11 Essential Things Every Woman Should Do Before Settling Down

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Well done, you met your related soul, better half, intimate romance, the protest of your love or erection… you get the point! You are presently prepared to make that huge stride.

When addressing my wedded companions on what is the accomplishment behind a glad marriage, they revealed to me they have done some truly astounding things all alone before they got hitched. Here are a portion of those things that each lady ought to do before settling down.

1. Live on your own – Freedom and being able to do what you want when you want is great. Learn to get to know yourself and get comfortable in your own skin along with having the freedom to dream, create and explore your passions. Taking care of yourself enhances your confidence in your own worth and ability.

2. Learn how to cook – Besides the fact that you need to eat, you become more aware of what you are putting in your body. It saves money and most of the time more healthy than eating out. It also impresses the opposite sex, and they say food is the way to a person’s heart.

3. Travel – Travel is the best teacher, and exploring other places is an amazing experience. You have the freedom to go where you want and make all the decisions. By going to a new place, you gain new perspective on your life, and you get to meet some great people.

4. Spoil yourself – It is nice to do for others, but to do something for yourself that you love is even better. Loving yourself should be a priority and you deserve it, so indulge a little.

5. Declutter your life – Mentally and physically declutter your life to get the wonderful things you deserve. So go on and get rid of things you do not need in your home, and get rid of your fear, frustration and any emotional clutter you have to move forward and appreciate what you have.

6. Donate your time – Doing for others makes you feel great. Not only will you be helping someone or an organization in getting things done, it can teach you new skills…never too old to learn something new and feel good at the same time – that is a bonus.

7. Spend time with your parents – They can be your toughest critics, but at end of day, they are your biggest cheerleaders. Your parents will not be around forever. I just lost my dad, and I am truly happy that I went to visit them every chance I could. That is priceless.

8. Pursue hobbies – Your life should be rewarding, and you should do what you like in your spare time. Go and support your interests while you have the time to do the things that you like.

9. Hang with your friends – Your friends make you laugh and give you reasons to be happy. They are there for you to share your good and bad times with. You can be real with them and they give you a reality check. Share good times with good friends that you will always have.

10. Do what makes you happy -Tap into what makes you the happiest. We are all busy and can forget what makes us happy…the art of being happy is to take time to do those things and not put them off whether it is sports, traveling or seeing your friends. Do what makes you happy.

11. Make sure you are marrying for the right reasons – Being in love, having realistic expectations and having the desire to share your life with someone is amazing. Do not marry out of desperation or because you are feeling pressured.

The one piece of advice that my good married friend Joanna told me that I thought was the most important ingredient to it all, was to make sure you love who you are first so you know what you deserve. I know for sure that we all deserve the best!


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