other hand is against the idea as his heart has already been stolen and tells his mother that he is not interested in marrying. She starts her emotional atyachar. He apologizes her. She says he has to go to the bride’s house for holi celebrations with his dad. He bluntly say he will not go and walks into his room. Meanwhile, Indu praises Jogeshwar’s family and their hospitality but the the Rai family who fall for Dev’s father deceitful ways are unaware of this. Rajat says they did not meet the boy though. Indu says so what if they did not, but family is very good and they can meet the boy in holi celebrations. Rajat’s assistant comes home and informs him that his transport license is rejected. Rajat gets annoyed hearing that. Indu say she knows how to get it.

Dev’s friend Rajesh sees him sad and asks why is he behaving like Devdas. Rajesh then convinces him that he needs to approach this girl. Dev says he made a big mistake by proposing to Payal, but he did not know that her marriage is fixed and he hope her alliance is not broken. Neelu shows Payal the dress that she will wear during holi functions. Indu tells Payal that she needs help from her. Payal asks what. Rajat says it is his job and requests her to get him a transport license. Payal asks how can she. Indu says she is a big officer in PWD and can order transport officer to issue the license. Payal says she will not misuse her position. Indu and Rajat gets angry. Payal’s father comes there and says Payal is right. Rajat yells that nobody wants to help him and walks out of the house angrily. Indu tries to walk behind him, but her husband stops him and asks her not to follow Rajat always as he has grown up. He then tells Payal that he is proud of her.

Holi celebrations start. Payal and her sister-in-law greet the guests happy holi. Payal wishes Rajat offers sweets, but he angrily walks out. She gets sad. Her father comes there and asks what happened. She asks why did he stop her from getting Rajat’s license. He says he is proud of her morales and asks her to concentrate on her work and forget everything. Payal’s uncle, Guddan comes there and happily smears holi to everyone. Payal smears holi to Rajat. He calms down and smears her face with colour. Indu tells her friend that she will get her Payal’s marriage and laddu ( sweet ) is needed this time. Jogeshwar’s servant massages him and asks if he does not like holi colors, then why he wants to attend the function. Jogeshwar scolds him to behave like a servant and asks Santoshi about Dev. She keeps silent. Jaiswal comes there and asks why is so much silence at home. Santoshi says without her son and grandchildren, she does not want to celebrate holi. Jogeshwar says everyone will come. Just then, her grandchildren come there and hug them both. Payal’s family dances celebrating holi together, smearing the colour to each other. Jogeshwar’s family also enjoys holi in their home. Dev comes to Payal’s house. Payal unknowingly throws holi on him and gets tensed when she sees him. Rajat gets irked seeing him again.

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The episode starts with Jogeshwar’s friend
taking Ayodhya to Bhuvaneshwar’s neighbour’s house. Ayodhya inquires about Payal, and Neighbours praises Payal.

Ayodhya leaves without saying anything. Neighhour’s wife tells he may have come to enquire regarding Payal’s alliance.
Indu asks Bhuvaneshwar if he thought about Payal’s marriage. He says he will find a family where Payal’s qualities are valued than dowry and asks her not worry about Payal or Rajat.

Payal reaches her office in the morning and sees Ayodhya waiting for her. Ayodhya tries to speak, but she angrily walks into her cabin reminiscing Ayodhya’s misbehavior.

She calls her secretary and asks him to
come in. Once he comes, she asks what is
this goon doing here. Secretary says he is
Jameshedpur’s big contractor Ayodhya
Prasad and must have come regarding
contract. Payal asks to send him in.
Ayodhya comes in and sits arrogantly. Payal asks what she can do for him and why he was beating Bhushan. Ayodya Bhusan helps him get contract. Payal says Bushan is govt employee, how can he help him. She calls secretary Satish and warns him not to entertain people like Ayodhya and give any contract. She asks Ayodhya to get out of her office.

Dev who has fallen in Payal’s love
reminisces their meetings, her misunderstandings, and thinks she is very beautiful and innocent and though he has seen many beautiful girls in life, he is getting attracted to her every moment.

Ayodhya tells Jogeshwar about Payal and tells she is PWD engineer. Jogeshwar says she must be getting a lot of alliances then.
Ayodhya says many alliances came, but
nothing is finalized. Jogeshwar says if Dev’s marriage happens to her, then they will get monthly income life long, Dev will get some govt job, and even he will get contracts.
Ayodhya says his reputation is very bad in Payal’s eyes. Jogeshwar says then they
have to use some tricks. Ayodhya says
Jaiswal’s friend is Payal’s neighbor. Jogeshwar says then he will meet Jaiswal
and get some ideas from him.

Jogeshwar meets Jaiswal in friend’s
daughter’s marriage. They discuss about 40 lakhs spent on marriage. Jaiswal sees
Payal’s mama and tells Jogeshwar his work is done. They both then discuss about dowry menace in front of mama and Jogeshwar speaks against it and says he will not get any dowry for his son’s marriage. Mama listens to their conversation carefully.
During marriage, groom’s father asks bride’s father to present gold in rituals. Jogeshwar gets an idea to get into mama’s good books by opposing it and fights with groom’s father for taking dowry, warns he will call police,
does bride and groom’s pheras himself and leaves, all the while looking if Maama is watching him. He then leaves looking back repeatedly. Mama stops them and says he has a niece Payal’s alliance for his son Dev. Jaisal asks him to speak to Bhuvaneshwar and inform when to come. Jogeshwar says he wants to change the age old rule and want bride’s family meet at his place instead. Mama gets very impressed with his thinking.

Dev reaches outside Payal’s house and
continues staring at her house. Payal comes into balcony to dry her hair after bath. He gets mesmerized and continues looking at her. Friend gets him paan and while he gets busy, payal leaves. He scolds friend for disturbing him.

Dev reaching Payal home with her given
address and sees her in garden drying her hair after bath. He dreams playing with water with her and fighting over a towel. Mere naina….song… plays in the background. She falls in his arms, he touches her face and hair. His friend wakes him up from dream.
He sees Payal’s secretary meeting her to
get contract papers signed. Payal signs
papers and gets back into home. Friend tells Dev that Payal is officer and he is
unemployed, so it is very difficult for him to get her.

Guddi comes to Gulkan’s room to thank her for rescuing her from goons. Gulkan says everyone think her as arrogant woman. Guddi says she considers her as her protector and says ladies have come down for satyanarayan pooja. Gulkan says they have come to show off their costly saris. Guddi tells her about Dev’s alliance. Gulkan asks if it is fixed. She says bride’s people are coming tonight. Gulkan asks her to go down while she comes later.

Jogeshwar and his friend come home
laughing and praising themselves how they fooled Payal’s Mama. Gulkan comes and asks what planning they are doing.
Jogeshwar says he is not planning anything, calls Santoshi and tells her about Dev’s marriage alliance. Gulkan says Dev is still studying and unemployed, so if he is getting huge dowry for his incompatible son.
Jogeshwar says he is not taking any dowry. She says he must be scheming something else. He asks her to at least behave in front of outsiders. She says his friend is always at home shamelessly and warns Jogeshwar if he takes dowry, she will not keep quiet. Guddi interferes and says Dev is dad’s son and it should be his decision. Gulkan gets irked and slaps her.
Jogeshwar gets irked and asks her to mind her ways. She asks him to behave, else she will slap even him. Neighbors gather outside door. Ayodhya comes and asks what is happening. Jogeshwar says his wife is insulting him in front of whole society and she will slap him soon.

Payal drives new car home with dad and
Neelu. She gives car to dad and asks him to give it to Rajath. Dad praises her and says he is thankful to Indu to get him such a lovely daughter. She asks him to stop praising her and give keys to Rajath as if he brought car. Indu runs in to bring Rajath.
Ayodya takes Gulkan’s side and says Guddu should apologize. Jogeshwar gets irked and says he has become wife’s servant and he can leave home with his wife. Gulkan says he bought house with her 1 crore dowry money, so he should get out. He asks what does she mean.

Gulkan says truth is very sour and nobody likes it. Jogeshwar says she is a snake that bites everyone. Gulkan warns her to stop, else she will slap him. Jogeshwar slaps her instead and asks her to stop staring at her, asks to go to her room. Ayodhya asks him to stop yelling at Gulkan. Jogeshwar says if he takes his wife’s side, he can leave home with his wife. Gulkan says he bought this house with her dowry money, so he has to
go out. He calls servant and asks to bring
petrol to burn dowry items. Servant stants silently. He goes himself in to get kersone.
Neelu brings Rajat and Indu out and shows car. Indu asks whose car it is.

