2019 Presidential Election is a win for PDP – Bukola Saraki

 Bukola Saraki the Nigeria Senate President said with boldness that the 2019 Presidential Election is a win for the People’s Democratic Party PDP a party he just moved to after leaving his former political party, All Progressive Congress, APC.

He stated this in a meeting held at Ilorin with PDP Party Members who came from sixteen local governments of the state. He was also confident that his new political party would be the winner in all the local government areas of the State.

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In the meeting, He said:

“If we emerge victorious at the federal level, all of us will be the beneficiaries. In the state, with your support we will win the state for PDP. All of you here are the key players in Kwara politics. With unity of purpose, no party can contest with you. We are here to unite all of us under the party we belong to today. I am assuring all members that there will be equity, internal democracy and justice.  “It is not going to be winners take all. As far as I am concerned, everybody here today belong to our political structure. There is nothing like old or new Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). We have all become one PDP. I want all of us to be united for the progress and development of Kwara State.

“As par the politics of the state, nobody can wrest the power from us I if we are united. By the grace of God we  will emerge victorious both at the federal and state levels. We will ensure that we work as one party because we have always worked together before. We will see that all the wards and local governments’ popular candidates emerge based on their popularity and acceptability.”

“I don’t have any anointed candidate at all levels. I don’t have candidates for the state Assembly, National Assembly. It is the person you want in your constituency that I will okay. Don’t allow anybody to deceive you that I have endorsed any candidate. All of us will collectively choose who becomes the next governor. We will ensure that there is no faction, but one PDP. We will ensure that meetings in the local government areas take place in one venue. And we will all work together for the interest of the party,” he said.

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