Bhuvaneshwar says it is for Rajat to start a transport business. Indu asks Rajat to touch dad’s feet. Bhuvaneshwar says son looks good hugging when he is grown up, hugs and gives car keys to Rajath. Rajath thanks him. Indu asks bahu to get pooja thali. Once bahu brings pooja thali, she performs pooja and asks Rajath to break coconut in front of car.
Jogeshwar says Gulkan that Ayodhya used her dowry money to expand his business. He pours petrol on dowry items and tries to set fire. His friend stops him. Jogeshwar when he has such an arrogant bahu, he cannot tolerate it. He gets a heart attack and falls on floor. Whole familly gets worried for him.
Ayodhya taking Gulkan to their room and packing their bags. Mom comes, says she will not let her beta, bahu leave home like this and will speak to Jogeshwar. Gulkan starts her yelling again and says she herself does not have any right in this house and has to accept Jogeshwar’s orders, women are not respected in this house and it is good crooked oldman asked to leave house, else herself would have left. Ayodha does
not utter anything and continues packing bags.

Payal’s family happily takes selfies with their new car. Guttan mama comes and asks to start pooja. Neelu gives him laddu and says pooja is finished already. He gets into home,
asks bahu to get him tea and snacks, dad to get him black suit and didi to get him silver coin. Bhuvaneshwar/dad
asks to stop his hogging and to tell what
news he has. He says he has found best
alliance for Payal and they have to go to
groom’s house tomorrow. Dad asks how can he fix everything without his consent. Mom says he is Payal’s mama and cares for her.
Guttan says groom’s father has a good
business in town and opposed dowry in one of friend’s daughter’s marriage. Dad agrees. Jogeshwar’s friend asks him to rethink as once family is shattered, it will be very difficult for him to survive. Jogeshwar says he can live without money but not without self-respect and dignity. Ayodhya comes down with Gulkan and bags. Guddi asks him
to not leave his own house, but he leaves.
Gulkan smirks all the while.

Dev rushes home in his bike. His friend asks him to slow down. In Payal’s house, bhabhi praises Payal for setting dining table well.
Payal says she is looking very happy today. Bhabhi says Rajat is happy, so she is also happy. Indu/mom tells dad that he cannot be understood, he bought car for Rajath even after opposing it. She asks him to speak to Jaiswal for Payal’s alliance. He asks her not to rush, they will get better alliance if they lose this one. Payal calls everyone for lunch.
Rajath comes, apologizes dad for his
mistakes and hugs him. Dad says human being is not right or wrong, time is and when he has right time now, he should concentrate on his work now. He gets emotional seeing Rajath having food happily. Payal senses his emotions, but keeps quiet.

Gulkan reaches her brother’s house. Sister-
in-law/bhabhi gets happy seeing her, brother also gets happy, but gets tensed seeing bags with her. Gulkan says she left house. SIL asks why. Brother asks to come in first. Gulkan asks Ayodhya from school direclty here. He agrees and leaves.

Dev comes home and rushes to Ayodhya
and Gulkan’s room, but finds it empty. Guddisays she tried her best to stop them, but Gulkan with her usual arrogance did not listen to anybody and left. Mom hugs Dev, cries and says Ayodhya left home. Dev leaves, she tries to stop him but keeps quiet when Jogeshwar shouts.

Bhuvaneshwar comes to Payal’s room. She asks if everything is alright. He says he is feeling odd getting credit for buying Rajath’s car. She says even her money is his and if Rajath will know, she bought this car, he will not accept it. He asks if her decision is right, she says it is and asks him to keep quiet for Rajath’s brighter future.

Dev comes to Gulkan’s brother’s house and hears children telling Jogeshwar is very bad. They see him, run and happily hug him. Brother takes children to their room. Dev requests Ayodhya and Gulkan to return home. Gulkan says she will not come back as Jogeshwar does not respect women and suggests to not take his wife there after marriage, else Jogeshwar will make her also his servant. Dev says there is nothing like that and asks Ayodhya to come. Ayodhya says he is not related to that house and will not come back. Dev says if he does not want to come, it is okay, but he cannot break relationship with him. Ayodhya says he should take care of family from now.

Tuesday Update On Fire ? AND Ice ❄ON Zee World Episode 101–102 Live On CandyTv

Sarna family is going out for breakfast, Cherry acts like his friend has called him, he says to Surjeet that i have to meet my friend urgently so you people go for breakfast, Surjeet says okay. Kunj is about to sit in car but feels something fishy, Usha ask him what happened? he says i am feeling weird, she says you havent eaten anything thats why, lets go, Kunj leaves with her, Twinkle is locked inside cupboard and calling out Kunj’s name. Cherry says everyone is gone, now i and Twinkle are alone but this is not right place to do anything, i should take her to farm house, he calls his friend and says i have to move one cupboard from my house to farm house but its important stuff so handle with care as there is someone inside it who is precious to me, he ends call and says now i will be with my Twinkle.
Kunj is driving car, he is feeling uneasy, Babee says you must be missing Twinkle but dont worry, she has gone to her mother’s place, will comeback soon.
Twinkle feels suffocated inside cupboard and faints, Cherry comes there and says no noise is coming out means Twinkle has fainted, not to worry, i will bring her out soon and will give her everything which her husband couldnt give her.
Bubbly is calling Twinkle but she isnt picking up, Leela says to Bubbly that i am feeling very strange as if something wrong is going to happen, i am thinking about Twinkle, Bubbly says i am calling her but she isnt picking up, Leela ask her to call Kunj.
Kunj reaches restaurant, he ask Babee and Usha to go in while he will park car, they go, Bubbly calls Kunj and ask to give call to Twinkle, Kunj says but she was at your house only? Bubbly says she was going to come here but didnt reach till now, Kunj gets worried and says i will go home and check, he goes.
Cherry’s friends starts taking cupboard from house, Cherry ask them to handle it with care. Kunj comes there and sees cupboard in Cherry’s friends hands, Cherry says actually Surjeet ordered them to bring this cupboard to his shop so they are taking it, Kunj says okay, Kunj’s hands strike with Twinkle’s dupatta which is lying little outside cupboard but Kunj doesnt realize it, friends take cupboard from house infront of Kunj, friend’s card falls out of his pocket while leaving but Kunj doesnt take it, cherry ask Kunj why did he comeback? Kunj says Twinkle didnt go to Leela’s house so i have come to find her, Cherry says ok you find her i am going, Cherry thinks that Kunj will keep finding Twinkle here and i will have fun with Twinkle at farm house, dont worry Kunj, i will keep your wife happy, you stay here as you are good for nothing.
Kunj comes in his room and sees Twinkle’s phone there, he says if phone is here then where is Twinkle? he tries to search her.
Cherry brings cupboard at farm house, he gives money to his friend and says that dont tell anyone that i asked you to bring this cupboard here, there is girl inside it, if someone ask you then tell them that Surjeet asked you bring that cupboard to his shop, so everyone will doubt Anita but not me, friend leaves, Cherry opens cupboard and sees unconscious Twinkle, he says Twinkle looks so beautiful even when she is unconscious.
Kunj calls Leela and says Twinkle is not at home and she didnt reach your home too then where she must be? Leela says i am feeling weird, dont know where Twinkle is, i am sure Anita is behind all this, she is always behind Twinkle, Kunj says dont worry, i wont let anything happen to Twinkle, dont you trust me? Leela says i know you wont let anything happen to her, Kunj says till your blessings are with us, nothing bad can happen to us, he ends, Leela ask bubbly to call Raman and tell him that Twinkle is missing.
Kunj recalls how he saw Twinkle’s dupatta coming out of cupboard, he checks Selfie which Yuvi took in morning, he sees Twinkle wearing same dupatta, he says it means it was Twinkle inside cupboard, he says i will save you Twinkle, he takes card of friend lying there and says Anita must have hired those men.
Scene 2
Kunj comes to Cherry’s friend and ask about Twinkle, friend says i dont know anything, i was just asked to take cupboard from your house, Kunj beats him and ask where did you take that cupboard? he says we took it to farm house, Kunj thinks that its same farm house which Surjeet bought somedays back, it means Anita is behind all this and wants to malign Surjeet’s name, i wont let anything happen to Twinkle, i am coming Twinkle, i will create chaos in whole Amritsar but wont let anything happen to my wife, he leaves, friend calls Cherry to inform about Kunj inquiring but Cherry doesnt pick up.
Twinkle is lying on bed in farm house room, Cherry comes to her and says sorry Twinkle, we came here together for first time and i have to make you smell this chloroform so you dont wake up, he makes her smell chloroform, he says if you become conscious then you would have seen me and it would have become problem and also you would have become shy seeing me so you are better conscious, he caresses her face and says you are so beautiful, if you were my wife then i would have brought moon and stars for you but its daytime so i cant brings stars but i am with you, he takes off his waist coat and says i cant control, he takes off her dupatta and says Bhabhi ji(sister in law) you are so pretty. Kunj is driving car and prays to lord that nothing should happen to Twinkle else i wont be able to forgive myself. Cherry comes closer to Twinkle and is about to kiss her.
Scene 1
Babbe says Kunj has gone to pick Twinkle. Yuvi says what kunj has gone. Babbe says they are husband and wife let them spend some time together. Tao says what is up with twinkle and kunj. Where have they gone.
Kunj says please get up twinkle talk to me. Twinkle is fainted. He pours water on her face.
Jerry says what should I do. Twinkle opens her eyes. Kunj says thank God you have opened your eyes. Jerry picks a hockey.
Kunj makes her drink water. Jerry says you are gone. He sees twinkle and kunj. Kunj says how did you get it? Did you see someone’s face? Jerry says he didn’t see my face? Kunj says I went to yuvi’s room I dont know who locked it. Kunj says that means you went in that closet yourself. Why are you after him. Yuvi is a kid and he can’t do this. Twinkle says he is just acting He locked me. Kunj says you went inside yourself. He says he was in garden. Yuvi has not done this. Anita aunty has not done this. she must have come. Twinkle says i am 100% sure yuvi did this. She says my dupatta is missing as well. He gives it to her and says here it is. Twinkle says yuvi has done this. Jeery says until they have yuvi and anit in their lives I can do whatever I want. Kunj says stop being a detective. She says do you even know how scared I was. You always scold at me. He says you never listens. Fight rest in the house. She tries to get up but she can’t. Twinkle picks her up.
Yuvi says where are they? Babbe says they will come. Kunj’s mom calls him again and again. Yuvi says call again. Jerry says calm down yuvi. They are recently married maybe they are out together. Why you come in between them. Leave them alone. Mad good for nothing. Yuvi grasps his collar. Everyone stops him. Babbe stops them. Babbe says what is happening in this house. Jerry says jerry what are you doing? He is a kid but you are not. He hugs yuvi and says don’t worry.
Twinkle and Kunj come home. Usha says where were you? Yuvi hugs kunj and says where did you go friend? I missed you. Kunj says i wil take you with me next time. Babbe says where did you go? Kunj says twinkle’s friend was leave for somewhere so we went to see her off. Jerry says why are they not telling truth. Anyway I am safe. I have chances. How long is she going to save her self. Tao gets a call from Anita. He says anita has went for vashnudevi for yuvi. Babbe says you will take care of him. Kunj says I am here to take care of yuvi. Tao says you better take care of your wife that is enough for you.
Kunj brings food for Tiwnkle. He says you must not have eaten anything. So busy with adventures I am sure. She says you keep making fun of me. He says i am sure you must be dying to eat. She says yes I will eat. She is about to take a bite and says where is your plate? You haven’t eaten anything. He says really worried for me? i will eat. She keeps the plate aside. Kunj says what now? She says nothing. She says i will eat later. He says please eat. She says I am not a child. Eat first. He says yes i know you are not a child. Do you remember that night, candles, romance, darkness. You know what were you doing. she laughs off.They both eat together.
Twinkle sees yuvi going somewhere. she says where is yuvi going in the morning. She goes after him. He comes and sings a song. He laughs. He says yuvi scared you. SHe says I am not scared of you. she says you are scared of kunj. If you dont act kunj wont even let you stay here. He says why don’t you faint. She says why should I? He says because yuvi wants to kiss you. Twinkle says stay in your limits. He says go faint. She shoves him and says stay away from me. because of you kunj thinks anita did all this. Your mom is blamed because of you. He says why are you fighting with me. Twinkle says if you ever come near me I will pluck your eyes out.
Yuvi picks twinkle up and throws her down. He leaves. Babbe comes and says what happened to you twinkle? she has gotten a bruise. Twinkle says yuvi did this. babbe says but he is not here. Babbe says dont be scared. I will decide something about him today. Come inside. yuvi says I thought you are same stupid twinkle. But you have become intelligent after marriage. I made everyone believe that I am mad. Even my mom but you. I can do anything to get you. I can kill or die. This is the best way to stay near you. I will break your marriage
Precap-Babe says because of yuvi twinkle has gotten a bruise. He has to go to a hospital. Tao says he wont. Babbe says I have decided this already.


Kunj comes home and tells about getting admission in MBA, Cherry asks about money, from where he will pay fees? Twinkle says he is using his savings, talk nicely to him, Anita comes there with money and gives it to Kunj, she says i understand you need, take this money, Kunj says i dont need it, Anita says i understand how difficult it is to study at this age and also if you get failed then we will be insulted, you should be taking care of family but you wanna study so what can we do, Twinkle says Kunj thinks about family first, there are no age to fulfill dreams and Kunj can study at any age, also he wanna complete his studies to take responsibility of family, he is very nice son and husband, he isnt like the one who will lie to his mom for his benefit, Anita says why you are taunting me about Yuvi? Babee says Twinkle is right, Yuvi cheated you, why you are insulting Kunj? Kunj can do whatever he wants, Anita says whatever Yuvi did with me id between me and him, Twinkle says same is case with Kunj, its his matter if he wanna study, Anita leaves, Kunj leaves, Usha tries to go behind him but Babee stops him and says Kunj is not kid anymore, you dont have to go behind him, he is married and Twinkle can take care of him.

Kunj comes in room, Twinkle comes behind him and sees tears in his eyes, she thinks not to disturb him, she is about to leave, Kunj stops her, Twinkle says i came to put bag in cupboard, Kunj says something went in my eyes thats why tears, Twinkle says i will take it out, she sits beside Kunj and says there is nothing in your eyes, i know you are hurt with Anita’s words, Kunj says it doesnt matter, Twinkle says thats what i am saying, she cups his face in her hands and says Anita can say anything, you dont feel hurt, she starts leaving, Kunj holds her hand, he says you must be thinking that i am weak but these tears dont show that i am weak, Twinkle says when did i say that tears make one weak? even strong people cry, Twinkle says look at me, i cry alot but that doesnt mean i am weak, you know how strong i am, Kunj says you get afraid of dark too, Twinkle says there are ghosts in darkness, Kunj says you are 8th wonder of world, Twinkle says you should be proud that your wife is 8th wonder, Kunj says yes that much that i get tears, Twinkle says let me see if you have tears in eyes, he comes closer to Kunj, their head bangs, Kunj says you do this deliberately, Twinkle says you do this knowingly, they both laugh, Twinkle blushes and leaves, Sajna ve plays.

Usha talks to her friend, her friend says my son saw Kunj in college, Usha says Kunj got job of professor there, he is not there to study, she ends call, Manohar asks the matter, Usha tells him about Kunj’s MBA, Manohar says there is nothing wrong in Kunj doing MBA and also Surjeet and Cherry insult us so much, once Kunj completes his MBA then we will come out of financial mess.

Kunj comes out of house, Cherry is standing there with this friends, Cherry asks Kunj if he is going to buy school bag? will he take lunch too to school? Kunj says let me go, Cherry says to Kunj that there will be ragging in college so lets have some practice in house only, become cock now, Kunj says i am getting late, Cherry asks him to become cock, Kunj punches him hard and says you are elder brother so dont come interfere in my life, Kunj leaves, Cherry fumes in anger, Anita comes there and says you are a punjabi guy and you fell down with just one punch? Cherry sys no one can beat me, how dare he punch me, i will teach him lesson, Anita says if you wanna take revenge from Kunj then you have to use your mind efficiently, i will help you in taking revenge from Kunj but you have to help in destroying Twinkle’s life, so will you be with your mom? Cherry asks what they have to do? Anita says just wait for that.

Kunj is studying in his room, Twinkle comes there and says you all boys are same, you have messed up whole room, Twinkle starts cleaning room, Kunj says i like to study like this, why you are taking my books? go from my room, Twinkle says this is my room too, let me clean it, Kunj snatches book from her, book tears, Twinkle says i didnt do anything, i was just cleaning bed, you have torn it, Kunj says you cant let me study, he runs behind her, they both fall on bed, Kunj is on top of Twinkle, they share eyelock, Sajna ve plays, Babee comes there and smiles, she coughs, Kunj and Twinkle gets conscious, Kunj says she is not letting me study, Twinkle says i was just cleaning bed, i am not fighting with him, Kunj says she is disturbing me, Babee says Twinkle is right, you should respect books and Twinkle was just cleaning, she leaves, Kunj angrily looks at Twinkle, Twinkle makes weird faces and runs from there.

Scene 2

Kunj is going to college, he takes blessing of Babee and Usha, Usha says whats the need of all this, you can study by taking online courses, Kunj says its isnt same like going to college and studying there, Anita comes there and says so the married boy and the one who should be taking care of family is ready to go to university? Kunj comes to her and says you can say anything but i know your blessings are with me, he touches her feet and starts leaving, Twinkle comes there and says mom used to say we should eat sweets before starting any good work, Kunj says what was the need for all this? Babee says you didnt listen what she said, she is making you eat so sweetly, Twinkle makes Kunj eat yogurt, she says all the best, Babee says i want to do pooja tomorrow as Kunj and Twinkle are like parvati and sita so wanna do pooja for him, Twinkle smiles at Kunj, Anita thinks that i wont let this marriage remain intact, Kunj leaves, Twinkle goes behind him and says there is scientific study that when you study, your brain works more so you should take lunch, she gives him lunch, Kunj says then according to that theory, you must not have brain now? Twinkle says dont crack sad jokes, Kunj starts leaving, Twinkle says why your mood is so off? it feels like there are gol gappas in your mouth, smile little, Kunj leaves making stern face, Twinkle says he is sadist.

Anita comes to Cherry and says tomorrow’s pooja will be eventful for Kunj and Twinkle, Cherry asks what they will do? she says i will tell you.

Cherry is buying something from dealer, dealer says this is dangerous thing, be careful. Twinkle and Babee are in same market, Twinkle finds a bag in Cherry’s hands, Twinkle says to Babee what cherry is doing here? Babee calls Cherry, Cherry is shocked to see them and thinks if they listened anything, he asks Twinkle and Babee what they are doing here? Babee says we came to shoppin but what are you doing here and whats in bag? Cherry gets tensed.

PRECAP- Cherry says to Anita that i have brought poisonous snake, he can kill anyone with one bite, Anita says let Twinkle and Kunj sleep tonight peacefull, tomorrow will be challenge for them.

Scene 1

Babee asks Cherry what he is doing in market and whats in his bag? Cherry says nothing, i was shopping for myself, Babee says okay come with us home, he says i will come later, Babee says why cant you come with us? he says no, he goes with them.

Twinkle comes to Kunj and asks about his first day in college? he says it was very nice, i was nervous in start as i was joining college after much time but students and teachers are helpful, Twinkle asks if there are girls in his college? Kunj says ofcourse there are, Twinkle asks how many girls? Kunj says i didnt notice, Twinkle says tell me, Kunj says there were many girls, some are very pretty, Twinkle says you were eyeing them? Kuinj says there were infront of me so i would see them, why you are asking questions like typical wives? Twinkle says please, Kunj says there is nothing like husband and wife between us so let me study, he leaves, Twinkle throws pillow at him and is angry.

Cherry brings bag to Anita, Anita is scared, Cherry says dont worry, she asks Cherry to be careful, Cherry takes out box from bag, he is opening box, Anita is afraid, cherry opens box, there is snake in it, Anita gets sacred, Cherry says seller has given me guarantee that with one bite of this snake, poison will run in body and person will die, what to do next? Anita says we will wait for tomorrow’s pooja, we will put this snake in flower basket and fill it with flowers, Kunj and Twinkle will put hand in basket to take flowers and snake will bite them, Babee said Twinkle and Kunj are like Shiv and Parvati now we will send them to Shiv and Parvati, Cherry says you are very clever, Anita thanks him and says let them sleep peacefully tonight as after that they will sleep for whole life.

In morning, Cherry hides snake in flower basket, he says Anita’s idea is solid, lets see who will die first from Twinkle and Kunj, i want Kunj to die first but Anita wants Twinkle to die first, now its upto God whom he will call first.

Cherry is bringing flower basket inside house, Twinkle strikes with him, basket falls but Twinkle doesnt see snake, Cherry hides snake with flowers, Babee asks Cherry to not use these flowers now as they have fallen on floor, he takes basket from there, Babee asks Twinkle to get ready, Cherry smirks.

Leela thanks God for saving her from accident, she says dont know who was the man who saved me, i couldnt say thanks to him, i felt like i know him when i saw him from back, humans are weird, sometimes our own relatives feels like strangers and strangers feels like our own, i wish i could thank that man, i dont know who is he, Leela feels dizzy, she says why i am feeling dazed?

Babee brings Twinkle in hall, she asks Usha to tell Twinkle about pooja, i will come later, Twinkle sits beside Usha, usha asks Twinkle to wash Shivling with water then milk, Twinkle does it, Usha then asks her to prepare pooja plate, Pooja plate is about to fall from Twinkle’s hands, Usha says you cant do anything normally, for Babee you are ideal daughter in law but i cant forget the fact that we fall in problems because of you, babee comes there, Usha talks nicely with Twinkle, Anita comes there and sees Twinkle taking flowers from basket which has snake in it, she waits for snake to bite Twinkle, Anita thinks she got saved this time but not everytime, today she or her husband will die, flowers will get less in basket and danger will become more for them.

Scene 2

Leela is feeling dizzy, she thinks to check BP, Leela comes out of house, she finds Anita giving money to some man, man says your work wil be done but my name should not come out, Leela thinks that Anita is upto something again but i have to find out what she is upto, she will not tell me. Man leaves after meeting Anita, Leela thinks to follow man.

Leela starts following man, she feels dizzy and faints, a car comes there, some man takes her from there.

Pooja starts in Sarna house, Pundit asks Kunj to put garland on idol, Kunj is about to take flowers from basket, Twinkle says i will take it, Anita says to Cherry that Twinkle is going to die now, Twinkle takes flower from basket, she touches snake and feels something inside basket, Shiv ji(from neeli chatri wale) comes there and showers his blessing on Twinkle so snake doesnt bite her and changes to flower garland, she takes garland and puts on idol, Cherry says how garland comes in basket? if snake changed to garland? Anita says this cant be true, snake must have gone out of basket, we have to find it, Twinkle prays to Lord to protect her, her family and Kunj).

Shiv ji says i am coming to tell my stories on neeli chatri wale at 8:30pm.

Leela is in someone’s bedroom, she wakes up and says where i am? i was following man, how i came here? she finds her and Twinkle’s childhood picture, someone comes in room, Leela is shocked to see man and says you?(aap), he is same man who saved her from accident, he comes to Leela, Leela says you are alive? you kept me away from my biggest relation? it means i was right when i saw JP with Anita, you and JP didnt die in ship accident? then why did you remain away from me and Twinkle for so many years? you didnt even contact us, why you didnt tell us that you are alive? you didnt miss us? we kept thinking that you are dead and you are alive, fit and fine, Man says i will explain everything to you, sit down, Leela slaps him, he is stunned, Leela says what will you explain? why did you hide? why did you make us think that you are not alive? Leela says i lived like widow for so many years with the fact that my husband is alive and Twinkle was raised without father, i handled everything alone, i raised her, handled business, made Twinkle marry, no reason can keep father away from daughter, why you have come in our lives now?

Scene 1

Twinkle sees babbe. Kunj says twinkle let me go to college. The pooja is over. He says babbe please ask her to let me go. Twinkle says he is lying. Would i ask him to clean the temple? Babbe says why didn’t leela come? Twinkle says i dont know why she didn’t even call me. Babbe says you should go see your mom.

Leela is crying. She recalls seeing that man. She drinks water. Leela says why are you doing this with me God? When I was happily living my life with my family. When no news of him came in after that incident i supported myself and twinkle and now that man is in front of me. Back in my life. I dont know what to do? Twinkle comes in saying where are you maa? Leela says twinkle shouldn’t know about all this. she will be broken. She says twinkle shouldn’t know that her dad is alive and kept himself away from us. Twinkle says why didn’t you come to pooja? You could call me if you are not okay? Let me call doctor. Leela says i am fine. Give me lemonade. And don’t add sugar. I am on diet. Twinkle says please care of yourself. You are both my mom and dad. Now go and rest upstairs i will give you lemonade. Someone calls on leela’s phone.

Cherry says to Anita i put snake in that basket. Anita says you are good for nothing. He says at least i am better than your son yuvi. anita says you better not bring yuvi in. And I have to do something against that mom and daughter. Now kunj is completely in twinkle’s control.

Twinkle picks leela’s phone. He says I am from chandigarh site? Can I talk to leela ma’am. Twinkle says she is not well she is resting you. He says its important. twinkle says no she is resting and and hangs up.

Her dad calls later, twinkle picks and says i told you maa is not well. You better call raman mamu, he will take the work call. Her dad says in heart my daughter? Twinkle. I know you will never forgive me but I had a reason to do this.

Twinkle gives lemonade to Leela. Leela says two people called. One from chandigarh i asked him to call raman. Then someone called i thought its the same person so i scolded at him but he hanged up. Twinkle says so many blank calls to you these days? leela says shut up i am your mom.

Twinkle says why didn’t you think about second marriage? You were alone all your life. Leela says give me lemonade. Twinkle says i am always worried about you. Why didn’t you give it a thought? Leela says shut up. Twinkle says its better that you didn’t because i cant share my mom with anyone. Twinkle says okay i am leaving now but promise me you will call me if you need anything. Twinkle leaves. Leela sobs. Her phone rings.

Her husband says how are you leela? She says i dont need your care. You didnt care if we are

alive or not. He says i heard twinkle today, she sounded so good. Can i meet her once? She says you kept me from my rights. You wanna meet her? Stay away from me and my daughter. He says please dont do this. i wont let her know that i am her dad. Can i talk to her? Is she around? Leela says i wont be talking to you if she was around. He says please. Leela hangs up.

Twinkle comes home. Kunj is leaving. She says you are leaving on time? I am impressed. He says a wild cat came in my i have to wait a little.

A girl comes in and says kunj? Kunj hugs her and says maya. He says twinkle she is maya my childhood friend. And now we are in same class. And maya, she is my wife. They recalls their school life. Maya says lets go to college kunj. Maya says it was nice to meet you twinkle. Kunj’s choice is really nice. Kunj says yeah from childhood.

Leela sees twinkle’s childhood clothes and toys. She cries. She says you were so young when all this happened. Everything ended in a moment. And now how much he tries, he can never fill the gap. When you get to know the truth, what will you go through. This is all because of him. I will never forgive you. He hears his voice. He says where are you leela? Leela says this can’t happen? She sees him in hall. Leela says what are you doing here? He says i got to know you are not well. She says stop this drama. He says i always cared for you. She says you are lying. He says trust me. She says i dont even wanna see your face. Go from here before someone sees you. she goes back in her room. She runs upstairs and falls on the stairs. Leela runs to him. He faints. Leela says please open your eyes.She brings water and spinkles it on his face.

Twinkle comes towards the house and rings the doorbell. Leela is trying to get him up. Twinkle rings bell again and again.

Precap-twinkle says why is maa not opening the door. I have to go in even if i have to break the door. Leela tries to wake him up. He opens his eyes, twinkle comes in.

TUESDAY UPDATE ON BRIDE WITH Benefits Episode 4 – 5 Live On CandyTv

The episode starts with Dev’s brother Ayodhya entering examination hall and interrupting exam. Examiner gets afraid seeing him. Ayodhya says it is his parent’s marriage anniversary today and he wants his brother Dev right now. He dismisses exam for the day and takes Dev in his bike. Dev says he would have let him finish exam. Ayodhya says exam will be tomorrow.
Ayodhya’s children Sonu and Bunty are shown practicing Ramayan drama and creating haoc. Dev’s dad asks them to stop and says their mother creates kurukshetra at home and he does not need ramayan. They ask to give 50 rs as bribe to keep their mouth shut. Dad hesitantly agrees and hands over money to them. Ayodhya and Dev reach home and they ask 20 rs to not create havoc at tonight’s function.
He agrees and gives them money. Sister says he is spoiling kids. Ayodhya says they are his children and can do anything. Sister says even she is his sister.
Dev greets his dad’s friend. Friend says he is happy seeing Ayodhya as a big contractor of the city and Dev trying to become bank manager. Conversation continues. Friend asks about Ayodhya’s wife Gulkan. Just then, a lady shouts at servants to bring hot water. She scolds servant for bringing it late, keeps foot in water and throws water on servant’s face, asks to get more hot water. Ayodhya comes and asks if she did not get ready yet. She says she is angry. Servant says palanquin has come.
Dev’s mother asks him why palanquin has come. Dev says it is for her. Mom starts his filmy style conversation. Sister informs that Ayodhya and Gulkan are fighting. Gulkan is seen holding palanquin and asking Ayodhya why did not he tell her about palaquin. He says he forgot. She says then she should forget palnquin also. Mom comes and asks what is happening. Gulkan continues provoking Ayodya. Ayodhya is about to hit her when mom stops him and says they both can use palanquin. Gulkan says she will sit alone. Mom thinks even she will sit alone.
Bhuvaneshwar is busy reading book. Payal comes home sadly. Dad asks what is the issue. She says once she buys car for Rajat, they can tell he bought it. He asks why should he. She says Rajat will not accept car from her as she is younger to Rajat. Dad says it is true inferiority does not come with age alone.
Ayodhya and Dev greet guests in. Gulkan’s brother and SIL come and Dev converses with them and greets in. Dev then addresses guests and gives speech about his parents and family. Dev’s dad comes on horse like a groom. Everyone clap for him. Dev and Ayodhya help him get down. Palanquin comes and Dev says mom is coming in it. Everyone are mesmerized to see beautiful palanquin and clap. Gulkan comes out instead and everyone are surprised to see her. She scolds palanquin carrier for carrying it roughly. Dad’s friend asks
where is mom.

Gulkan coming in palanquin instead of Dev’s mom. Dad’s friend asks where is mom. She says she is coming. Mom comes dressed as bride with 2 ladies. Guest asks when uncle came on horse like a groom, why did she come walking instead of coming in palanquin. She says she came in this house walking when she got married, so she wanted to come walking even now. Everyone clap and Gulkan gets jealous. Dad and mom exchange garlands and then cut a hug e cake. They then sit on stage like bride and groom.
Gulkan to crate a drama asks DJ to play a s*xy song. He plays Ye dunya pittal di…baby doll mai sone di…song. She dances s*xily in a mujra style while Ayodhya and family watch angrily. Men join her and throw money on her. Irked Ayodhya stops
music and drags her fromt he party venue. She stops and slaps him in front of all guests. Ayodhya shouts. She asks him to dare not touch her, else she will cut his hand and stuff it in his back.
Gulkan walks into her room after slapping Ayodhya. Her sister-in-law follows her and asks why did she slap her husband. She says she brought a huge dowry and have come to rule.
Dad Jogeshwar tells his friend that he did mistake by taking drowy from Gulkan as she is trying to rule over them arrogantly. Friend says there is nothing wrong in dowry. Jogeshwar says time has changed and dowry is a menace now, girls think the can do anything after paying dowry.
Payal calls on Dev’s phone and Ayodhya picks it. She tells she is Payal and works as engineer in PWD, asks if he will do his work or not. Ayodhya says he has gone out and will let him know once he comes back. She scolds and cuts call. Jogeshwar tells his friend that he needs service wali bahu for Dev as she will earn money whole life. Ayodhya gives Dev phone and says a girl has called. He says someone wants to buy car and by mistake called him, he does not even know who she is. Ayodya says her name is Payal and she is PWD engineer.
Payal tells Bhuvaneshwar that she had spoken to an executive regarding car loan, but he did not pay heed at all. He says she can complain to her boss. She says he may lose job, so she does not wan to and is thinking of taking someone else’s help. Dad smiles and tells Neelu that her sister is so sensitive. Mom comes and asks dad why don’t he spend time with his son instead of always being with daughters. He says he can speak to son whole life, but daughters will go to their homes after marriage soon. Payal and Neelu get emotional and hug him.
Gulkan comes down and asks Ayodya that she wants to have kulfi outside. He gets irked and says there is a lot of sweets at home. She shouts at him. Dev says he will take her out and leaves. Dad who is very irked asks Ayodhya to do something to this arrogant woman. He says he has taken dowry from her, now he wants her to take her to cliff and push her down or get her accident. Mom asks how can he think about his bahu like this. He asks her to go to her room yelling.
Dev takes Gulkan and his sister out to a kulfi shop. Sister says she needs rabdi jalebi. Dev leaves to get it from nearby shop. Two goons come and start misbehaving with sister. Gulkan comes to her rescue and confronts goons.

Monday Update On My Lost Home ?


Durga tells Soni how bad she feel about being bad to Mohini and she wants to meet her. Shabd and Kamya go shopping and hear their uncle singing and their aunt dancing. Jyoti again tries to get Parmeet phone again and their hand touch when he try to call someone, he wonder why she is trying to take his phone but he ignore it and leaves the place to make phone calls. Everybody are siting in the sareen house. Shabd tells his uncle to pray for the presentation to work fine. He asks if Mahi is going with him, he says yes and further inform him that they have already pack their bags. Shabd calls Angad to tell him about the trip to Amritsar but tells Mahi to speak to him as he lost a file in the computer. Mahi says hello to Angad on the phone. Angad who is on the other end realise that it’s Mahi on the line and not Kamya and he pretend as if he did not know. He says hello sweatheart I love you. Mahi is shocked. Mahi says she is the one, he says he thought it’s Kamya but Mahi is more shocked when he says he is not regret that he say it and that he loves her. Cherry says to herself that she need to go and put the certificate back in to it’s place so that Jeet does not find out and she have to take this risk. Soni remembers her moments with Veer. Angad calls Mahi up and tries to annoy her but she does not want to talk to him.

Angad says he has called up only to speak to her, to which Mahi says that how can he be so mean and she refuses to talk. Angad threatens her that Kamya is in his house busy making tea for him, and when she comes he will tell Kamya that he does not want to marry her then what, what will happen to poor Kamya, than she would be so upset. Angad then tells Mahi that he knows she is alone at home and asks what if he comes there now, and they both will be alone in the house. Mahi hangs up on him and feels so disgusted with his dirty thinking. Later, Gauri comes and tells Mahi that Kamya has asked her to say thanks to her ( Mahi ) for sending her beautiful clothes. Mahi confirms from Gauri that Kamya was in her room all this while to which Gauri says yes leaving Mahi in a surprised state as Angad told her awhile ago that Kamya is at his house making tea for him. Cherry on the other hand is shown talking to a mystery person, who happened to be her accomplice as they continue conspiring against the Khurana’s. She gives him the certificate to keep it back in place and says she can’t take any risk by going into the house.

While Mahi is packing, she then decides to fresh up before Shabd comes back. As she comes out of the washroom, she sees the bedroom decorated with flowers and candles. She gets excited as it’s looked amazing and calls for Shabd. She repeatedly calls Shabd where is he and asks him to come out. Just then Shabd enters and get surprised to see the room decorated. He is extremely happy and says “wow Mahi such a lovely surprise and asks how did she knew that he had a good news for her. Shabd tells her that he got the deal inspite of so much competition and this is all because of Angad and praises him that he is a true friend. Mahi remains quiet but wonders as to who did the decoration in her room. Soni on the other hand is packing and crying with Veer’s photo in her hand. She tells Veer’s picture that they are going to Swarn temple but he is not with them. She cries and then says she is mad and how can he leave them? She further tells Veer’s photo that he will always be with them and the trios ( 3 ) will go to the temple together. She gets flashback of the day Veer talks to his kid when she was pretending to be asleep, Bepanha Pyaar Hai Aaja song plays in the background. Some more flashback scenes were show and Soni cries.

While Mahi and Shabd are having dinner together, Shabd appreciates Mahi for doing all that for him. They both then have a romantic dance. Then back at Jeet’s residence, the mystery person is shown walking up the stairs in dark with the certificate in his hand. The person walks into Jeet’s room but accidentally drops a flower vase. Jeet wakes up and turn the light on but that person runs away. This is becoming difficult for this mystery person as Jeet is hot on the person trail. He runs around but does not find that person anywhere. Everbody wakes up, comes to Jeet and asks him what’s wrong. Jeet says he saw someone in his room and he tried to call him and chase him and ran after him but he disappeared and he found that the main door was open. Durga says it could be his illusion but Jeet opposes it. Jyoti and Parmeet also say that it could be his illusion. Everyone goes back to sleep. Jeet enters his room and as he tries to shut the door he notices the certificate lying on the floor. He wonders what is it doing here and it should be in the almirah. He wonders if that person who came to his room kept it there. He wonders if that person is trying to help Cherry.

It’s night time and Soni is not able to sleep. She keeps getting flashbacks of Veer and sits in the living room thinking of Veer. She starts weeping when she gets flashback of Veer. The next morning, everyone is in the living room and ready to go to Amritsar. Jeet and Soni come downstairs and Mr Khurana tells everyone that they should be going now and makes sure that all the doors are locked. Mahi, Shabd, Angad and Kamya come there as well along with Mohini. Mahi’s mother is not going to Amritsar though. While Everyone leave, Durga asks Soni to come as well. Soni tells her not to worry because when she comes back in this house, it’ll be the same. They all leave for Amritsar. Later, everyone is in Amritsar and they go in the temple. They all take their blessings and at the end, Soni comes to take blessings. Jeet is standing and some guy tells him to take the blessings with his wife. Soni also gets flashbacks of her and Veer coming to the temple to take blessings. Moment later, everyone is eating at the temple and taking a tour. Angad meanwhile is watching Mahi and she looks at him weird. Shabd comes there and she goes away with Shabd. Everyone is now going to their rooms in the hotel. Angad’s room is next to Mahi and Shabd’s. He tells them both that their room is next to each other since they are neighbours which means they can come in each other’s room whenever they want. Mahi is shocked and looks disturbed with his comment. Kamya tells him not to be naughty that her room is next to Angad as well, so she’ll be keeping an eye on him. As they go in their separate room, Angad looks at Mahi evilly going in her room. Mahi is getting something out of the car and someone comes from behind and puts his hand on Mahi’s mouth. He drags her in the parking lot but person face wasn’t shown.

We see the golden temple in Amritsar. Everyone bow down in front on the temple and fold there hands. The men go in to the water and go straight in but there heads down as well. The family looks happy to go to the place. All the couples bow down in front of the guru that normally is in the front. Mahi has been given Prasad and Angad is looking at her while praying. It’s Soni’s turn to bow down and she is remembering when Veer was with her again. Jeet comes and sits next to her while his hands are folded. They both bow down together. Jeet watches Soni, he walks up and goes away and he does the same. Soni gets prasad and walks off and jeet watches her and doing the same.
Everybody is sitting on the table eating when Parmeet says that he has heared that Amritsar naan is very nice. Mr. Khurana says he don’t know but they will eat it sometime. Then Angad tells Mr. Khurana that he have thought about coming here so many times but he never got time with all his work, but when he was asked to come, he agreed. Mahi is shocked, she looks at him and he looks back at her evilly smirking. Mahi looks down uncomfortable. Mr. Khurana says that’s good that he kept an interest in coming even though he is living in the modern world. Angad says not interest but craze, and that they will be shocked to know that all NRI’s come here at atleast once in their lifetime, afterall this place is beautiful. Jeet says not know but it’s more beautiful at night. Angad says yes he have heared about that too and it is different to other cultures. Mr Khuarana is shocked as Angad knows that much and says that he does not live here but knows a lot. Angad then replies that he lives there but does not belong there and that he has not forgotten his culture and tradition. Parmeet says well they says there is no place like their own city, the happiness there is here and is no where else. Parmeet says that looking at Jyoti who is still disturb to know about the Canada person. Soni says definitely, that even Veer used to say….and everybody stops and looks at her, Jeet is about to put food in his mouth but stop too as Soni mention about his late brother. She ignore their glaze and continues to say that Veer used to say that the feel in the earth in their own country is different to anywhere else. Shabd asks if they all notice after doing prayers at the temple, his mind feels much lighter. Mr. Khurana says it is gods house if that won’t happen here then where else will it happen and that it has different effects on people. Parmeet then tells everyone to eat quickly if they want to go back to the temple. Angad says he can’t wait to go back and see how it looks after being bathed in. Everybody get sup form there seats. Suddenly Parmeet forgets his phone that rings and Jyoti is the last to come out to sees it. She sees that it’s private calls and quickly picks the phone up in her hands. But before she can answer the calls, Parmeet takes it from her and says he will see whose calls it is. Jyoti stands there thinking who could it be on the phone and why was it a private call.

It is night time and everyone is at Durgiyana temple and loud prayers can be heared. People are praying and dancing. The Sareen and Khurana family are also praying sitting down. Soni is in her own thoughts while the others have folded there hands and praying loud. Soni says to herself, asking Veer if he is watching all of this with her? She know he is watching it with her but only if she could be able to see him. Just then, a red car comes in the car park and Soni, Mahi and Shabd come out of it. Mahi tells Shabd she is so tired and suggest him they should go and rest. She asks Soni if she is tired? Soni nods her head. They all are walking in to the hotel when Mahi says she forgot to get her shawl from the car. Shabd says he will go and get it but Mahi refuses and says she will go get it in a minute. They wait for her while she goes out again. She goes to the car and picks up her shawl, when she is coming out of the car, somebody puts a had on her mouth and drags her backwards. She is trying to get the person to let go but he is not. While the others are all sitting, Soni asks why has Mahi not come yet. Soni asks for one minute, gets up to go to Shabd who is at the reception, she asks Shabd why has Mahi not come yet? Shabd asks if she is not here yet? Shabd then says she might have not found the shawl and decides to go see her. He leaves to go out, he goes towards the car and screams Mahi’s name out but he does not see her near the car. He is confused and keeps on looking for Mahi and calling her name out. He then sees the car door open and shuts it and is worried. He is looking round the parking lot. Mahi meanwhile is hidden behind trying to call Shabds name but she can’t as her hands are out but the person won’t let her go. Shabd keep calling her name but no response.

Soni tells her father-in-law, Mr. Khuaran that Mahi has still not come, and asks where she is. Durga says she must be here somewhere and she will come. Soni says she is just going to see if she can find her. While Shabd is looking for Mahi everywhere, Mahi is struggling to get out of the persons grip. Shabd shout out Mahi’s name and everybody quickly run outside to see what happened. Mahi bites the person and shouts Shabd’s name. Shabd turns around and Mahi runs in to his arms crying. She continuously cry and Shabd asks her what happened looking in the direction she came from. Everyone else comes out too. Durga aks her what happened. Mahi tells them that there was somebody there pointing in the direction, that the person held her tightly and was trying to kidnap her. Shabd is shocked and moves forward and so does Parmeet. They both go there to see who it is. Mahi asks who is it? They walk back towards her, Mahi and Kamya ask who it is? Mahi moves forward towards him. Shabd and Parmeet move and show Angad’s face. Everybody is shocked to see him who is smiling. Mahi is also shocked and is crying. Angad comes forward and asks her if she liked his joke. Mahi moves back and Shabd reminds her that he told her he is number 1 prank star. Anagd says there is one thing clear that Shabd loves his wife too much and tell Mahi to thank him that now she know how much Shabd loves her. Mahi is shocked and just looking at him. Angad again tells her to thank him. Mahi asks if he want her to thank him for this stupid joke? A furious Mahi asks who told him to prove how much Shabd loves her, and adds that she know how much Shabd loves her and she don’t need a certifiate from him to say how much a husband loves the wife. She further says he have not jokes today but badly behaved with her and warns him that if he ever do something like that again then there will be nobody bad than her. Kamya comes in front and tells Mahi, that he just did a joke and asks her grandma why is she over reacting? Mahi tells Kamya this was not a small joke and saying sorry can’t make her forget everything. Shabd tell Mahi he was joking and he apologized to him. Shabd tells Angad to apologize to his wife and warns him not do it again. Angad apologise in front of everyone while Durga suggest him to leave it now.

Monday Update On Bride With Benefits Episode 1 -3 Only On CandyTv

The episode starts with portrayal of city Chaibasa and its new ray of hope PWD officer Payal. People are shown praising Payal and asking their children to become like her.

Payal’s parents enter home angrily and mom gets angry seeing bhabhi dancing. She scolds her, but dad controls situation and sends bahu in to get water. Rajat, Payal’s brother, comes out and asks what happened. She asks him to control his wife. Payal’s sister Neelu interferes. Mom scolds her also for wearing shorts and playing volleyball. Neelu jokes that she would have worn sari, but it is not yet pressed. Everyone start laughing. Payal comes in bahu’s rescue and says bhabhi was listening to her office’s fuction recording. Mom asks her not to support bahu. Dad lightens

situation by taking their portrait. Dad Bhuleshwar’s friend comes. Dad asks Payal to get snacks for him. Payal gets him water and snacks. Friend praises Payal as pride of Chaibasa and says Rajat is not doing his insurance agent job properly and he is being blamed for hiring him.

Payal’s salary comes and she distributes it to whole family. She gives pocket money to dad also, he says he earns, so he does not need pocket money. She says he spends whole salary on family, so it is his turn to enjoy some pocket money.

During lunch, dad praises Payal. Mom asks why did she give pocket money to bahu. Payal sees Rajat angrily having food and to lighten his mood says her half salary is kept idle in account, so she is thinking of buy insurance policy of bhabhi and Neelu to get Rajat some business. Mom says she can buy bhabhi’s policy but not Neelu as she will be married soon. Dad asks Rajat about his insurance policy business. He shouts at him, insults that he enjoys daughter’s salary and walks into his room asking his wife to get food in room.

Dad sadly looks out at terrace. Payal tries to cheer him up. He asks if there is any defect in his upbringing. She asks why is he asking when his both daughters are collector and sports teacher. He says then why is Rajat on a wrong path. Payal says iin every person’s life, a bad phase comes and it will pass through soon. Neelu says tomorrow they have to get up early as it is bhabi’s birthday tomorrow.

Dad, Payal and Neelu wish bahu happy birthday in the morning. Even mom wishes her happy birthday. Dad asks bahu what gifts she needs. Mom says there no need for overspending. Dad says gift will be at home itself. Neelu says they will go on a lunch to hotel today. Mom says she will prepare chinese at home itself. Neelu says she does not need colored maggi. Mom agrees.

Mama (uncle) comes home and gifts lab items like beaker, flash, etc, to everyone. Mom taunts dad that he is principal and did not get any gift from college, but his lab boy brother gets gifts every time. Dad says he steals it from lab. Mama asks him to not reveal his secret in front of everyone. He says people are badmouthing that didi and jija are enjoying their daughter’s salary instead of getting her married. Mom starts yelling at dad for not getting Payal married. Dad says he cannot get his daughter married to any incapable person. Payal just then comes out with files and leaves house for office. Mom asks mama to find a suitable match for Payal. He asks where is Rajat.

Payal goes to a river bank on official work. Rajat is busy gambling with his friends there, and Payal is shocked to see him gambling there.

Payal seeig her brother Rajath on the bank of river gambling with his friends. Police reach the spot to arrest all the gamblers. Rajath runs into water, but police arrests him…x Inspector asks constable to kick him into van. Payal reaches spot. Inspector identifies her. She asks what did they do. He says he got a complaint that some people were gambling. She asks if he found money with money.

He says no. She says that means they were not gambling and were just playing cards. Inspector releases Rajath, but pushes him on floor. Rajath leaves in his bike while Payal follows him in her govt car to calm him down. Nilu calls her and asks her to come home right now.

Payal reaches home hurriedly. Nilu says groom’s family is coming with alliance.

she is surprised to hear that. Mom says mama brought this alliance in a hurry and she could not inform her. Dad asks her to meet bride once friendly.

Groom’s family comes and mama and mom/dad greet them in. Groom’s uncle asks dad Bhuvaneshwar when his daughter has become PWD engineer, why is he staying in college quarters. Mama says jijaji likes simplicity. Uncle asks to bring bride soon. Nilu cracks jokes and tries to cheer up Payal. Mom comes and asks Payal to come out soon. Payal comes with snacks. Groom likes her and smiles. Mama introduces her and Nilu. Uncle asks groom’s parents to question Payal. They question her about her studies. Then, groom’s dad asks bhuvaneshwar howmuch did he spend on Payal’s studies. Bhuvaneshwar says his daughter was always brilliant in studies. Groom’s dad says they have to talk first about dowry and says he has spent 50 lakhs on his son’s studies, so he needs more than 50 lakhs as dowry. Bhuvaneshwar gets angry hearing that and says he made mistake by wasting their time, so this relationship cannot happen. Groom’s dad says if he continues this arrogant attitude, his daughter will be unmarried for life. Bhuvaneshwar says they are his guests, so he is being soft on them and says he could not save money for his children, but their education is their biggest gift and strength. Groom’s people walk out angrily yelling at mama and Bhuvaneshwar.

Mom yells at dad for breaking alliance. Dad says he does not want to marry his daughter in butcher’s family and her education is her biggest dowry, says he will not discuss about marriage from today. Nilu says she called Rajat many times, but he is not picking call.

Rajat comes home. Mom asks him where was he as groom’s people had come with Payal’s alliance. She asks him to get ready for dinner outing to celebrate bahu’s birthday. He says he does not want to go and walks into his room. Payal goes to console him. He says he is a waste body and does not want to burden her, even if he comes to restaurant with her, people will pay attention to her. She tries to convince him, but he continues yelling at her.

Payal sadly coming out of room after speaking to Rajat and telling Indu that Rajat’s mood is not good due to client issue, so they should drop lunch outing plan. Dad says today is bahu’s birthday, so they should not cancel it. Bahu says Payal is right, she will go and prepare food. Dad gets sad.

At night, Neelu knocks Rajat’s room door and tells bahu that mom is calling her. She then takes her to terrace where Payal is waiting with decoration and surprise. She gets very happy seeing surprise. Payal makes her cut birthday cake and sings happy birthday. They all 3 dance happily on song….Hum to aise hain bhaiya.

In the morning, dad asks Indu to get her tea. GHe sees news paper and shouts Rajat to come out. Once Rajat comes, he says now he realized why he did not go out to celebrate bahu’s birthday. Indu asks what happened. He shows news in newspaper of Rajat’s arrest for gambling. He asks Rajat to learn from Payal that she protected her at home and did not utter anything. Rajat says she felt ashamed to call him brother when police arrested him. Dad says he is insane to think that and instead of being ashamed he is blaming Payal. Rajat’s boss comes and says he has sunspended Rajat and asks him to come and finish discharge formalities.

Rajat tells Indu that he does not like insurance job and wants to start transport business, so she should get him at least 1 vehicle. Indu informs Bhuvaneshwar, but he does not agree to spend 10-12 lakhs on Rajat.

Payal asks her assistant to help her buy a commercial vehicle on loan.

He gives her Bharath motors address.

People on road ask Bhuvaneshwar about Rajat’s arrest for gambling. Payal comes there, sends her govt car, and leaves in Bhuvaneshwar’s vehcile. She tells him about taking vehicle on loan for Rajath. Dad resists but agrees later.

Payal gets ready in the morning after bath and calls Bharath motors. A man riding bike picks call. Payal says she needs SUV. He asks so what. She asks if he talks to her client so arrogantly and says she needs vehicle on loan and howmuch downpayment she has to make. He asks who is she. She says it is none of his business and asks him to check with his senior and call her back. Man’s friend asks who was she. He says don’t know. Friend asks then why was he speaking to her so long.

Bike man reaches coaching institute for an exam. Payal call him and asks if he spoke to his senior. Examiner asks him to keep phone. Man cuts call saying he has come for exam and will speak to her later. A goon comes in his bullet and enters exam hall late.

Sunday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 96-98 Live On CandyTV

Leela meets Anita, Leela is angry on her for trying to harm Kunj and Twinkle, Anita says to Leela that dont you dare raise hand on me again, Leela says to anita that i understand your pain as mother, you should think that our kids are getting destroyed in all this, this revenge thing was between you and me but what is happening that our kids have to bear the burnt of all this, we should not involve them in our matter, Anita says our kids are already involved in all this, didnt you see what you daughter and son in law did with my son? they have destroyed my son’s life and now i will take revenge from them, go and pray to lord to save them from mother’s hatred as my hatred has reach level from where it cant return, now i will kill your daughter and son in law after giving them pain, Leela cries and says nothing should happen to my kids.

Twinkle brings gifts for Pinni and Bubbly, Raman says Pinni never leave chance to get gifts, he says i have idea, if you want to bring Yuvi’s truth out then tomorrow is best day, tomorrow is my and Pinni’s marriage anniversary, we will give party, we will invite your family, Yuvi will come there too, do something, Twinkle says this is good idea, i have to throw Anita and Yuvi out of my house to make my married life good, see what i do in party.

Twinkle comes in room, Kunj says everything looks fine today, he says Raman told me that you arranging anniversary party, its good bhut dont create any scene, he ask what are you doing? she shows him short dress and says i am going to wear this in party, Kunj says you will wear this? isnt it too short? Twinkle says its hot, Kunj says there will family in party, i havent seen you in such short dresses, i dont have problem but will you be fine? Twinkle says we should keep changing style, she ask Kunj why he is tensed? Kunj says your face is enough to make me tense, i dont have to try, its useless to talk to you, he leaves, Twinkle says i wish i can tell you why i am wearing this dress in tomorrow’s party, as i want Yuvi to get angry, i want to bring his truth out, i remember he used to get so angry when i would short dress, he will get angry tomorrow, she says sorry Maa, Kunj and Babee but i have to do this to save my Tashan e shadi.

Leela wishes Pinni and Raman happy marriage anniversary, Leela says to Pinni that i still remember when i brought you in this house, Raman says how can we forget destructive day, Leela ask him to not joke, Pinni says where is Twinkle? Raman says Twinkle have arranged everything for party, she did arangements but didnt come here as you would not talk to her, Pinni says i just wanted to tell Twinkle to not create any problem in party as my friends are coming, Raman says its Twinkle who have arranged party for us, Leela says why you think Twinkle will create problem? Pinni says from the time she has got married, she creates problem in every function, i want you to handle her, Leela says okay.

Party starts, Raman is meeting guests, Pinni says i didnt do any make up, i am beautiful naturally, Raman says she lies so much. Kunj and family comes in party, they wish Raman and Pinni anniversary, Yuvi says to Pinni that you look like witch aunty’s sister, you have so much powder on your face, Pinni is stunned and says he has become naughty, they all go in, Leela is looking for Twinkle, Kunj ask if she waiting for Twinkle? she says no, Kunj says dont lie, you know she takes time in getting ready, she breaks her record everytime, she will come soon, Twinkle comes in party in mini skirt and top, all are shocked to see her like that, Bubbly says to Twinkle that you are looking gorgeous, Pinni says to Leela that i told you Twinkle should not create any problem, what is she wearing? Usha says to Babee that did you see your nice daughter in law? you wanted me to create place in my heart for her? she doesnt deserve it, Babee comes to Twinkle and ask what is she wearing? Twinkle is tensed, Kunj comes forward and says i brought this for her, i insisted that she should wear this in party, he puts hand around her shoulder, Twinkle is surprised with this gesture and looks at him, Sajna ve plays, Babee says if Kunj has no problem then who are we to say anything, right Usha? she says yes, they all go to cut cake.

Raman and Pinni cuts cake, Twinkle comes forward to make Leela eat cake, Leela calls Bubbly and eats cake from her hand instead of Twinkle’s hand, Twinkle is sad, Kunj looks at this, he says someone makes me eat cake too, Twinkle smiles and comes forward to make him eat cake but Yuvi comes inbetween and eats cake from Twinkle’s hands, he looks at Twinkle’s short dress and says chi.. kids wear so much short dresses, you should not wear it, Twinkle leaves.

Twinkle drinks juice and says Yuvi is crossing all lines, Kunj comes there, Twinkle says dont try to defend Yuvi now, you are my husband less but Yuvi’s manager more, Kunj says i came to compliment you, all are saying that you are looking good in this dress, Twinkle says all are saying this what about you? Kunj says yes i also think you are looking fine in it, Twinkle says just fine? Kunj says someone is calling me, he leaves, Twinkle says what would get less if he had complimented me nicely? would his height become less? no but still he wont compliment me nicely, Twinkle gets call from someone, she ask the man to come fast so she can execute her plan, she leaves, Anita mixes some tablet in Twinkle’s juice glass, she says Twinkle likes to wear short dresses and nobody is saying anything to her, now she will drink this spiked juice and will create scene, she will insult her family and inlaws both, it will be so much fun to see you drunk and creating scene, Twinkle comes there, Anita hides, Twinkle drinks spiked juice, she says once that man comes here then i will execute my plan, Anita smirks seeing her drink juice.

Twinkle says I have to handle myself to expose yuvi. she says music, she danced. Kunj says what is twinkle doing. Everyone else is embarrassed. Twinkle dances on baby doll. Anita says you are dancing and i had to do this to you twinkle, in your own house.

Yuvi says stop all this. Twinkle says expose yuvi. The guy is dancing with Twinkle. Yuvi says get lost. He says she is hot. What problem you have?

Is she your wife? Yuvi starts acting like a child. Kunj starts hitting the guy and says she is my wife. Twinkle says please stop. He says how dare he touch you. I will kill him. Anita says kunj why are you getting mad? Its twinkle’s mistake. Are you seeing leela? See what your daughter is doing. I didn’t do anything. she did it herself. See babbe. This is what happens

when you give them leniency. She has no shame. She has defamed her family.


Kunj says she is my wife. I have no problem with he dress. No one better make issue of this. Anita says kunj you better not favor her. You dont know about our rituals. Kunj says if it was a guy no one would have any issue. You will decide her limits? She is a girl of today’s world. If she is married she doesn’t have to live in a jail. She has a life and i wont interfere in that. I know she wont cross any limits. She knows how to keep me and all of us happy. Anita says she drank like this in chinky’s engagement. Kunj says you all know she never drinks by her will. Anita says she should be punished. Babba says twinkle should live in her mother’s house from now. Babbe says twinkle will get punished. Twinkle wont live in her mom’s house. She will live in her house and i know what to punish her. She takes twinkle home.

Leela swipes her tears.

Twinkle says what is happening. I didn’t drink. I have to expose yuvi now.

She goes to yuvi’s room and says hi. He says i asked you to change. Dost would be mad. She says he wont be mad after today. Do you have chocolates? He says what you need it for? She says for kunj. Its between husband and wife. He will be so happy with me tonight. You live in your room and watch cartoons.

Twinkle lights all the candles. Yuvi is peeking in. Kunj comes in and says what is all this? Twinkle says shh. She comes closer to him and pretends like she has fallen. Twinkle says i knew you wont let me fall. She says you were looking too hot today. He says be in your senses. Sleep. She shoves him on bed and lies on him. She says this night is not for sleep. He says what are you doing? She hugs him from back and says today is my night. dont talk. Today is for love. Kunj sees yuvi on the door.

Twinkle says what you see in my eyes. Yuvi has burnt the bed. Twinkle says what you did yuvi. Twinkle screams babbe mummy yuvi has put our room on fire. Kunj brings fire extinguisher. Twinkle says yuvi did this.

twinkle says yuvi should go to mental asylum. Anita’s husband says if yuvi’s goes somewhere Twinkle will be out of this house as well.


Twinkle and Kunj have come in restaurant, Twinkle says you Kunj that yuvi is faking his illness, Kunj says you are unbelievable, you dont deserve me, i brought you here and you are still talking about him, you have any proof against him? Twinkle says i dont have it but my gut feeling says that he is faking it, Kunj says dont use your mind, you have very less of it, it will end then you will use my mind, dont try to become detective Mrs. Kunj Sarna, Twinkle says i am Twinkle Taneja not Mrs. Kunj sarna, Kunj says dont you remember after marriage, wife takes husband’s name, Twinkle says i dont want it, Shahrukh announces that Twinkle and Kunj will get best couple award. Shahrukh Khan, Varun dhawan, Kajol and Kriti Sanon comes on stage, they call Kunj and Twinkle on stage, SRK kisses Twinkle’s hands, he says so you are love birds, most compatible couple award goes to Kunj and Twinkle, Twinkle says but? Kajol says the couple who love each other should get it, Varun says they have nok jhok too, SRK gifts them hamper, Kajol says it has our movie tickets and ticket to one cosy date, you both love each other alot, Kunj and Twinkle love and we? never, Varun says we do love people but dont accept it, Kriti says lets dance. SRK-Kajol, Varun-Kriti dances on Gerua song, they bring Twinkle and Kunj together, Kunj and Twinkle closely dance on song, they get lost in each other, SRK says love is like that we dont realize it but we do have love in hearts, we have to become Dilwale to express it, he promotes his movie Dilwale, they leave restaurant.